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Chart Data Table in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Learn about showing the Data Table for charts in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

OS: Mac OS X

Copy a bunch of Excel cells into PowerPoint or even create a table within PowerPoint itself and type in some data -- this is something that can be difficult for most audiences to comprehend because figures don't show any trends, at least no visual trends. The solution typically is to add a chart on your slide that's based on the same data so that you can compare two or more sets of values more visually and intuitively. However, there may be times when you need to show both the chart and the underlying data. To make this possible, you can use PowerPoint's Data Table option -- this way, not only you get the pictorial representation of the values, but also get to show the same values in the form of a table right below the chart.

Follow these steps to learn more:

  1. Open your presentation and select the required chart, as shown in Figure 1.

    Chart selected
    Figure 1: Chart selected

  2. With the chart selected, access the Chart Layout tab (shown highlighted in red within Figure 2) of the Ribbon. Then, click the Data Table button (shown highlighted in blue within Figure 2).

    Data Table button
    Figure 2: Data Table button
  3. This will bring up the Data Table gallery, as shown in Figure 3.

    Data Table gallery
    Figure 3: Data Table gallery

    Let us explore the options within the Data Table gallery, as marked in Figure 3, above:

    A. No Data Table

    Selected by default (indicated by a tick mark in front of it), this option removes any existing Data Table from the chart -- your chart will appear as shown previously in Figure 1 on this page.

    B. Data Table

    Adds a Data Table to the chart. Figure 4 shows Data Table added (highlighted in red within Figure 4) to our sample chart.

    Data Table added
    Figure 4: Data Table added

    C. Data Table with Legend Key

    Works almost similar to the Data Table option except that each Series name is accompanied by its Legend Key (color block) in the Data Table, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 5.

    Data Table with Legend Key
    Figure 5: Data Table with Legend Key

    D. Data Table Options

    Summons the Format Data Table dialog box that provides you with options to customize the appearance of your Data Table -- this is explained in our Data Table Options for Charts in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac tutorial.
  4. Save your presentation often!

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