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Record Audio in Adobe Presenter

Explore the audio recording options within Adobe Presenter.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

Once you have installed Adobe Presenter, the first thing you possibly want to do is to open your existing PowerPoint presentation and start adding voice narrations to the slides. You could of course use PowerPoint's built-in Record Slides option to add narrations, but Adobe Presenter has many more options, which we will explore within this tutorial.

Figure 1, below shows the Audio group (highlighted in red) within the Adobe Presenter tab of the Ribbon.

Audio group
Figure 1: Audio group

All the options within the Audio group are explained below:


Click this button to record your own audio files on the slide. The recorded files are saved in the MP3 file format. When the Record button is clicked, the window shown in Figure 2 appears -- here you can set your microphone levels. To check the Input Level, you will have to speak something into the microphone.

Set microphone level
Figure 2: Set microphone level

Once you start speaking, note that the red box with the Checking Input Level text turns green and the text may change to Input Level OK. It's important that you get this Input Level OK message, as shown in Figure 3 - to proceed further. Once the testing is done, click the OK button.

Input Level checked
Figure 3: Input Level checked

Now the presentation will open with the Record button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4.

Record narration
Figure 4: Record narration

Click the Record button and speak into the microphone for recording a narration. Do note that as soon as you press the Record button, it changes to the Pause button. This button is useful if you want to pause your recording for a while and come back later. When you come back later, press the Pause button to start from where you left off.

While recording the narration, you can view slide notes by clicking the Show Script button, as shown highlighted in green within Figure 4, above. This opens the Script window, as shown in Figure 5 -- note that these are the same notes that you see in PowerPoint's Notes Pane.

Script window
Figure 5: Script window

Once the narration is recorded for the first slide (or the first On Click animation), click the Next button, shown highlighted in blue within Figure 6. When the recording for all your successive slides or animations is done, click the Stop button, shown highlighted in red within Figure 6.

Input Level checked
Figure 6: Input Level checked

As soon as the Stop button is clicked, you are presented with the Save option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 7. Save your recording - note that Adobe Presenter saves all your narrations as MP3 files.

Save recording
Figure 7: Save recording

Play your presentation by clicking the Preview button within the Adobe Presenter tab. To learn more about the Preview options, refer to our Preview Options in Adobe Presenter tutorial.


This button brings up the Import Audio dialog box, as shown in Figure 8. This option is best for those times when you have already recorded narrations outside of PowerPoint or Adobe Presenter. This may happen if you had a professional record some narrations for you, or if you used a sound studio to record your voice-overs. You can thus import different audio tracks for different slides.

Import Audio dialog box
Figure 8: Import Audio dialog box


After audio is added, you can synchronize the timing with other content, such as animations. Click the Sync button (highlighted in red within Figure 9) open the presentation in a new window, as shown in Figure 9. The options within this window are further explained within our Sync Audio in Adobe Presenter tutorial.

Syncing audio
Figure 9: Syncing audio


This opens the Edit Audio dialog box, as shown in Figure 10. Here you can edit the audio within your presentation at any time. You can listen to an audio file, insert silence, adjust volume, and change other options. This is explained in detail within our Edit Audio in Adobe Presenter tutorial.

Edit Audio dialog box
Figure 10: Edit Audio dialog box

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