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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 014

Issue 014 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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We first look at the much-awaited Powerpoint Live event announced for October. Some news snippets are then followed by information on PowerPoint related content on the TechTrax ezine. Then, there is news about a fabulous SuperSaver offer on Ppted backgrounds and templates. We then take a look at the best possible route to traverse when PowerPoint starts giving you problems. We round up this issue with a listing of links that will be helpful to anyone who wants to create autorun CDs of PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint Live at Tucson, Arizona

Users of Microsoft PowerPoint will have a place to go this fall with the debut of PowerPoint Live, a three-day conference dedicated solely to end-users of the product. The first ever PowerPoint Live event takes place from October 12-15 in Tucson, Arizona, United States.

This international convention will include seminars, workshops, hands-on technical support, third-party developers and technology partners, and keynote addresses covering virtually every topic of interest to the software community.

PowerPoint Live will showcase world-renowned experts and artists who turn to PowerPoint to create professional presentations. "My staff reads like a who's who of PowerPoint authors and experts," says Rick Altman, PowerPoint author, graphic expert, and conference organizer of 14 years. "All I have to do to make this event a success is get out of the way."

You'll find more info about the conference at the event site.


Quick News

Adobe has announced Photoshop Album, a new product that helps you instantly find and organize your digital photos so you can share them with anyone, anywhere. Automatic organization by date with intuitive timeline and calendar views is possible. You can also instantly fix your photos and easily backup on CD or DVD. Finally, you can use professionally designed templates for slideshows with music, video, and audio clips. More info here.

Chirag Dalal has announced Smooth Shadows, a free PowerPoint add-in that enables you to create smooth gradient shadows for shapes. Link to the page no longer exists, but you can see an archive page here.

Lycos Asia has a comprehensive new series of themed lessons and tutorials on digital photography - it's called the Canon School of Digital Photography (link no longer exists).


Focus on TechTrax

TechTrax is an excellent ezine that focusses on the entire spectrum of Microsoft Office applications. Content is authored by Dian Chapman, editor of the ezine and several other Microsoft MVPs including myself. In the past few months, I've authored the following PowerPoint related articles for the ezine:

  • Favourite Presentation Background Colour (link no longer exists)
  • SWF Content within PowerPoint (link no longer exists)
  • Creating PowerPoint Presentations from Word Outlines (link no longer exists)
  • Extending PowerPoint (link no longer exists)
  • Top Ten PowerPoint Sites (link no longer exists)

While visiting the ezine site, you can opt to subscribe to a mailing list version of the content.


Ppted SuperSaver Offer

Ppted has announced a new SuperSaver offer on their range of PowerPoint backgrounds and templates, where you can make savings of 25%. Five collections (a total of 25 attractive designs) are available for US$75 instead of US$100 (if you were to buy the same collections separately).

Buy The SuperSaver

Collections included in this SuperSaver are:

Urban Textures
Spots Of Success
Simply Azure
Bio Meadows


PowerPoint Help Route

So, what is a 'PowerPoint Help Route'?

It's a suggested successive route you can travel through if you need support regarding PowerPoint. Best of all, we are talking about completely free support here. Start counting your stops:

  1. Search the PowerPoint Association Search - this facility indexes 10 frontrunner PowerPoint sites.
  2. Look at Microsoft's extensive PowerPoint knowledge base - you can access this from Microsoft's PowerPoint homepage.
  3. Search Google Groups for archived newsgroup posts - this link will search the Microsoft PowerPoint related newsgroup.
  4. Post your question on the PowerPoint newsgroup - you'll find instructions here.

Autorun Resources

To autorun a CD with a PowerPoint presentation - on a system with no PowerPoint installed, you can actually access the PowerPoint Viewer off the CD. No files are thus installed to a system - and yet the presentation will run perfectly. Be aware that this solution will be unable to show all the cool transitions and animations of PowerPoint 2002 - since the Viewer in question actually uses the PowerPoint 97 engine. There are many third party solutions and self-do articles based on the Viewer:

Sonia Coleman and Steve Hetrick have jointly developed the Autorun CD Project Creator, now in version 2. There is a full review at Indezine as well as more information at the ACDPC homepage (link no longer exists).

Jennifer Rotondo of Creative Minds Inc., creates the elegant RunIt! and RunIt Plus applications. More information at the RunIt! homepage (link no longer exists).

GST PowerLaunch is the third angle of the PowerPoint Autorun trinity. Surprisingly unknown, and even less publicized - find more information at the PowerLaunch homepage (link no longer exists) - and an Indezine review.

Creating autorun CDs is half the story - no autorun CD is elegant without an autorun splash. The best program for this chore is AutoPlay Menu Studio. You'll find a complete tutorial on Indezine - also visit the AutoPlay Menu Studio homepage (link no longer exists).

In the days of PowerPoint 97, Microsoft had a tutorial on their site to manually create PowerPoint autorun CDs. Mysteriously disappeared since the last few years, I found it finally on an old Technet CD. Here it is, in Adobe's Acrobat format.



During the preparation of this issue of the PowerPoint Ezine, I received assistance and feedback from Dian Chapman, Rick Altman and Steve Rindsberg (all in alphabetical order). I would like to use this platform to thank them for their help.


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Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs)

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Buy and Download Feature List 01 (Layout with Tabs) for $4.99+ (671 kb)

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