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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 012

Issue 012 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Since the last ezine was issued, there has been a spate of new products announced. First we take a look at Imagemat!cs StillMotion Creator PE, a slideshow program that outputs Flash SWF movies. We then look at new product updates, followed by PresentationPro's new Outlook add-in for EmailPRESENTER. Next, we focus on the 'Pro' version of the Autorun CD Project Creator program. This is followed with links to resources on conversion of PowerPoint to VHS and digital photography. Finally, we round up with new FAQs for PowerPoint on the Macintosh platform.

However, before we proceed let me take this opportunity to wish all subscribers and readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Seasons Greetings - from and

Imagemat!cs StillMotion Creator PE

Imagemat!cs has announced a new product - StillMotion Creator II Personal Edition. Bill Strum of Net<X> Corporation suggests users download a free trial copy from the Imagemat!cs site

He adds that the program has an interface similar to PowerPoint, so PowerPoint users will love it!

Basically, StillMotion Creator PE allows you to load a bunch of image files - these files are loaded as individual slides - an interface that's similar to PowerPoint allows you to choose transitions and time for each of the slides. Finally, the finished product can be output to a Flash SWF file or projector (EXE) as well as screen savers and autorun CDs.


Quick News

Abitom has updated its Color Wheel Expert software to version 4.2 - unlike many other computer colour pickers, Color Wheel Expert is based on the color wheel and color harmony theory and enables you to select a color, and then have 12 harmonious colors displayed on a color wheel. More info.

Chirag Dalal announced version 2 of his PowerShow add-in for PowerPoint. PowerShow enhances the PowerPoint environment to enable you to view different presentations on different monitors simultaneously. It also allows you to view shows spanned across multiple monitors. More info.

Wildform has updated its new Linx product to version 1.005. Linx is an easy-to-use Flash editor that lets you import, edit, manipulate and combine virtually any type of Flash (SWF) file. More info (link no longer exists).


Outlook Add-in for EmailPRESENTER

PresentationPro has announced an Outlook add-in for EmailPRESENTER. EmailPRESENTER is an integrated solution for PowerPoint users from PresentationPro that converts existing PowerPoint solutions to the Macromedia Flash SWF format for quick delivery and streaming. Thereafter, you can log-in to your EmailPRESENTER account interface at the PresentationPro site to send personalized emails to your audience.

With the new Outlook add-in for EmailPRESENTER, you can achieve the same results on your desktop using your mailing contacts stored within Outlook in a more easy and elegant way.

More info is available at the PresentationPro homepage.


The New ACDPC Pro

Sonia Coleman and Steve Hetrick have announced the new ACDPC Pro, a professional version of their basic ACDPC product.

Says Sonia: "The Autorun CD Project Creator Pro is built upon our basic product, but expanded for greater flexibility, and serving those who may also want to create a non-PowerPoint autorun CD, say for a Word, Excel, or PDF document(s). Examples would be presenting books, financial statements, theses, or technical documents on CD."

Sonia adds further: "A PowerPoint presentation can also include a PowerPoint created menu that allows the end user to indicate whether or not they have PowerPoint installed. The presentation will then play in PowerPoint or the Viewer, depending on the end user's selection. Registered users receive a tutorial and sample file that demonstrates how this works, as well as 12 additional tutorials on the finer points of preparing a PowerPoint presentation for distribution."

You can find more information here (link no longer exists).


Converting PowerPoint to VHS

I'm often asked about ideas to convert PowerPoint presentations into VHS. The following links might prove helpful.

You'll need to convert your presentation to VHS using a slide converter or similar device. Look here for more info:

Creating Your Visuals: Converting PowerPoint to Video
- by Jim Endicott

Recording your PowerPoint presentation to VHS
- by Austin Myers

How to Videotape a PowerPoint Presentation
- Microsoft Knowledge Base Article


Focus on Digital Photography

Many users of PowerPoint are also involved with photography of some sort of the other - many of them have already jumped on the digital photography bandwagon - others are just waiting. To help you all, I've compiled a list of these links to digital photography pages:

Steve's Digicams is without doubt the most detailed site containing reviews of cameras and accessories.

The Digital Camera Resource Page has reviews, news, FAQs and message boards on digital photography.

Imaging Resource has reviews and forums apart from some photo lessons and a newsletter.

Digital PhotoCorner is a site dedicated to digital photography created by ArthurH Bleich. The site has a nice article explaining camera resolution.

Digital Photography Review is a must-visit site - you'll find detailed reviews and crowded forums discussing anything within the gamut of digital photography.


Impatica Issues Free Update

Impatica has issued a free update of its PowerPoint to streaming media converter product. The new version - 2.3.7 adds scores of new capabilities:

  • A configurable 'loading' indicator while the presentation loads
  • Support for recorded timings set for narration and animation in PowerPoint
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Automatic script files

Existing users can update free to the new version.


New FAQs on Macintosh PowerPoint

The celebrated PowerPoint FAQs at MVP Steve Rindsberg's site now has a dedicated section on issues involving PowerPoint on the Macintosh platform. The content has been authored by Mickey Stevens. Visit the FAQs.

Here's a list of new and updated articles:

New Articles

  • How do I turn on Quartz Text Smoothing/anti-aliasing in PowerPoint X?
  • How do I optimize Mac presentations for Windows PowerPoint?
  • Windows presentations lose animations in PowerPoint Mac.
  • Animations don't work in PowerPoint X after updating to Jaguar. I can't import Windows Media Files into my presentation.
  • When I select a font, PowerPoint uses a different font.
  • PowerPoint X crashes on startup.
  • Can I use Make Move to create a QuickTime presentation for use on Windows?

Updated Articles

  • Mac Office/PowerPoint Downloads, Tutorials and FAQs from Microsoft.
  • Free PowerPoint Viewers.
  • What happened to the Mac PowerPoint newsgroup?
  • How to create a presentation for distribution on CD. PowerPoint 98 or 2001 crashes with a 'Type 2' error when I open it.
  • Type 2 or 3 errors after customizing toolbars in PowerPoint 2001.
  • How do I customize the Office Manager?


During the preparation of this issue of the PowerPoint Ezine, I received assistance and feedback from Bill Strum, Chirag Dalal, Colby Devitt, Gary White, Sonia Coleman and Steve Rindsberg (all in alphabetical order). I would like to use this platform to thank them for their help.


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