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PowerFinish Templates Volume 5

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Date Created: June 26th 2007
Last Updated: February 26th 2009

About PowerFinish Volume 5
The Designs
Pricing & Support


PowerPoint template designs are aplenty -- and many vendors create textured and patterned designs that can be used in most presentation scenarios. However, trends change and new designs are created all the time in an attempt to create more contemporary looks.

One of the newest such PowerPoint template collections is Volume 5 of the well known PowerFinish collection.


About PowerFinish Volume 5

PowerFinish is from Studio F, a company based in Sarasota, Florida, USA. Studio F creates PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. You can learn more about PowerFinish Volume 5 and other products at their site...

PowerFinish Volume 5 includes several new features:

  • The templates take advantage of the multiple master options available in PowerPoint 2002 and later (with alternate slide JPGs available for users of earlier versions of PowerPoint).
  • The new designs feature a range of styles from minimal monochromatic shapes to vivid painted strokes and sophisticated textures.
  • Each template set includes 7 alternate background designs that make content placement easy.

PowerFinish Volume 5 is also included in The Ultimate Presentation Kit, the complete collection of template offerings from Studio F.

My contact at Studio F for this review was Joye Argo - thank you, Joye.

Joye adds that "the inspiration came directly from current color palettes and texture trends in fashion and retail product design". 

There's also an interview with Joye elsewhere on this site...


The Designs

Here's a sampling of some designs from the new PowerFinish volume 5:

powerfinish templates   powerfinish templates

powerfinish templates   powerfinish templates

Each design template includes seven alternate slide background designs variations. Here are the seven variants of one of the designs:

These seven variation includes dark, light, black and white designs which can be used according to where the presentation has to be presented:

  • A dark or a black design can be used to play a video on it,
  • The white design can be used to print the slide and,
  • The rest (or all) of the designs are ideal for title and bullet slides.

Joye adss that "another reason we use dark and light variations of our overlay designs is that legibility is affected by the setting where you present. So we wanted to give the presenter a choice based on the venue as well as the content".

All designs include coordinated color schemes.

The designs play with texture effects and geometrical shapes such as lines and curves. The entire volume comprises designs in lively colors.


Pricing & Support

PowerFinish Volume 5 of PowerPoint templates is priced at $49.99 for a single user license.

This volume is also included in The Ultimate Presentation Kit Professional, a seven CD volume that contains 14,250 professional templates and backgrounds. The full bundle costs $139.99, including free shipping.

Studio F offers a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Support is through email -- in addition, Studio F offers live telephone support.



The entire volume is great value at this price, and I'm so glad to see that the quality lives up to and exceeds the usual PowerFinish standard. So you get great quality stuff that's also contemporary -- a great combination!


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