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Benchmarking iCreate
Using SmartObjects
Using Narration

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Benchmarking iCreate

We'll now put iCreate through the PowerPoint repurposing benchmark - this is a sample presentation that incorporates several presentation elements - here's how iCreate fared:

Feature Maximum Score iCreate Score
Narration (WAV file) 10 10
Transition Sound (WAV file) 10 0
Video (AVI) 10 0
AutoShapes 10 10
AutoShape Fills 10 10
Transparency 20 to 100% 10 10
Typeface Translation 10 5
Typeface Shadows & Anti-Aliasing 10 10
Hyperlinks 10 10
Notes 10 10
Bitmaps 10 10
Vector Images 10 10
Vector Images Recoloring 10 0
Bitmap with Alpha Channel 10 10
Animation 10 10
PowerPoint Transitions 10 0
Total 160 115

You need to be aware that this benchmark only takes conversion factors into consideration - not managing and administrating repurposed content. Also, iCreate offers workarounds for several shortcomings like inserting video content - however, the purpose of this benchmark is to use a conventional PowerPoint presentation.


Using SmartObjects

iCreate allows you to insert extra elements into a presentation - something that PowerPoint does not offer natively. Amazingly, these elements work even if you don't convert your PowerPoint content to rich media using iCreate.

  • Browse SmartObjects in iCreate
  • This means that your trial version of iCreate will allow you to insert Flash content within PowerPoint with one-click - iCreate also includes an extensive quiz and survey module (see screenshots) - these work within PowerPoint as well.

  • Quiz and Survey module in iCreate
  • Simple Q&A in iCreate
  • Import Flash SWF File
  • However, it's only when these SmartObjects are converted to rich media that you can understand their full potential.

    Once you have inserted SmartObjects, you can edit and animate them as well using PowerPoint's native Custom Animation feature.

    Michael adds:

    One thing that may be a little less obvious is that SmartObjects can send response automatically to the iCreate Server. So after publishing to the server, simply send an invitation to one or more people and their responses to quizzes, surveys, etc. are recorded in the database for immediate or archival viewing.


    Using Narration

    Narration plays a significant role since most of the rich media content created with tools like iCreate is viewed online without a live presenter. iCreate allows you to record narrations using a fairly capable audio editor that's included within the application.

    The audio editor can import or export recorded sounds so that you can do more fine-tuning in an advanced sound editing application.

  • Audio Editor in iCreate
  • Having said that, iCreate's greatest advantage is that it's narration component itself is entirely compatible with PowerPoint's own narration and Insert | Sound feature unlike Macromedia Breeze which insists on importing pre-narrated content again through its own interface - ignoring all sounds contained within native PowerPoint presentations.

    iCreate however does not recognize transition sounds - that's unfortunate.


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    Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs)

    The Feature List Layout comprises three sample PowerPoint presentations: one each to create a visual list for 4 features, 5 features, and 6 features. These work great when you have too much information to fit within one slide. This solution lets you use multiple slides, but the visual result is still that of one single slide!

    Buy and Download Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs) for $4.99+ (671 kb)

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