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Adobe Presenter Video Express Editing Options

Explore the Adobe Presenter Video Express editing options.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

Adobe Presenter now includes a built-in video editor called Video Express that helps in recording your screen or even the presenter, via webcam or another attached camera. Video Express provides effective video edit options such as video layouts, pan & zoom, and trim options. Once you record video, you can use several Video Express edit options, as explained on this page.

Follow these steps to explore:

  1. When you finish recording, the recorded video will be open within the editing interface, as shown in Figure 1, below. If you want to edit a video which is already recorded, double-click its thumbnail within Video Express to open.
  2. Editing interface
    Figure 1: Editing interface
  3. Options within the editing interface are explained below, as marked within Figure 1 above:
  4. A. Preview

  5. Here you can see the recorded video.
  6. B. Navigation bar

  7. Access the Play/Pause, Go to start of video, and Go to end of video buttons here. Additionally you can find the Record button to record additional video.
  8. C. Timeline

  9. Shows you the entire video clip in the form of a (colored) rectangular bar. If you have used multiple layouts in the project, this rectangle is divided into many rectangles with different colors. The Timeline also shows the audio waveform of the audio clip recorded with the video.
  10. D. Zoom

  11. Use this slider to magnify the Timeline.
  12. E. Branding

  13. By default the video clip is prefixed and suffixed with a default branding videos. To remove these videos, or to choose a proprietary video clip instead, click this Branding button to bring up the Branding panel, as shown in Figure 2. Within the Branding panel, click a theme from the Themes list. The edit area displays a preview of the selected theme. To remove the default branding video, click None from the Branding Video list. You can also create a custom theme by clicking Custom within in the Themes list.
  14. Branding panel
    Figure 2: Branding panel
  15. F. Pan & Zoom

  16. Play and pause the video at the point where you want to add a pan & zoom effect. Now, click the Pan & Zoom button. This brings up the Pan & Zoom panel, as shown in Figure 3. Click and drag the handles (highlighted area in red within Figure 3) in the Pan & Zoom panel to define the pan and zoom region. A pan and zoom icon appears in the Timeline.
  17. Pan & Zoom panel
    Figure 3: Pan & Zoom panel
  18. G. Trim

  19. Play and pause the video at the point where you want to start trimming the video. Then click the Trim button and set the Start and End points.
  20. H. Presenter only

  21. Play and pause the video at the point where you want to display only the Presenter. The Timeline displays yellow color codes for this layout.
  22. I. Presentation only

  23. Play and pause the video at the point where you want to display only the Presentation. For this layout Timeline displays green color codes.
  24. J. Both (Presenter on left)

  25. This is a toggle button. Click to display both the Presenter and Presentation layouts side by side, with Presenter on the left side of the screen. The Timeline displays blue color codes for this layout.
  26. K. Close Project

  27. If you click this button, the Save Project window appears, as shown in Figure 4. Here you can provide name to your project and save it. The next time you close, your existing project name will be listed along with the thumbnail in the same window.
  28. Save Project window
    Figure 4: Save Project window
  29. L. Publish

  30. Brings up the publish window, as shown in Figure 5. You can upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or Adobe Connect (Content Library), export the video to Microsoft PowerPoint, or save the videos as MP4 files on the disk.
  31. Publish window
    Figure 5: Publish window
Note: A more detailed explanation of all options can be found on the Adobe site -- look at the Adobe Presenter Video Express page.

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