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Neuxpower NXPowerLite 3.6

Read the Indezine review of Neuxpower NXPowerLite 3.6.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

About NXPowerLite 3.6
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New Features
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File sizes can be unpredictable. Even with falling costs of hard disks, bloated file sizes can make you change your backup and archive strategies. And more often than not, file bloat is a result of extra stuff contained within the file that's not required -- in fact some of this stuff can also cause corrupted files.

Most documents are created in Microsoft Office applications like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel -- all these files allow you to insert all sorts of media files including high resolution pictures, animated clips, video and audio files, and many other formats. The bigger complication arises if you need to store and share many of these files.

NXPowerLite 3.6, the new version of the product I am reviewing gets over this problem by optimizing the size of these Microsoft Office files without compromising their content or quality -- the files remain entirely editable in their original format and there's no unzipping required, thus making them easier to store and share.

  • NXPowerlite 3.6
  • NXPowerLite 3.6 is the newest version and I have reviewed the earlier versions of this product on this site. Read the older reviews for versions 1, 2 and 3 here.


    About NXPowerLite

    NXPowerLite 3.6 is from Neuxpower, a company based in London, UK that has been creating custom applications since 1997. Learn more about these products and download a free trial version of NXPowerLite 3.6 from their site.

    My contact at NXPowerLite 3.6 for this review was Tommy Powell - thank you, Tommy.


    Download & Installation

    Download the installer from the link given above, run the setup routine and follow the instructions. You'll end up with an NXPowerLite 3 .6 shortcut on the desktop.

    Drag and drop any Microsoft Office file on NXPowerLite 3.6 shortcut to summon the NXPowerLite 3.6 interface open with the dragged file ready to be optimized as you can see in Figure 1.

  • NXPowerLite 3.6 Interface
    Figure 1: NXPowerLite 3.6 Interface
  • I won't go into the actual workflow in this review since it's the same as how it worked in previous versions of NXPowerLite -- you'll find links to previous reviews earlier on this page.


    New Features

    This is what Tommy Powell has to say about the product:

    "We've made some big improvements to the optimization engine, resulting in a number of improvements. For example many more EMF and WMF images can now be optimized and we've improved the way image sizes are detected, achieving even better quality on some files, and better compression on many more".

    Tommy adds: "In addition to this, we've also added some additional deployment options (to offer better support to the needs of large organizations) and Chinese and Italian languages".

    And NXPowerLite can automatically optimize your Outlook email attachments before they are sent -- that option is not new, but I haven't mentioned it in any of my previous reviews.


    Pricing and Support

    NXPowerLite 3.6 costs $45.00. Multi-user pricing are available, and upgrade costs from older versions of NXPowerLite is $25.00.

    Support is through email. There's also a small online FAQ and a user manual.



    NXPowerLite is a mature product that becomes more useful with every new release.


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