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Vic Ferri creates EXE files from PowerPoint presentations. There have always been questions about EXE conversion of PowerPoint presentations.


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Vic FerriVic Ferri has been studying computers since the DOS-only days and, though he can build computers from the ground up, his real specialty revolves around the Windows operating systems, in particular the Windows registry, MS-DOS and multimedia. He also runs Registry Answers, which is a free newsletter of registry tips.

Besides writing for TechTrax, he also writes for ABC and runs Wintips & Tricks, the largest Windows support group at Yahoo. His knowledge has helped many people with their computer problems. His main service is PowerPoint to EXE, where he converts PowerPoint presentations (both commercial and personal) to standalone EXE files, which can be distributed and run without the need for users to have PowerPoint installed.


I first heard about Vic Ferri's PowerPoint to EXE conversion service on a Yahoo Groups forum. Intrigued by the concept, I visited his site but never got around contacting him. There have always been questions on Microsoft's PowerPoint newsgroups that ask about EXE conversion of PowerPoint presentations,which is something that Microsoft has chosen to ignore probably since EXEs from PowerPoint could start a new bunch of computer viruses.

With 30 million PowerPoint presentations being created each day, the fear of PowerPoint presentations-turned-EXEs propagating viruses is very real indeed and Microsoft's non-introduction of this feature can be considered a good move.

Fast forward two years and I was communicating with Vic about his concept, and it seemed good enough for an Indezine story.


In Vic's Own Words

Here are Vic's thoughts in his own words:

This is a custom programming service and to date, as far as I know, there is no software that can create a standalone EXE like this from a PowerPoint presentation. Each job is custom compiled and different methods are used depending on the needs of the customer and effects used. Some of the clients that we have done EXEs for are Plastro International, American Association of Professional Estimators, Chiropractic Wellness Center, Speciality Title Services, and many others have expressed satisfaction in our EXE conversion.

He further adds:

Security seems to be one of the main attractions to this service since your presentation cannot be edited or copied. The main appeal however is the click and play aspect requiring no user intervention and no need for users to have PowerPoint installed. Though most of the EXEs I do are for business, I also do personal conversions at reduced rates. As well, I do non PowerPoint EXE conversions.


  • No need for users to have PowerPoint installed on their system.
  • No need for users to have to download and install the PowerPoint viewer.
  • EXE plays automatically without user intervention when double clicked.
  • Depending on effects, supports Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP.
  • Supports most effects and custom animations from Powerpoint 2002 (XP) and 2003.
  • EXE can be easily autorun from a CD.
  • EXE is ideal for internet distribution (make your EXE available for download from your site).
  • Smaller EXEs can be zipped and emailed to clients.
  • Unlike a PPS or PPT file, your EXE is secure and cannot be edited.
  • A custom icon can be assigned to the EXE.



I just ran through the whole presentation and it looks great! Thank you so much for your help with this, and it was a pleasure doing business with you. We will definitely be in touch for our next project! - when we update the presentation - as well as refer you to anyone we know who might need similar help!

- Chiropractic Wellness Center, Baltimore, MD.

The program is getting rave reviews but, either everyone is being kind or I just have one very sharp eyed friend! Thanks.

- Concert Presentation for Organist David Higgs, Baton Rouge, LA.

Vic, Looks really nice!!! The auto run works with the sound file and runs the Demo3. I say let's finalize it.

- Speciality Title Services, Chicago, Illinois.

It came up perfectly and ran smoothly. Tried clicking to fast forward through the pictures. It worked and did not cause any problems. All three links worked perfectly. Congratulations on a job well done!

- American Association of Professional Estimators


End Note

If anyone would like a demo EXE, you can send Vic a sample PowerPoint file and he will return to you a demo EXE of it for your evaluation. There is absolutely no charge or obligation for this.


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