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Insert Shapes in PowerPoint Online

Learn how to insert Shapes in PowerPoint Online. There is more than one way to add shapes in PowerPoint.


Product/Version: PowerPoint Online

OS: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

Shapes let you do so much in PowerPoint. Once you master the art of adding and working with shapes, you can do so much. For example, you can place circles of various sizes one on top of the other to create something that looks like a target. Similarly, you can create seemingly complicated arrangements of shapes quite easily to create something that illustrates a concept or idea so much better than mere bulleted text. To create any such graphic content, you need to start by inserting common shapes. PowerPoint Online, the browser-based version of PowerPoint makes it easy to do so. To insert a shape on your PowerPoint Online slide follow these steps:

  1. Within PowerPoint Online, open a presentation (or create a new one). Then navigate to the slide where you want to insert a Shape. You can optionally change the Slide Layout to Blank or Title only. Both these layouts can be useful, if you need an open area, as can be seen in Figure 1, below.
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    Figure 1: Blank slide in PowerPoint Online
  3. Note: Does the interface in PowerPoint Online look different than what you see in Figure 1, above? PowerPoint Online is a web application, and changes in interface tend to be implemented more frequently than desktop applications.
  4. Now access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, and click the Shapes button to bring up the Shapes gallery. You can see part of the Shapes gallery in Figure 2, below. PowerPoint provides options to choose shapes from several categories such as Lines, Rectangles, etc. Learn more about shape types in our Types of Shapes in PowerPoint Online tutorial. As you can see, we selected the Teardrop shape within this gallery.
  5. PNG  IHDRIkIPLTEK1qqqsTFFF%k|||үsssv˞ݵvvv采ڧzfuuuύ|S~⹯zzzcccpppiii~kFQQQffflFFxxxFFǗ}}}yyyکFĉʦ㰔^^^٧lUUU졡lllÌFFFluFkۍFFlڃ𜜜߱𔔔ғ`oooxh_ƋܮWWWWuZZZ徾mكʁn틨&gjQyӔÚxЉv漩Ӥⴞ>;BמLLLnujaXSY=|ಠݧWtŴsYXWW[ꓵKzgQBCMX>ᵝuW Ѐ-qŝtک˓Wuķ˓W_WWuƧlFkllkFt|ܳŐ涞uWuJDLڍuttکuunduWlǯ˯çttt8k!7IDATx덣0i ]{H!ְM40,Í'@3^t>)86< 2I$Q2I$Q2I$Q2I$Q2I$Q2I$Q2I$Q5LSM\l_d7&u}p/Ўk=A&};Mڷ}eR)x!jfIXjor,6`][&2hJfRoVe&iv5=&Q^b$e9GJnA+d|N+qy-:23ɲsISOwjeJhh;Sz %ӄ$^=2L np ,'q8rEiTq?4ɻk\ݸX벡a[9,ihU4gca [|[ɤgdCIi3+DrG& %w᳘sRt$W=OE0qn,IݞJ+][zW<'. I|l^iRq}s#l[oB1/j> 't7L$13"nJ8KiRw4I%_a'>[&RFt] [email protected]=4f(xf.b`=l^b=0y3>:IyylWˏ *Ku?.k@)؝ZEpg: (mV:kBVC.۠ tZuffiDh…%2JipF{~uaE3)-ɉ P$xp396Ak$)|?()n7ݸbRpH3Ĺ-jU}鍤ʷXlott)PVT2qz& )(oHD][MSdg|UͽBbF%9s_RyAp.ikdX{'IMm-iyGi&I|O()R"dJJIXK/? $]Rkm5|~[[I`%ULIpE [Z/TZtɥ ݥR[J$sI-ֹ$%oN%܎mhHr2z/\Yr"IIl%!䊻25]DRO3!mKZk! >J$&8sJZ=AN+D8ԯ}ՊWd2ɸ pTyi%IbQv$)hHƢ贒)Xd#aJ4t3HT%W&RftnWPIg~JHZKSy?Eܒ*5ݼMb(A 9 Wѿpͷ-sI%FRN"Mɏ7^$U Hy '%;Iq| /nK%20C:enITEͅpzN:16ۅFt%}`"$!:<#:e^I]W_nHJNHb*o<9oy= ("nIMkp2I% ?nƍ-H%m C >H,+f[iCB"6F^n%xp$ Ƈ7ޯ0n\Hr8.#{[*(UҴj~mm;7vHNH¿DlNsAUs[JXب52]BBJ^N|% YF>Nv}pd?w:wTICIRڊ%,ڶ~4RI )gRUrTu9fV[FKo慀++Ir 8PKJM; ݓJbHLi ttN֓Y~8hƇs5噚$DT7¡$) ҜNv8ovIo-$b5^SKjSҲ'"v܌C.R@/U a UINT%=eOJɽiWc|qP<~RTf.`m$Đ I=gudTÉINkW7XI$^ˋ!ĔR[email protected]S`Š)UW$$<1'HsRRu R~t՟.%+IxIx0quKJ )}R$'SI$ i} ݍ"7~vDđ됟LZ~w[}w[JݒR_&l@!$AT"NH׼ T$Y~-eOIEn>I # A6{d I&P#$jKwu㓤CAHJ+J*$8u/IfQ$=:7XT>ӣNHvSWb$ IvvWat&³wzS+Z!jUhV5OU^c-#i0ɬg "v4On+3_Iʨ$M A]RD(RL^[wWZ+Ld+g,V?'4PX'IAG$Պz$Um㙭645A$xMCՑ  6p;NpxV]E),Ң3gzmL{ $i\&Ld)dd9a旓d֒tI ی7-F^6/v&;I,C,{B 6:ID,jH$yK}S(iIr1f:dC;|$q w쫉 -Izun̓ܓّݎ:o}wgUyg7N$U_L0YJM|[]=zRS葞I"Uc+nFea2S$־0%I<uhzHdITEIT(@I!0WFIcDұ}pΛVYeo'۷Iץ9^?^tUzHC$'I##I=/IJ%Jw)'[~D)YMWpW8%7f6 a]*@8Co[G z}d$ػO "JG|x.E.Mf#IOs'B$s0AO$$RI Z͸wn?$5I !CtIIN2$Ue8qi%1~ゅ$uIRh߇5 _|TOJK$9Q$ o'>99POR|+5a%zH^iJ<${MT3YL僬$hhtK""Iܱ B$y$] [~͚OLe (_$ ͞'9cbݜ $W`}6<4-BА4Cg$M! 2E3E/cݭ2(K*4 kvkRc{x1HH³LR'lƽ|r$agv7>"Iv p7MϦ$[!Tl6m3MU4W|G$yפͲa O[N1 I Lv;zTL'W"O2{ $yh9c֘F~Ո)qk;yP$%IIi$%IIRrBV2t"p(I:^K@~%I]3hi â!{So9OC+$4x1Ω=l B%G{oBl11~Oij3E6il)l&I1ј$,0^30(3+4 ߎM\&ig3$iҾl)LJoL ʼS#o¥$dYelZeW2$3+*Iذ}̰IA&5;d+ט3vu&eyeX0:P i+&6l>(Τ蚸ueInQ`2E5VXLenS6 c$a'I^ qtݚ^5)l8u1I~ v4Ik!amakRp F32I{|IgYn R(i}G&M0:>pX9 [gbDZmd&;jn8ؤjEWcMB!(9ye7OUrЍ9'kh`R%JjSe𴤇% cؤ@'?H' C} A?Sˑq! NmYmZ&!jx:Igu'9ͤPeF3^a:MZ{nI O{MOJ6-ʜ#Τؤ7`ؤ89a6M6aؤ3 ?cI/AkAbd5MhE'=5X=DQsIEZws=B ?P7;b&@Of6y#ʤ3ImFd'QIϤ5#2i1p y\-)̤gl;"zIQ&-IE"ʤ(ݻOZ(ғI1W[%$M҄Y ‹W=^ 2u\玲q&c0qL~Bڄ^grZq-8޿n0ҘyLel $;HZ3rqF:0T{}Lw Ho.RrLGҝ4V.(#+dJ+C7+ˤ{oӳT53&ŶaAO&+I |Y:3a%Nz4I7 eM3},8m&SL:FO*P)DxapE|iBx*T~v I#emEI,d}$'Լ#iITMbBx*c߽ݿImҳ>ht0)maeRLQmؖg;yԲRISnba4bu :m0epspXgW6ܿIUIhmK+lpMjbF3W%gi&J- E CS^PTkR*3ɾ]LrXꖭ1_ˀ񝚶t"YMb23)5#T[ddle]j`@ h?dYyptXu5ʤLB;=z`܂фueiĤ&yWtueRp>|O}9 r2t9/VEE}i6ՠdM*di(Uj0Xu$ǤϤG|ZrH.I<{Z!x}A~40ĤM2`TURV_IJ}x !Cn嶋λNҐ|۾dփm*$mI/%)[email protected]v)%zϝ?t$S*&R Ly,~wʤ$4yI5GRIMj}80i"0G0 6ʤX9d?}c|4 UT.ʙj޳ͫ3C'Woܻez|)[email protected]& Ťi#*:K"+W6ndד S2iGt`9Z\yiHcsfWofTOݤ#äͦC Oh&mm,t>D&'{gR\ALM*:7i`VM]sq%Iǃ4Zv:~TE'{oj&{O $^'ILI>"uäTȤOhdǿƇ۲))=-u℮t" eQ0Lċ ^AQыitI'ϺӮy>]dهILDD& D&יc1Z/b$bC:UOfq8(cTA - h+g`" JkTINwÓLK'z+s7".ʐTZ#}p*F!I~ d0h=!@~ŒKbשz1|1)l'(&H\YbtY*`@Io S硖0Yx9.+$(.#T72I7 :&f 2l*xTp h:-aU\TZEt-oZIA]9T:U/f}wˤERؑi_NmAW5?f|~:pJ$چ^JE\J̲FҺm%qAr 4R9 `)LԨHRŀ%'Fm간`#*>{bD3p1za)_\Y23ɽJr؋2I4,]$Tb ї'vrb;J( mVCTs<_<#VYŒR _$TCH ZIY_0h.M@) 608X#R %R͑IF&Vl kleV6R&XdN$þ4W`fo+uyk4Jؔ!4\ՋcWKR$r4`Wi8*Fb*Ŝ%S$:Hm19S%+E ,0U/^\ )GJ"zKt Wft(0UO p{p& n$qi&qRj38Ӵ$O@L2InԤg3En|Ĺ8w<ĹLr&=C nȤ_?·OdzD&q$2i~$>b e'$pe51O'MwDs3o|\؈ yL~M:8L.rffOTU7e4 &.- 'h9$˗J!mRM\pi&IS%ڞ700ۤWMSIm0P)I"U !]u?z,΂"-T¿LW*U5Tb3 wXqebjO$#mhR¤hWۧj *Kw<&wX&DƕM*Hfv~d0^0_|k=K-gDJ }R`䲜9]g5ڤOBc+4s& v&%F;/>J p3?wItX\(U5UL"vpʤMhhwğa\:c[YվJA 8LIs)M3ɫIIJ}$C$)5ict LjqaΩcN0Pi&{?0١M7&a#TUOy=n*$ IZ*1icX*S? `-I\|~7 S$-[email protected]פ #e5W 5h!g *52B/&ň?hR4k :h[1 pgSZ&ZR4Dl8]??>u7_ؼ2Mz=`Rx&v$WtPM%[email protected]$8hjp3K$ij4! a EV:U㬢U;L2rG߿ouӺ_xo36;+Ӥ D{y`1ތXD!YV`>^ы`;SLTv7UkkVzGdd"^ߡR1J}Wm_f7K8&}eS9Iq R4* 8'ueP#CI fT!"'更mm*A3VۗUm=N3|m}u6 WriRy%s'ʆBGT,H X PBVrDDym5tZVϮeym~xuzV`t;o+Ӥ&:L2D:s/Ŭ :XgIl$] $Fua~Q]K5͖QZn?4)R9%-P%Z5EJht}V3W9aMa71j19h~M\EDrD\Lj+!ν,L_n ~=,]1)=غaG$>3 DWͤhucǍ88 {ט;JXDn噪bd€It ~3S &'n.5& kr=s&前*jɲqːZ>mq~:6=5{[ѧk3L|RWpEʩOl&y1EimOeJHѬ$"ϙBnz76yc<$[q/2C2ȹfSF⢸0ikz7 GyG]%k |& һJN]%xiH;Ɓ<Ia0i& I¤IB$& & a@$L$Ia0i& fC>4-¤!$2i"& I|bm:!bi7`c7'I%REEz6Ҩ\o^$E`|u]i6_61mLm&aĩQ߾KN/3f0馡3i`2,bl&URP SG3t&NDէ Ik)@5\}ANk#3EDg|/\x|;Id=iP!aҲ'$Lh[nǝo:n'!~&jYw5g}IIffd12[I$ $%$$LR0I LL0i.GZ 2 $2I 2 1iGkyIENDB`
    Figure 2: Select a shape in the Shapes gallery
  6. You will now see an instance of your selected shape on the slide, as shown in Figure 3, below. Unlike in desktop versions of PowerPoint, you need not click or drag a shape on the slide in PowerPoint Online as merely selecting the shape inserts it on the slide. Also note that your shape is selected, and you also see the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab on the Ribbon.
  7. PNG  IHDRA4-5 PLTEK1Lk~FFFݯ|||ˑڧzfݺnzS~مqqq⹯oIsssxɐύ|cccĀ$YYZަfffؙnno΃oS/הzSSSwwwӋpEa>VUUU¯y[ޫs]H_輮ߩDz|JʆhiiЅWTςe]]]HgGeEbA]BYԎd̿LkJbPyvfyPh:RRRRIhXl⬵KeLdXm8P׹qh/΍䉤ʑ®vtѓgoOGмŏfE]:۵յՠ#jNhTl۪bu䵦\q~՝Nc*4ٝ@ז·{Y^!m_Yёw??xޛⴙטpvQo>@vRw՚ڦܡۡ}oq;VVuޚBmptzoq> =sR.$IDATx1n0ETW0p"xA4HB^z5r IN5p\ K׶@{MPB>$D=R=*y Jxk !1HC 0 ! 1HC 0 ! 1HC 0 ! 1HC 0 ! 1;`qǑ:1 =P Ft< nt1LչA|>&qv7nIp\dm9Crir^MX}EKq|`бGkN-ܸEIeD ^D0sPvWt2;h>9WRrPbQiM f,_{YRt>ѾO_EsvsE)rкa ӰAw󻌻OAB&?2䘥A h ODs85`OrAN f 'cOb^~ 9;ţA\1k,P0 rŎ7F5}1(!E^p'h UӥZ]_Ը^4@2aTʩj)5Q6(ht M282YѸh[ hAoet?N0/A5|ֶ9A:gΎ4{U_͠蔢\; ~㣆 _4?mHwƴ r5=gPxqm1|R:M5Jý -rKi[g5$7r}boBw`f68ZG BqJ/>?q N1'A>ЕvVk' ׭ALEI8A~?:*쾖vwd哎mc0AZB;#qV%Eb'V(3m9xA=hA 3ڸ gUc5udo1ݻ(Yma""1A E :A1HA 0 ! 1HC 0 ! 1HC 0 ! 1HC B>Axk A :!b׌u0 pay:'t:"[t`rX,DQPԩD< wbݛ4;6=*y. ' #MSf L* Ě8Kī^m,ʐS{R5 t1`c8Dh XΗ 'o'wk׫ArģEGRs{&Y 1JzJ1!+7o[ѝ cvc Zq-BТ;AdZ4 "hˬo `F"|< ((a~;1CPL6<.,A9˳hh3ܧO mb; < ^CѦaƫS h\u:]rq]#$BV/L*ə ?':Zt)We1 Cdh ^'\p< I|Ѹ5x:HZd&Gpq¥! {N`lsnKvagVNR5UA gX}kV 1iKPDJ o"<×+'PdnἬ%%%,.5p&{ A0N:փn!a==,]<'GQ/A#At%$iEAn}5IГ/VM?Wc.8 &A_#͟5UWK=FG=n߷"h[oyԊ*W`׭>yT7HPuޭA{1y{ .r)k~$'&hסHֳċZqJ/tI,ŜVBl*<%λk;1wV&@[email protected]~1rQ 81jO3D~1Kp$8 4c짲JYmX2k>^ynj/hש) H˺d ipmp9O0M#AdM_#(U44b~1ITDa^#i$hv\>Hi7U I, FfDjT:%|;ΚgO Ay0dܕAbL뇑nuu&BHP'hEߦ&hx,U!tmé03xZ\Xjd ݌Xali$'v J>fإjdc72AMﮇC@|! |J3:=R=C+%YF|tkxAL-M*h0O{ָ%iIFKеw#AdnlRSX,A!u1@%AFjİaF8̲6brIMAj`mIŐTڈ!6^݇6meEHں @X=4GA0#DE%k#; ( C6֏f/~ Z+j~_CvU~"ANs1ǀA;HPBA;HVeHP/⠦UI<Ѷ-"Y,vhIr&o' ?Ñ AfW$ )ZԜFٕ4(&kr95T8,΍ 'A.?72"\⠑H3xF`eڪL!H @3gTh!9ɶ^5([w B]m|+QRB»\KdI.KJ^ԙB15-k5@<iM'Q#5/u$[email protected]ۇj"V9U/1B 7.yd"^8AӿY/&KG !Z٭AQ[/ I%i5DH ^L&^$/Ura%Ozk A2 צ&]l˴TP 1B<#iIL1ItWMcN ȦN* F:l i$ ȦN* F:l i$ ȦN* aUb0,P(4xIBn2(}yVL6\7W i4$oeА( ThOq/0AvSg{\3Įsr 䚁z6SE#mhW>Q;xA{4\*NnsBh\=\hLQv~ cDlDIn3;s6УA2C=sEz5H# A{F4H ɀ sAK ZDY6%w(AkP Z-Y3go n# 3A uk16mF(C֘cВ6\s)CCU4{v5u/yPjNUrkqnw}Ph8tc[email protected]m&UMӜJ|<ŪMK:fXӔ׺~Ϸ-Vy5| X Lٵ{ֶ8>@H\`-͐@PR Jlz4{tw0 >[ZЭJ. BZA+()GM)\w!EP2) ORAQJ8Dp\Эה(GuuE Jqm@AxSo aA tE ᠠBP FcCAPʠ=,WPN+fU j3嵠˨%dׂ&b [email protected]y)h0Pu₦f,Ad?&R]yb ζ 3Pu : MAvݬ4Fa?0 t^6Mڦ;A xMwfls2oQ ?4oyAg3/.d?)LTb& Xցb&(HfkJ*b$(H1fre\TEA:1ӝӉ(H#jh@A0'bNH R r i[r. H iO$ }Bҡ ҇Ŭ.CA*H< ҇oFW]WEA܎ag{ `)isP(P@8qE < Xag(HaW5:"lu@a+f[:"l}@aw"E NHk#gi,!x F]ywX'q\3%biHP:H5P:ފ_c> }$ʮ }ΪV%3>CA ySg@A y[xUFv(`_>DA-F}_jy#Z 3 gd5ʩ G־49l ydadr(HW&7W. ^Fv2LN &'sBAZ2z=N>[email protected] }P^DYBAl2V ލD&S%T RnPnFVu,˩ >雌SBA}2Zl2Qni;vB(HOG+/BA1S -BAddɦwfB(f[f,F( )bX>M*jdS6Pv\"T_;Y.zd~ˬU?'T 8Y_G4<&^c!T,+|x5D(`Vى^o BAN|KiYudc}g-bFhuvvC)];LJVlD(K4CqV~dybދ]?jsА&\%f׶ѶyjABz0/>Kܻ0sA襠᝛)Y۝܏*?+l:. y዇G]Ny[Pz[GmeQPr;:m#5lQ́If'-es ;<R6w{[email protected] ~ <WՊ #ƊIENDB`
    Figure 3: Shape inserted on slide
  8. Note: The Drawing Tools Format tab is a Contextual tab. Contextual tabs are special tabs in the Ribbon that are not visible all the time. They only make an appearance when you are working with a particular slide object which can be edited using special options.
  9. You can similarly insert as many shapes as you want.

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