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Keyboard Sequences for PowerPoint 2003 for Windows

Explore Keyboard Sequences in PowerPoint 2003 for Windows. These keyboard sequences are different than keyboard shortcuts, and provide you with more options to speedily accomplish PowerPoint tasks.

Many users are familiar with keyboard shortcuts, yet there are no real shortcuts for tasks users need to perform all the time. This includes changing PowerPoint's views or even aligning or reordering slide objects. Thankfully, there are many keyboard sequences that work for these tasks. Most sequences entail that you press two buttons, and then press a third button after a moment. So if the keyboard sequence is listed as Alt+S > H, then you must press the Alt and S keys together, let go those two keys and then press the H key.

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Working with Custom Animation

Alt+D > M
Bring up the Custom Animation Task pane

Working with Slides

Alt+I > L
Open Insert Outline dialog box

Alt+E > B
Show the Office Clipboard Task pane

Alt+I > F
Bring up Slide Finder dialog box

Alt+T > R
Open the Research Task pane

Alt+W > N
Open a new window containing a view of the current presentation

Alt+I > H
Inserts Chart on slide

Alt+W > C
Cascade the open document windows on the screen so that they overlap

Alt+V > I
Bring up the Grid and Guides dialog box

Aligning and Distribute Slide Objects

First make sure you choose whether you want to align objects to each other or to the slide:

To align objects to each other, select two or more objects to be aligned to each other

Alt+R > A
Align Selected Objects to Each Other

To align objects to slide select the objects which are to be aligned to the slide

Alt+R > A > S
Align Selected Objects to Slide

Then choose the Alignment options:

Alt+R > A > B
Align objects Bottom

Alt+R > A > C
Align objects Center

Alt+R > A > L
Align objects Left

Alt+R > A > M
Align objects Middle

Alt+R > A > R
Align objects Right

Alt+R > A > T
Align objects Top

You can also distribute selected slide objects:

Alt+R > A > H
Distribute objects Horizontally

Alt+R > A > V
Distribute objects Vertically

Working with Slide Designs

Alt+O > D
Bring up the Slide Design Task pane

PowerPoint Views

Alt+V > N
Normal View

Alt+V > M > D
Handout Master view

Alt+V > M > N
Notes Master view

Alt+V > D
Slide Sorter view

Alt+V > M > S
Slide Master view

Alt+D > V (also F5)
Slide Show View

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Do you want more keyboard shortcuts?

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