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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 006

Issue 006 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Product/Version: PowerPoint

Issue 06

This is a special issue - looking back at issues raised on previous ezines and looking ahead with this ezine as a platform.

In another sense, this is a retrospective issue - I do realise that there's been a very long gap since the last ezine - this issue is to make amends and also use the opportunity to create an ezine which is different in style and content to the earlier issues. We'll get back to the original format next time.

Looking Back - Looking Ahead

They took flight
As milestones crossed
Looking behind
To go beyond.

We're looking back to ponder on issues, ideas and projects raised in this ezine and to gauge whatever happened to them since then. In the last 5 issues, there have been hopes, expectations and promises. Whatever happened to them all? Read on.

PowerPoint Wishlist

If anyone has a wish for inclusion concerning improvements for the next version of PowerPoint, just click here to mail. Steve Rindsberg maintains a list of popular wishes being received - you can view an updated list at.

The PowerPoint Wishlist (link no longer exists)

Since then, Microsoft has confirmed the name for the next version of Office - Office XP. New features expected to be included in the upcoming XP version of PowerPoint include password protection, multiple slide masters, bitmap rotation, and more.

PowerPoint And Autorun

Another carry over subject from the first ezine, a lot has been happening on the PowerPoint autorun front. Sonia Coleman - the lady behind the famous Autorun CD Project Creator has released the second version of this hugely popular PowerPoint add-in - in collaboration with Steve Hetrick. I'm testing the new release - as also discussing more about the software with Sonia. Look forward soon to a full blown review at Indezine.

Meanwhile, you can try the Autorun CD Project Creator yourself at:

Autorun CD Project Creator

Also, there's another PowerPoint autorun product you may want to look at - I don't have the details right now, and the description on the site isn't too detailed either. Nevertheless 'RunIt!' does seem like a very interesting product.


The creators of RunIt! offer custom solutions such as creating standalone EXE files from any of your existing PowerPoint presentations.

RnR PPTools

Covered this excellent suite of PowerPoint add-ins in the second issue. Steve and Brian never tire and seem to be developing many more add-ins for PowerPoint under the PPTools umbrella. The official PPTools site is at:

RnR PPTools

PowerPoint Templates

Another offshoot from a previous issue, a whole page at Indezine now provides links to PowerPoint templates, both free and commercial. If there are any links left out, send a request for inclusion.

PowerPoint Template Links

PowerPoint Memorabilia:

The third issue discussed the PowerPoint Memorabilia project. I would have loved to carry on full steam with the project - but it looks like that there isn't a lot of memorabilia around. Nevertheless, Steve Rindsberg did send me some of his wonderful experiences - you'll find them at:

PowerPoint And Memorabilia

Image Importer Wizard

Also discussed in the third issue was the pre-release version of the Image Importer Wizard. Since then, a final version has been released. It has found place in the main PowerPoint Links page at Indezine. For more information visit:

Image Importer Wizard

Background Designs

Background designs in PowerPoint are much more than mere backdrops - they are visual representatives and extenders of a theme - an aid to a storytelling session and more. In most issues of the ezine, there's been a focus on an image editing application with a tutorial and free backgrounds to download. This time there are no freebies - watch out for twice the number of goodies in the next issue - coming out very soon.

Until Next Time

If you have any information to share about anything to do with PowerPoint and would like to include it in the next issue of this ezine, mail me here.

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