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Changing Between Group Card Types in Microsoft Sway

Learn how you can change from one Group Card type to another within Microsoft Sway.


Product/Version: Microsoft Sway

OS: Works in a browser, or as an app

Any content within Sway needs to be within one of the three Card categories: Text, Media and Group. As far as Group Card types are concerned, they are essentially a group of some combination that can include the Text and Media Card types. But there’s more than one Group Card type! The differences in the Group Card types lies in which Cards they can contain, and how they arrange and display the Cards they contain. Some Group Card types such as Slide Show work only with Picture Cards whereas other Group Card types such as Comparison only work with two Cards within the Group. As long as you have the Card types and numbers that are a prerequisite for a particular Group Card type, you can change from one Group type to another. Here are the prerequisites and representations for each Group Card type:

Automatic Group Card
Automatic Group Card: All Card types can be part of this Group Card

Stack Group Card
Stack Group Card: This Group Card only works with Picture Cards

Grid Group Card
Grid Group Card: This Group Card only works with Picture, Text, and Video Cards

SlideShow Group Card
SlideShow Group Card: This Group Card only works with Picture Cards

Comparison Group Card
Comparison Group Card: Works as long as you have just two Picture Cards

Based upon the above prerequisites, you can change from one Group Card Type to another with one click, as explained below:

  1. Select the Group Card that you want to change. Then click on the Group Type button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1, below.
  2. Group Type pane
    Figure 1: Group Type pane
  3. This shows up the Group Type pane, as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 1, above.
  4. Note that only the Grid Group Card is available other that the current Automatic Group Card type. The Group Card types available within the Group Type pane depends upon the Cards that exist within your Group, as already explained previously on this page.
  5. To change, click on the new Card type with the Group Type pane. You will see no real change within the Storyline pane. To see the changed output, look within the Preview pane of Sway.

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