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Looking Back: PowerPoint 2

Date Created:
Last Updated: October 6th 2010

This originally appeared in issue 11 of the PowerPoint Ezine.

Product Showcase

In May 1990, Microsoft released PowerPoint 2.0 for the Macintosh - followed by the Windows version in June 1990. PowerPoint 2 came with a separate Bitstream product called Fontware to allow font usage within the program. A full installation of Fontware with all available fonts consumed 35 mb - in comparison, PowerPoint 2 required only 7 mb!

Microsoft sent me a copy of PowerPoint 2 for research on this article - unfortunately, it refused to install on Windows 98, 2000 or XP. The best I could manage was Windows 3.1 - fortunately, it did not insist on Windows 2!

Luckily, I just copied the whole PowerPoint 2 folder to a Windows 2000 system - and the program worked great - right down to using true type fonts! Imagine - I could actually use the product today.

The program folder for PowerPoint 2 contained another program called GraphicsLink from Genigraphics.

PowerPoint 2

Another feature in PowerPoint 2 was that everything - including sample files, help files, tutorials - even clipart was distributed as a PowerPoint presentation. For instance, the help file contained a convenient chart which showed you equivalent keyboard characters for the Zapf Dingbats font.

Finally, PowerPoint 2 had the styles concept - you could save a text style - using a font name, size, style, colour, etc.

PowerPoint 2 also included a great sample presentation which Christopher Columbus supposedly showed to Queen Isabella of Spain before his famous ship journey!

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