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Subscriptions and Membership

How can I subscribe?
Why did I not get a confirmation email?
How can I unsubscribe?
How do I change my email address for my subscription?
I just want to unsubscribe for a month, and then get back?
Do you have a privacy policy
Do you send mailings to the subscribers?

The Basics

What is this FAQ all about?
Where is my user name and password?
Why can't I sign up?
Why do you change the user name and passwords?
Are the user name and password case sensitive?
What if I still cannot get anything working?


Help! I am so frustrated that I cannot download anything!
How can I download members-only files
Why cannot I download the print version of slide (the third thumbnail)?
Can I get these templates on CD or combo download?
How can I use the ZIP files?
Where do I log-in with my user name and password?
I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows.
I am using Mozilla Firefox for Windows.
I am using Opera for Windows
Why are the links in the mails I receive not working?
Why do you put just one template on each page?
Why can't I download the premium templates from Ppted.com?
Where are the templates? I downloaded a ZIP file that had only JPGs.
How do I uninstall the templates or other stuff I download.

Using Templates and other Downloads

How do I use a template in PowerPoint?
Create template folders / tabs in PowerPoint
How do I use multiple templates in a presentation?
Do these templates work with PowerPoint 2007 or 2010?
Templates or Presentations show an error while opening in PowerPoint 2002 or 2003
Can I use these templates in my school or college project?
Can I use these templates in my church?

Customization and More

Will all the templates work on PowerPoint for Mac?
Will these templates work with Apple Keynote?
Can you customize a template for me?

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