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Add Dropbox in PowerPoint Online

Explore how to add Dropbox as a place in PowerPoint Online.


Product/Version: PowerPoint Online

OS: Microsoft PowerPoint Online

When you launch PowerPoint Online, it opens Presentation Gallery that provides you with a list of recently opened PowerPoint documents, and Themes and Templates to start a new presentation. You can also click the Open from OneDrive option, highlighted in green within Figure 1 to navigate your OneDrive folders so as to locate a PowerPoint file to open within PowerPoint Online. Other than OneDrive, PowerPoint Online also supports Dropbox as a cloud alternative.

Everything Looks Different?

Unlike desktop applications, both OneDrive and PowerPoint Online are constantly evolving much faster. That may explain why screenshots on this page sport an interface different from what you see when you log in.

In this tutorial, we will explore adding Dropbox to PowerPoint Online's Place locations:

  1. Open the Presentation Gallery and click the Add a place option, highlighted in blue within Figure 1.
  2. Add a place option within Presentation Gallery
    Figure 1: Add a place option within Presentation Gallery
  3. This brings up the option to add more places, by clicking checkboxes, as shown in Figure 2. Notice the Dropbox checkbox (highlighted in blue within Figure 2).
  4. Dropbox checkbox
    Figure 2: Dropbox checkbox
  5. Click to select this checkbox as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 3. You can see the resultant Open from Dropbox option now, as highlighted in green within Figure 3.
  6. Select the presentation name
    Figure 3: Select the presentation name
  7. Click the Open from Dropbox option. For the first time, you may see the Sign in to Dropbox dialog box as shown in Figure 4.
  8. Sign in to Dropbox dialog box
    Figure 4: Sign in to Dropbox dialog box
  9. Type in your Dropbox username and password to navigate your Dropbox folders, and to select a PowerPoint file that you want to open into PowerPoint Online.

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