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Bubble Chart Type in PowerPoint

Learn about bubble charts, and how you can use them within PowerPoint. Like XY (scatter) charts, these have numbered values on both axes, but they also include a third value, which reflects in the size of the bubbles.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

OS: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

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  • Bubble Chart Type in PowerPoint

    In a bubble chart, data that is arranged in columns on a worksheet can be plotted, so that X values are listed in the first column. The corresponding Y values and bubble size values are listed in adjacent columns of the data. This data can can be collectively plotted in a bubble chart.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a sample presentation containing bubble chart types and subtypes:

    Bubble charts have the following subtypes:


    The bubble chart type compares sets of three values instead of two. The third value determines the size of the bubble marker.

    Bubble with 3-D effect

    This chart works the same as bubble chart the only difference is the 3-D effect.

    Bubble Chart Type in PowerPoint Sample Presentation

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    10 14 11 - PowerPoint Chart Types: Bubble Chart Type in PowerPoint (Glossary Page)

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