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The PowerPoint Ezine - 66

By: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created: May 27th 2006
Last Updated: March 2nd 2009

Product Showcase

It's been a long time since I got back from vacation, but between writing my second book to changing the look of Indezine, I've had little time to bring out the next ezine issue. To make up for that, there's so much in this issue and two free giveaways as well!

Giveaways and More

In the last issue, I announced the ppted giveaway of the Urban Textures collection of PowerPoint templates - congratulations to the winners who include Cathy Doran, David Overstreet, Rae Drysdale, Randy Hills, and Rod Wiltrout.

We also announced the giveaway for FlashSpring in which the company was giving away two licenses of its PowerPoint to Flash converter software - the winners of this giveaway are Gary Sizemore and Pauline Shaw - congratulations to both of you!

And now for more goodies - ppted is giving away five copies of their Spirograph collection of PowerPoint templates. To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. This sweepstakes ends on May 31st.

PowerPoint Template
PowerPoint Template

Also, Jim Gordon, a PowerPoint MVP is giving away five copies of his Grayscale Printing add-in for PowerPoint. Learn more about this add-in here... To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. This sweepstakes also ends on May 31st.

Focus on Freepath

Freepath is a flexible playlist application that creates a list of PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Flash movies, text files, graphic files, sounds, and videos--and then plays them seamlessly in sequence, or in a non-linear style. The best part is that you can drill down the PowerPoints to the slide level and choose which slides you want to present--and the audience will never know that the movie you showed or the PDF they saw was not part of the PowerPoint presentation!

Freepath works best in a dual monitor environment--I have a full review on -- check it out...

freepath dual monitor presentation

lou dourosI also interviewed Lou Douros, President of Grass Roots Software who create Freepath. Here are some excerpts:

Geetesh: Freepath takes a new approach in enhancing PowerPoint's abilities using the playlist metaphor. What made you decide on this route and what advantages do you see in using PowerPoint presentations and other content this way?

Lou: Well, most obviously, we try to make our cues into large clickable targets. That is, if you drop a digital image into the list, the actual image thumbnail is what you single-click to send it to the audience. Since we're a nonlinear presenter, you can click anywhere in the playlist to show multimedia.

As for PowerPoint, we open each file in a slide "chooser" window. Soon the presenter view you can see each slide just as it would look to the audience. Although Microsoft does this in dual mode, Freepath will let you open many chooser windows at once giving you point and click from any slide to another, even between .PPT files.

We say that Freepath makes ordinary files "presentable". For example, PDF's, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets aren't often thought of as being shown in the middle of PowerPoint presentations. Likewise, the Web is considered to be more of a research tool than presentation tool. Freepath allows any website to be presentation content.

Read the full interview here...

And you can download a trial version of Freepath from their site...

New Content and Happenings

Excerpts from Cliff Atkinson's Beyond Bullet Points are available on now -- read them here...

Bitmaps and Vector Graphics: Have you wondered why some pictures show jaggies on the edges when they are resized larger. Or why some pictures don't show jaggies when enlarged? Those jaggies have more to do with the type of graphics you're resizing--and broadly speaking, there are two types of computer graphics--bitmaps and vector graphics. Learn more here...

Effective Presentations: Whatever be the numbers or skills, no one disagrees with the fact that many PowerPoint presentations do fail to leave an impact on the audience. And that's exactly what Jeff Van West tackles in his Effective Presentations tutorial that I'm reviewing. Effective Presentations is a movie-based tutorial that's available both on CD-ROM and an online movie library. Read the full review here...

Using Stamps in SnagIt: Stamps in SnagIt are my current fascination. I love the way TechSmith has implemented them in the program, and how intuitive they are to use. In this tutorial, I show you how you can use them...

Xara Xtreme Transparency Effects for PowerPoint: Although it is the norm to place conventional pictures on PowerPoint slides, a little experimentation with transparent effects will provide great looking results. However, it's not too easy to create such effects in Adobe Photoshop or other image editors unless you are well versed with the way those programs work. Surprising, Xara Xtreme--a program that costs less than $90 makes the whole process so easy that almost anyone can create such effects...

End Note

More PowerPoint related info on the PowerPoint Blog and PowerPoint Notes. And free PowerPoint templates for all of you....

And here's a link to the previous issue of this newsletter...

Until next time - have a great day. And keep the feedback coming..


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