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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 007

Issue 007 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Product/Version: PowerPoint

Issue 07

Much is happening in the world of PowerPoint - topping the list is the upcoming release of PowerPoint XP. Indezine will keep you up-to-date with all new features, compatibilities and differences.

Crystal Graphics extend their PowerPlugs series with a new product - Slides That Win, and ACDPC is updated to version 2.5.

There is some focus on PowerPoint templates. PowerFinish uses a pay-per-template model - and Presentation Pro provides periodic subscriptions. And there are free templates patterned with scales for you from me.

We discuss reviews of add-ins from the RnR stable - and there's talk about the next ezine issue as well.

PowerPoint XP

It's official - Microsoft has set the end of May as the release date of Office XP - of which PowerPointXP is a component. PowerPoint XP will be available as a component of Office XP as well as a standalone product in both full and upgrade versions.

New features in PowerPoint XP include:

  • A redesigned interface including a taskpane
  • Additional custom animations and transitions, path animations and timeline
  • Multiple masters
  • Presenter view, print preview
  • Smart tags
  • Diagrams
  • Picture compression, image rotation, multiple picture selection
  • Password protection, document recovery
  • Improved broadcasting features.

There are many other features. You'll find a more detailed overview of PowerPoint XP at:

PowerPoint XP

Microsoft created a vacuum with the release of PowerPoint 2000 by failing to provide a proper runtime viewer, and PowerPoint XP does not ship with a new viewer, either. Amazingly, the only available viewer is written for PowerPoint 97! Let's hope Microsoft releases an appropriate viewer soon.

You can read user eXPeriences about the new PowerPoint at:

PowerPoint eXPeriences

Beta versions of the XP range of Office products carried the "2002" suffix - for example, PowerPoint 2002. Lately, Microsoft has started using the "XP" suffix instead. This might explain why the terms 2002 and XP are used interchangeably sometimes.

Crystal Graphics releases Slides That Win!

Crystal Graphics is strengthening their excellent PowerPlugs range with a new product - 'Slides That Win!', which they claim is "the world's first interactive guide devoted exclusively to effective presentation design".

Although it is not strictly a PowerPoint CBT - emphasising more on enhancing your generic presentation capabilities, Slides That Win! teaches undocumented tricks and tips simultaneously.

The product covers a range of topics important to any successful presentation, including a variety of ways to reduce text, improve comprehension, and increase the aesthetic quality in the slides you create. Plus, it reveals how easy it is to enhance PowerPoint presentations with high-quality graphics and animated effects.

The entire CBT has been created using PowerPoint itself and is equipped to run on any PowerPoint for Windows version beyond 97. This means you can actually view the effects and ideas in operation within the comfortable PowerPoint framework itself.

The product's derivation is impeccable - professional presenters Claudyne Wilder and Jennifer Rotondo have teamed up to create this product. More details at:

Slides That Win

Watch out for a full review of the product soon at Indezine.

ACDPC 2.5 Update

Sonia Coleman and Steve Hetrick have updated their ACDPC product to version 2.5. A minor update over version 2, the new ACDPC has more exhaustive tutorials included that are presumably not available anywhere else. They cover many of the complex concepts and procedures for preparing a presentation for distribution.

Users of version 2 can download the bonus tutorials free of cost from Sonia Coleman's site at:

You'll find a full review of ACPDC at Indezine:



PowerFinish is a new PowerPoint template storehouse - and if you see them for yourself, you'll agree they make great designs.

The site itself functions as a pay-per-download template portal, although combo packs of 100 templates each are also available. You can view thumbnails and order by credit card safely.

This service is from Studio F Productions, who have been the name behind many custom solutions for PowerPoint in the past - this is their first foray in direct sales under their own banner.

They allow you to download a free template in exchange for your registration to their mailing list.


RnR Reviews

If you missed the announcements on the newsgroup, you may want to check up Indezine reviews of two popular RnR products - PPTools Starter Kit and PPT2HTML.

Click the links below to access the reviews:

PPTools Starter

As of now both products are compatible with PowerPoint XP.

Focus on PowerPresenter

PowerPresenter is from PresentationPro - a great slide portal, where you can choose to join their subscription services.

The subscription allows you unlimited downloads of PowerPoint templates, three-dimensional clipart, animated titles and templates, etc. You also receive access to their PowerTips section.

Subscriptions come in two categories - distinction between these categories is based on the number and type of elements you gain access to.

PowerPresenter is a PowerPoint add-in which integrates the PresentationPro site with your installed copy of PowerPoint.

More details at:


Watch out for a full review at Indezine soon.

PowerPoint Templates

A few years ago, I laid a coat of some excess oil paint on a cardboard box - and forgot all about it. A few days ago, the box suddenly came in front of my eyes - with all the oil paint peeling off in an unexpectedly wonderful style of scales.

The scales were scanned - and then manipulated, edited and inspired to create backgrounds for your next presentation. Feel free to download and use them from

PowerPointed 6

Until Next Time

If you have any information to share about anything to do with PowerPoint and would like to include it in the next issue of this ezine, mail me here.

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