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The PowerPoint Ezine - 63

By: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created: February 20th 2006
Last Updated: March 2nd 2009

Product Showcase

Thank you so much for all the response for the book - the day after the last ezine issue released, my inbox was flooded with feedback forms - some of you even put up great reviews on Amazon. Thank you.

And if this is your first ezine issue, here are some excerpts...

Indezine - Studio F Promotion

Look at the template designs above from Studio F - these are no ordinary templates! You can use them anywhere - from boardroom presentations to IPOs and business proposals to church presentations. I liked them so much that I asked Studio F to offer a special rate for Indezine readers - they came back with an excellent response. Check the offer here to see it for yourself...

Giveaways and More

In the last issue, I announced the ppted giveaway of the Native American collection of PowerPoint templates - congratulations to the winners who include David Cox, Deb Rockwell, Diana Orlemann, Don Sublett, Henk Fritjers, Ron Middleton, Tom Hodgers, and Theresa Vermillion.

And now for more goodies - ppted is giving away five copies of their Green Gaze collection of PowerPoint templates. To win, all you need to do is fill in this form. Mention "Green Gaze" in the Comments field - the sweepstakes ends on February 22nd.

Here are some new articles and happenings:

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Office will be called Office 2007...

Glen Millar's PowerPoint site has moved to a new domain - check out his new tutorial on trigger animations.

Bill Dilworth has authored an article on how you can swing a pendulum in PowerPoint...

Cross Platform PowerPoint looks at problems and workarounds for those who work with both Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint...

There's an exlusive Indezine excerpt from Barbara Brundage's Photoshop Elements 4: The Missing Manual - check it here...

Scrolling Credits in PowerPoint

Creating scrolling credits works differently depending on which version of PowerPoint you are using.

PowerPoint 2002 or 2003:

  1. Type some text in a text box or placeholder, or choose an existing text box or placeholder on a slide.

  2. Select the text box or placeholder, and choose Slide Show | Custom Animation. This will activate the Custom Animation task pane.

  3. In the Custom Animation task pane, click on the Add Effect button to reveal a fly-out menu. In this fly-out menu, choose Entrance | Credits. If the Credits option is not available, choose Entrance | More Effects to summon the Add Entrance Effect dialog box. Choose the Credits option in the Exciting category, and click OK.

  4. You might want to change the speed to Medium in the Custom Animation task pane, and the Start option to With Previous (default is On Click).

To create a Star Wars style credits screen, look here...

PowerPoint 97 and 2000:

  1. Create a text box - a regular rectangle or any AutoShape. Start inputting your text straightaway - for example:

    Goodness God
    Amazing Ants
    Helpless Haunted House
    PowerPoint Perils
    Monday Merits

  2. Now that you've entered all the names or any other text you need, deselect the text box. Click on the periphery of the text box to select the text box, not the text inside the box!

  3. Press the Alt key on the keyboard - with the Alt key still pressed, drag and move the entire text box above the area off your slide. Right click your text box, and choose 'Custom Animation' from the options in the flyout menu.

  4. In the 'Effects' tab of the Custom Animation dialog box, choose 'Crawl From Bottom' in the 'Entry Animation' drop down menu.

  5. Proceed to the 'Order and Timing' tab and select the radio button representing 'Automatically' and change the value to 00:00 seconds. Preview your animation - tweak settings again in the 'Custom Animation' box if required.

End Note

More PowerPoint related info on the PowerPoint Blog and PowerPoint Notes. And free PowerPoint templates for all of you....

And here's a link to the previous issue of this newsletter...

Until next time - have a great day. And keep the feedback coming..


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