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Microsoft PowerPoint Interviews, Reviews and Tutorials

Hook Conference: Conversation with Scott Schwertly

November 15, 2010

Scott Schwertly

Scott Schwertly calls himself a storyteller -- he owns and operates Ethos3, a Nashville, TN-based presentation boutique. Alongside his talented employees, he continues to provide professional presentation design and training for national and international clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies like Google and Pepsi to branded individuals like Guy Kawasaki. He is also the author of How to Be a Presentation God. In this interview, Scott discusses Hook, a presentation conference that he is organizing in Nashville in March 2011.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2011: Text Placeholders vs. Text Boxes

November 15, 2010

I have already covered the concept of differences between text placeholders and text boxes using PowerPoint 2008 on Mac. Now we will explore the same within PowerPoint 2011 in Mac. Let us start with these thoughts: Aren't text boxes and text placeholders the same? Are they really different? And why should I bother even if they are different? All these are valid questions, and the answers to them form one of the most important foundations in learning to create more structured presentations in PowerPoint.

Learn about differences in text placeholders and text boxes in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Change Slide Layout

November 12, 2010

A typical PowerPoint presentation comprises a bunch of slides and I like to think of these slides as akin to a blank canvas -- you add your content to the slides in much the same way as you use brushes to create strokes of paint to color a canvas. However unlike canvas, PowerPoint does not like to provide you a non-structured freedom -- and this can be good in many ways. Primarily, PowerPoint categorizes each slide type into one of its prescribed layouts -- examples of such layouts include the Title layout, the Title and Content layout, the Title Only layout, the Blank layout, and several more layouts.

Learn how you can change the slide layout in PowerPoint 2010.

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Change Slide Layout

November 12, 2010

Slides in a PowerPoint presentation are akin to a blank paper -- you add your content to the slides in much the same way as you use your imagination to populate a piece of paper. However unlike a blank piece of paper, PowerPoint categorizes each slide type into one of its prescribed layouts -- examples of such layouts include the Title layout, the Title and Content layout, the Title Only layout, the Blank layout, and several more layouts.

Learn how you can change the slide layout in PowerPoint 2007.

Insert Video Clips from the Clip Art Pane Into PowerPoint 2010

November 11, 2010

The Clip Art task pane typically offers illustrations, drawings, sounds, and pictures but it also provides a small selection of video clips (including Animated GIFs), which can be inserted in your presentation. To insert a video clip from the Microsoft Clip Art collection, follow these steps.

Learn more here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Videos (Movie Clips)

November 10, 2010

PowerPoint 2010 inserts videos in the same way as you would in previous versions -- but by default, it embeds the videos as part of the presentation file. This of course can balloon the file size -- and you can still link the video or movie clip rather than embedding it by following the alternative options explained in this tutorial.

Learn how you can insert (embed or link) videos in PowerPoint 2010.

ColorSlammer: Conversation with Steve Hards

November 09, 2010

Steve Hards

Steve Hards has always been interested in creating and providing additional resources that can help you create better PowerPoint slides. After creating Opazity, an add-in that lets you obscure a selected object Steve has now released ColorSlammer, a new add-in that lets you fill in intermediate shapes with color values. In this discussion, Steve discusses ColorSlammer.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Online Videos (Movie Clips)

November 09, 2010

While PowerPoint 2010 can work with more video formats than previous versions, you can now easily also add a video clip from an online video site such as YouTube or even a slide sharing site like SlideShare, authorSTREAM, or SlideBoom. The actual process is easy -- follow these steps to get started.

Learn more about inserting YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2010.

Presentation Summit, Looking Back and Beyond: Conversation with Rick Altman

November 08, 2010

Rick Altman

Rick Altman, a presentation consultant based out of Pleasanton, CA, USA is well known as the host of the annual Presentation Summit and has a strong sense of the needs of the presentation community. In this conversation, Rick discusses the just concluded Presentation Summit held in San Diego, and the next conference in this series to be held in Austin in September 2011.

Read the conversation here.

AKVIS NatureArt: The Indezine Review

November 08, 2010

AKVIS NatureArt

AKVIS NatureArt is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in that contains 6 nature-specidic visual effects. With these effects, you can create natural phenomena on your pictures. Other than applying the effect on the pictures you can apply the effects directly on the blank background, for example convert a blank background into a sea view, sun, lightning bolt, rain, and snow. Effects can be saved as presets for future use.

Read the Indezine review here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Flash as a Movie

November 08, 2010

In a previous tutorial, I showed you how you could insert a Flash movie (a SWF file) into your PowerPoint slide. In addition, PowerPoint 2010 provides another way to insert Flash movies -- this is much more intuitive and simpler, but the resulting Flash movies will play only within PowerPoint 2010 -- older versions including PowerPoint 2007 will not support playback of movies inserted using this process.

Learn how you can insert Flash as a movie/video clip in PowerPoint 2010.

Dynamic Content Transitions in PowerPoint 2010: Conversation with Glenna Shaw

November 04, 2010

Glenna Shaw

Glenna Shaw is an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for PowerPoint -- she runs the PowerPoint Magic site that has plenty of tutorials and downloads. In this conversation, Glenna discusses the new dynamic content transitions in PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2011 for Mac), and how they can be effectively used to add interest.

Read the conversation here.

KinetiCast: Conversation with David Tyner

November 04, 2010

David Tyner

David Tyner is director of sales and partner at KinetiCast Inc. His background is in operations and sales. He has been a perennial president's club performer and writes the KinetiCast sponsored Sales Salve blog. In this conversation, David discusses how PowerPoint users can benefit from KinetiCast.

Read the conversation here.

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Insert Flash Movies

November 04, 2010

In PowerPoint 2010, there are two ways in which you can add a Flash movie to a PowerPoint slide -- inserting it as a normal movie through the Insert tab works as long as all recipients of your presentation use PowerPoint 2010. If any of them use PowerPoint 2007 or 2003, you should use the procedure explained on this page.

Learn how you can insert a Flash movie in PowerPoint 2010 using the Developer tab.

Learn PowerPoint 2007: Insert Flash Movies

November 04, 2010

It's easy to insert a Flash movie into PowerPoint 2007, and movies inserted using this process should work in PowerPoint 2010 as well. First of all you need to have the current version of the Flash ActiveX control installed -- everything is explained in this tutorial.

Learn how you can insert Flash movies in your PowerPoint 2007 slides.

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