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PowerPoint transitions can be so cool -- it's essentially a moving, animated effect that metamorphoses one slide to another over a period of time. PowerPoint itself has plenty of inbuilt transitions -- and volume 7 of PowerPlugs Transitions from CrystalGraphics, which I am reviewing now adds an impressive library of new transition styles.

I have already reviewed this Transitions product -- and in this review, I'll explore version 7 of their transitions library.


About PowerPlugs Transitions

PowerPlugs Transitions is from CrystalGraphics, a company based in Santa Clara, California, USA that creates add-ins for programs like PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc. You can learn more about PowerPlugs Transitions and other products at their site.

PowerPlugs Transitions adds 3D slide effects to your presentations. There are 7 volumes of PowerPlugs Transition styles. And we are reviewing the seventh volume. PowerPlugs Transitions VII has 17 animation styles including spiral cascade, page roll, rectangle toss, and others.

Here are some sample previews of transition styles available in PowerPlugs Transitions VII:

Diamond Aperture    Flying Saucer

Page Roll    Quad Fade

Rectangle Toss    Sliding Bars

My contact at CrystalGraphics for this review was Nicole Ha - thank you, Nicole.


Download and Installation

You can download a trial version of the product or buy the full product -- and either download it or order it shipped on CD. Run the setup routine and follow the instructions. When installed, the program creates an Transitions toolbar within PowerPoint as shown in Figure 1. If you don't find it there, choose View | Toolbars | Transitions.

The Transitions toolbar
Figure 1: The Transitions toolbar


Using PowerPlugs Transitions

Follow these steps to get started with PowerPlugs Transitions:

  1. Open any presentation in PowerPoint and select the slide where you want to apply the transitions or download the Indezine sample presentation. Now click the Add 3D Transition option within the Transitions toolbar (refer to Figure 1).
  2. This will open the Transitions interface, as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Transitions Interface
    Figure 2: Transitions Interface
  4. The interface is divided into three areas:
  5. A. Effect: Select the Transitions Volume, and choose an transition from the Style dropdown menu (we are looking at Volume VII).
  6. B. Advance enables to set the play settings for the transition.
  7. C. Sound has a list of sounds which you can apply with the transitions. These sounds work great as stingers.
  8. Once you have made the choices, click either of these buttons:
  9. Apply - to apply to the active slide
    Apply To All - to apply to all slides
  10. Once the transition is applied, you will get back to your slide. Choose View Show with Effects from the Transitions toolbar (refer to Figure 1 above) to play the slideshow with the transitions applied.

Pricing & Support

Transitions VII costs $59 .00 -- it is also part of the Ultimate Combo set of add-ins from CrystalGraphics.

Support is through email, online FAQ and phone.


In Conclusion

PowerPlugs Transitions does require one of the latest, powerful computers -- and it helps if the computer has a high end graphic card. Many laptops these days also include the capability to run a product like Transitions.

I'll suggest you download a trial version of the product -- and if your computer can work well with Transitions VII, then go for it.


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