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Preferences and Publishing
Pricing and Support
Case Studies

Preferences and Publishing

Before you publish your presentation to rich media, you might want to take a look at iCreate's preferences dialog box (see screenshot) .

  • Preferences in iCreate
  • You can choose from a whole range of output options including the sound quality and channels apart from Flash file format. The 'LMS details' tab allows you to tweak several settings that make the output entirely LMS compatible.

    Publishing online or locally is a simple affair - just click the publish online or local option within the MeetingPlace menu in PowerPoint.

    Publishing locally creates a rich media output on the desktop while publishing online hosts your content on a predetermined server, from where you can choose to share the presentation with anyone. All presentations online can also be emailed and downloaded (see screenshot).

  • Publishing online
  • More significantly, you can also download the original PowerPoint file and also upload a PowerPoint file to the server for conversion without any add-in installed - a lifesaver if you are traveling and find you need your original presentation.


    Pricing and Support

    iCreate is not a boxed product - rather it is available as both as an enterprise licensed solution deployed on a customer's site or as a hosted service. Latitude suggests you get in touch with them directly, so that someone can ascertain your requirements and provide you with a custom solution.

    Darin J Dunlap, Product Marketing Manager of Latitude says their Full Care Support offering includes phone and e-mail support (issue resolution, application questions), as well as software upgrades.


    Case Studies

    I asked Latitude for a case study about some organization that has benefited from using their solution - they cited PeopleSoft. Here's a link to a webinar in which both PeopleSoft and Latitude participated (link no longer exists).



    iCreate is probably the first of the second generation of online rich media products. It has evolved very well indeed and is brimming with features to customize and deploy. I've worked with many rich media content creators and what strikes me about iCreate is its completeness - it understands and follows a logical human sequence of events and makes sure that you are provided options at each step. Today, iCreate is certainly the best solution available in its class - tomorrow, well things change very soon in this world and others will certainly want to play catch up.


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