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Title Cards in Sway

Explore how Title Cards have unique abilities that you can exploit within Microsoft Sway.


Product/Version: Microsoft Sway

OS: Works in a browser, or as an app

A Title Card is something that's part of every Sway you create. You cannot delete the Title Card nor can you add a new Title Card to any existing Sway. In other words, a Title Card signifies the existence of any Sway you create and is among the most important parts of your Sway document. Not surprisingly, changes you make in the Title Card influence almost everything within your Sway. In this tutorial, we will explore options that you can use to work better with a Title Card:

  1. Make sure you first sign into your Sway account. Thereafter open an existing Sway or create a new Sway, We chose an existing Sway.
  2. Figure 1 below shows an existing Sway with the title text typed within the Title Card.

    Title added
    Figure 1: Title added
  3. The Title Card can be formatted in many ways – here are some ideas:

    Within the Title Card, you can add a background picture. To do so, click the Background box, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 1, above. This brings up the Insert pane that provides many sources to acquire a background picture. Figure 2 shows that we added an image of a clover leaf. This picture now shows as a fill for the Background box, and also as a fill within your final Sway (see Figure 3, below Figure 2).

    Picture shows within the Background box
    Figure 2: Picture shows within the Background box

    Background image can be seen within the final Sway
    Figure 3: Background image can be seen within the final Sway

    This background picture also shows up as a preview for your Sway within your My Sways page, as shown in Figure 4, below.

    Preview in My Sways page
    Figure 4: Preview in My Sways page

    Once you add a background image, you will see a new option within your Title Card called Focus Points, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, shown earlier on this page. This option shows up when you select a picture or a Card that has a background picture. You can click on this option to bring up the Focus Points overlaid pane, as shown in Figure 5, below.

    Focus Points overlaid pane
    Figure 5: Focus Points overlaid pane

    You can learn more about Focus Point in our Focus Point for Pictures within Sway tutorial.

    You can also edit the appearance of the text you type within the Title Card using the options highlighted in red within Figure 1, shown earlier on this page. These options are:

    Emphasize makes your selected text bold, as shown in Figure 6.

    Title emphasized
    Figure 6: Title emphasized

    Accent applies italics to your selected text, as shown in Figure 7.

    Title italicized
    Figure 7: Title italicized

    Link allows to add a hyperlink to your selected text. First select the part of text that you want to link from. Then click on the Link option. This brings up the Link window, as shown in Figure 8.

    Link window
    Figure 8: Link window

    The Link window shows the selected text within the Display Text box, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 8, above. Then add the hyperlink you want to apply in the Web Link box, shown highlighted in green within Figure 8. Once done, click the OK button, highlighted in blue within Figure 8 to apply the link.

    In Figure 9 below, you can see that the hyperlink is applied to the selected text. Remember that this will work only in Preview and in the final output.

    Hyperlink applied
    Figure 9: Hyperlink applied

    Note that you are not limited to just one text enhancement option for your title. You can apply all three enhancements, as shown in  Figure 10 – but do remember that you should only apply these attributes when necessary.

    Title with all enhancements applied
    Figure 10: Title with all enhancements applied

    You can click on the Plus icon on the bottom left of the Title Card (see Figure 10, above) to reveal a small menu bar that contains frequently used Card types. Click on any of them to add another Card below the Title Card within your Sway.

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