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Views in PowerPoint Online

Learn about various views that allow you to edit and show slides in PowerPoint Online. Do you use all these views?


Product/Version: PowerPoint Online

OS: Windows and Mac OS X

Your slides are the same, yet various views in PowerPoint do allow you to see those same slides with a different viewpoint. This approach makes sense because viewing slides in Slide Show view gives an entirely different perspective than editing them in Editing view. Further, it's easier to skim through your slides in Reading view, and then make changes to individual slides in Editing view.

All put together, PowerPoint Online provides you with three different views. These views can be accessed from the View tab of the Ribbon, as shown in Figure 1. Within the View tab, click on any of the buttons in the Start Slide Show group. These views are explained in more detail in separate, linked pages.

View tab of the Ribbon
Figure 1: View tab of the Ribbon

PowerPoint Online views, accessible from the View tab of the Ribbon are:

  1. Editing view
  2. Reading view
  3. Slide Show view

Other than the View tab of the Ribbon, you can also access most of these views by clicking the three small buttons towards the right side of the Status Bar (see Figure 2).

View buttons
Figure 2: View buttons

These three buttons allow quick access to the same three views we mention on this page.

Note: PowerPoint Online is a web application, and changes happen more frequently for both the interface and features than in desktop versions. Thus, you may find differences in what you see in the screenshots on this page, and the actual online application.

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