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Adobe Presenter: Manage Quiz

Explore how to manage quiz in Adobe Presenter.


Product/Version: PowerPoint

Once you add a quiz within Adobe Presenter, you can always edit it further by adding more quiz questions or even delete the quiz altogether. To perform all the changes to an existing quiz, you need to use the Quiz Manager option. The Quiz Manager lets you organize all of the quizzes and questions in a presentation.

Follow these steps to explore how you can manage an existing quiz using Quiz Manager:

  1. Open a presentation which already has a quiz added. Then, access the Adobe Presenter tab of the Ribbon, and click the Manage button, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 1.
  2. Manage button within the Quiz group
    Figure 1: Manage button within the Quiz group
  3. Note: If you don't have the Adobe Presenter tab within the Ribbon in PowerPoint, that may indicate you haven't installed it. This tab is not built-in within PowerPoint and is installed as part of a PowerPoint add-in from Adobe called Presenter.
  4. This opens the Quiz Manager dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.
  5. Quiz Manager dialog box
    Figure 2: Quiz Manager dialog box
  6. There are five tabs within the Quiz Manager dialog box -- these tabs enable you to add and edit quizzes and questions. Each tab is explained below as marked in Figure 2, above:
  7. A. Quizzes

  8. Within this tab you'll get options to add a quiz, add question group, and add individual questions. You can also edit and delete existing quizzes and questions.
  9. B. Output Options

  10. This tab provides output options. Here you can change settings and navigation for the quiz pane -- this controls the display of the relevant information when a user takes the quiz.
  11. C. Reporting

  12. This tab offers reporting options for presentations with eLearning elements. You can choose what data you want to collect and how the data is reported. You can also opt to report interaction data to an LMS (Learning Management System) at the quiz level. Further, you can specify the success and completion criteria for your course. Remember that the status of the course is decided based on whether or not the users meet any given criteria. Finally, you can specify how the data is to be reported to the LMS -- by reporting the quiz score as percentage or as points or interaction data, for example, the questions attempted by users, and the answers provided.
  13. D. Default Labels

  14. Here you can set the text for the buttons that appear on questions and feedback messages that are displayed for users.
  15. E. Appearance

  16. Customize the appearance of the question slides by changing the Fonts parameters -- you can also change the placement of buttons on the slide.
  17. When all the settings are in place, click the OK button (highlighted in red within Figure 2, above).
  18. Save your presentation and preview the quiz, by using the Adobe Presenter's Preview options.

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