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Remove Digital Signatures in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how to remove a digital signature from a presentation in PowerPoint 2010.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

When your PowerPoint presentation is digitally signed and shared, it helps to validate your identity. However, at times you may want to remove a digital signature attached to your PowerPoint presentation for several reasons, you may want it to be signed by someone else, or maybe there's no need to for a particular presentation to be signed any more. A digital signature can be easily removed from your presentation. Follow these steps to remove the digital signature from a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Open the presentation that is digitally signed in PowerPoint 2010. Note that the open presentation will contain a yellow strip in the area below the Ribbon and above the Slide Area, as shown in Figure 1. The yellow strip indicates that this presentation is attributed read-only to discourage modifications. Note that the text message in the yellow strip reads Marked as Final, this is the same as the Mark as Final option we explored in a previous tutorial.

    Presentation with a yellow strip above Slide Area
    Figure 1: Presentation with a yellow strip above Slide Area
  2. Click the Edit Anyway button (highlighted in red in Figure 1, above) within the yellow strip. This brings up the Microsoft PowerPoint window, as shown in Figure 2. Within this window, click the Yes button to remove the signature in this presentation and to enable editing.

    Confirmation being asked to enable editing
    Figure 2: Confirmation being asked to enable editing
  3. Alternatively, access the File menu, and choose the Info option to get to Backstage view, as shown in Figure 3 below. Thereafter, click the View Signatures button, highlighted in red in Figure 3 below.

    View Signatures button within the Info pane
    Figure 3: View Signatures button within the Info pane

    You can also click the red Signatures icon on the Status Bar (highlighted in red in Figure 4).

    Signatures icon displayed on the Status Bar
    Figure 4: Signatures icon displayed on the Status Bar
  4. Either way, this opens the Signatures Task Pane, highlighted in red in Figure 5.

    Signatures Task Pane
    Figure 5: Signatures Task Pane
  5. Within the Signatures Task Pane, place the cursor over the signature you want to remove to get a downward pointing arrow next to the signature name, as shown in Figure 6, below. Click the downward arrow to bring up a drop-down list, from this drop-down list, select the Remove Signature option (highlighted in red in Figure 6).

    Selected signature's drop-down list
    Figure 6: Selected signature's drop-down list
  6. This will open the Remove Signature window, as shown in Figure 7. Click the Yes button to remove the selected signature.

    Remove Signature window
    Figure 7: Remove Signature window
  7. Make sure you save your presentation after removing the signature.

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