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File Types that can be Opened in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Learn about various file types which can be opened in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.


Product/Version: Microsoft PowerPoint 2011

OS: Mac OS X

We already learned about the file types PowerPoint 2011 for Mac can save. But when you go and look at the file types that PowerPoint 2011 can open, you'll find that the list of file types is not exactly the same. Several file types may be common. When you access the Open dialog box in PowerPoint 2011, you can choose the file type you want to open (see Figure 1).

Open file type
Figure 1: Open file type

Have you ever wondered what all those file types are? Should you even be concerned about them at all? These are the file types that PowerPoint 2011 can open, vide the Enable drop-down (highlighted in red within Figure 1).

  1. All Readable Documents: If you want to see all the file types that can be opened in PowerPoint 2011, choose this option.
  2. All Office Documents: If you want to see all Microsoft Office file formats, choose this option -- note that this also shows Word and Excel documents, and if you choose a Word or Excel document, you will be prompted that the file will open in Word or Excel. Of course if you choose any PowerPoint file, that will open within PowerPoint.
  3. PowerPoint Presentations: Since all these file types are covered in categories we explore later on this page, we don't cover them here, please see subsequent category listings.
  4. Office Themes and PowerPoint Templates:

    POTX (PowerPoint Template) -- Opens a template that you can use as a starter for future presentations. This file format belongs to PowerPoint 2008 and subsequent versions of PowerPoint.

    POT (PowerPoint 97–2004 Template) -- Opens a template from the older PowerPoint 97 to 2004 POT format -- you can use this as a starter to create a new presentation.

    THMX (Office Theme) -- This file type opens a new presentation based on the Theme chosen -- this includes colors, fonts, and effects. Such Office Theme files can also be used within Word, Excel, and other Office applications to impart a standard look to all your documents.
  5. PowerPoint Add-Ins:

    PPAM (PowerPoint Add-In) -- This file type opens presentations as an add-in that includes custom commands or VBA code. Typically used in PowerPoint 2008 or later versions.

    PPA (PowerPoint 98–2004 Add-In) -- This file type opens presentations as an add-in that you can open in PowerPoint 98 to 2004. Typically used in PowerPoint 2004 or earlier versions.
  6. All Outlines: All the outline formats that PowerPoint can import to create slides. All text in an outline is imported as text placeholders, see Text Boxes vs. Text Placeholders.

    RTF (Outline / Rich Text Format) -- This file type opens the presentation as an outline in Rich Text Format, which you can open in Microsoft Word. This only includes text that is contained with the text placeholders as opposed to text boxes.
  7. All Files: Essentially any file you throw at PowerPoint, just in case you want to try your luck!

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