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Sound Editors

Sony creates Sound Forge (Windows) and other audio editing products.

Digital Performer (Macintosh) is an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system.

Steinberg (Windows and Macintosh) makes a range of excellent audio editing tools.

Cakewalk offers several sound editing applications (Windows).

Adobe creates the Audition sound editing product (Windows).

Goldwave (Windows) is another comprehensive audio editor.

Soundprobe for Windows (link no longer exists) is an advanced audio program.

SoundSoap (Windows and Macintosh) is a noise reduction application.

Sound Studio is a Mac OS X audio application that lets you record and edit two-channel audio.

SoundEdit (Macintosh) from Macromedia is another audio editor.


Freeware Audio Editors

Audacity (Windows, Macintosh and Linux) is a free cross platform audio editor.

WavePad (Windows) is a free audio and MP3 editing program.


Multitrack Loop Editors

eJay is available in various incarnations including Dance, Techno, HipHop, etc.

Acid from Sonic Foundry comes in various flavors including the free Acid Xpress.

The Magix Music Maker series is available in several collections.


Techniques and Tutorials

A great selection of music and sound tutorials is available at Shareware Music Machine - Hitsquad.

A range of tutorials for Sonic Foundry sound programs.

Loads of excellent tutorials at the Computer Music magazine site.

Learn how to use CDex to add WAV headers to MP3 files.


Sound Clips

Sound Ideas is an on-line music company that provides music and sound effects libraries.

Freeplaymusic provides music to use in presentations, advertisements, etc.


Indezine Links

Sound Conversion - learn more about converting from one sound format to the other.

Learn how you can use Sound Recorder to record your sounds in Microsoft Windows.

Sound Codecs - learn more about this essential subject.

SoundFonts - what are SoundFonts, how do you use them - and how do you create your own.

MIDI to WAV realizers - learn how to properly convert your MIDIs to WAVs.


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