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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 013

Issue 013 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Welcome to the first issue of this ezine in the new year. We start by focusing on 'color' - then proceed to our Quick News section. This is followed by info on some new products and updates: Impatica OnCue, PowerPlugs SuperSaver Combo and Apple Keynote. Finally, we talk about two recent acquisitions and finish with a listing of sites that provide clipart inspired by the world's ancient civilizations.

Focus on Colour

Colour plays a vital role in any presentation. This is not surprising, since both colour and presentations share a common bond and that bond is psychology. Both aim to impress and convey - no wonder psychological perceptions of responses come into play often.

In this issue, I've compiled a list of links that will help you study this fascinating subject in more depth:

Choose The Right Colours for your PowerPoint 2002 Presentation is an article posted on Microsoft's Assistance Center.

Colour Combinations on this site discusses usage of colour along with lots of links to more learning resources.

The International Color Consortium is the force behind the ICC profiles standardization.

Colour professor J L Morton discusses every nuance of colour at her extensive site.

The Tech site makes a splash with colour in a light, entertaining style.

The Kodak Digital Learning Centre provides a free online course on colour theory.

Squant is a new primary colour - read more about the colour and its controversies.


Quick News

Wacom has launched its new pressure sensitive tablet called Volito. The product is currently available only in Europe.

Microsoft has announced OneNote, a new Office family program that does much more than just taking down notes. More info.

Ulead has released a new version of its popular DVD Movie Factory. Version 2 adds several new features like Disc-Direct™ Authoring and MPEG-Direct™ Capture.

Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds has announced a hundred new PowerPoint backgrounds - take a look here.


Impatica OnCue Updated

Impatica has updated it's Imaptica OnCue product to version 2.3.7 - the new update is free for existing users and enables import of PowerPoint notes exported from the Impatica for PowerPoint product.

You'll find more info about Impatica OnCue here.


PowerPlugs SuperSaver Combo 2

CrystalGraphics have launched version 2 of their SuperSaver Combo product. This new collection brings you 4 of their best-selling PowerPlugs titles — 8 volumes in all, on 8 CDs. The collection includes:

  • PowerPlugs Transitions I, II and III
  • PowerPlugs 3D Titles I and II
  • PowerPlugs Templates I and II
  • PowerPlugs Charts

For a limited time, the entire collection is available at an introductory offer of US$299 translating to a saving of almost 40% off the price of buying the volumes separately. More info.


Apple Keynote

Macintosh presenters are now spoiled for choice - Apple has released Keynote, a new presentations program.

The new application can import and export PowerPoint, PDF and QuickTime content and offers many features not available in competing programs. More info at the Keynote site.

You can also buy the product here.


Acquisitions & More

Two new acquisitions (or intentions to acquire) were announced recently by software giants Microsoft and Macromedia.

Microsoft announced its intention to acquire PlaceWare, a collaborative web conferencing platform that enables businesses to conduct real-time, interactive presentations and meetings over the Internet. More info.

Macromedia has acquired Presedia, a leading provider of online presentation and e-learning solutions for online training, sales, marketing, and corporate communications. Presedia provides tools and technologies to faithfully convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Flash SWFs. More info.



During the preparation of this issue of the PowerPoint Ezine, I received assistance and feedback from Nicole Ha, Steve Rindsberg and Taj Simmons (all in alphabetical order). I would like to use this platform to thank them for their help.


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