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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 028

Issue 028 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Microsoft launches Office Online
New Products, Offers from CrystalGraphics
Quick News
Focus on Agility Presenter 1.1
PowerPoint For Court
Visio Content in PowerPoint
Events and Seminars

Microsoft launches Office Online

On September 9th, Microsoft launched Office Online, a part of its website that directly integrates with mainstream Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage that are expected to release on October 21st as part of the new Office System 2003 suite.

Much of Office Online will be integrated within the task panes of Office 2003 applications thus allowing end users to experience a seamless work flow from within the application interface. Older Office version applications will also benefit from the Office Online site although the integration would be through a separate browser window rather than the task panes.

Visit Office Online (link no longer exists).


New Products, Offers from CrystalGraphics

CrystalGraphics has announced a new screen saver creation tool that ports PowerPoint content into redistributable screen savers. The product called PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator allows you to create screen savers from right within PowerPoint, using PowerPoint's own tools. Then you can distribute them to as many people as you want, royalty free. The product costs US$49 and includes a special edition of the Serene Screen Marine Aquarium Crystal screen saver. More info.

CrystalGraphics' new Ultimate Combo 12 suite of PowerPlugs add-ins for PowerPoint includes 12 titles - 31 volumes in all on 10 CDs. The volumes included are:

  • Screensaver Creator
  • Transitions I, II, III & IV
  • SuperShapes I & II
  • PhotoActive FX I & II
  • Charts
  • Templates I - VI
  • 3D Titles I & II
  • Headings I & II
  • Quotations
  • Slides that Win!
  • Stationery 1-7
  • Music I & II

In addition you receive the RemotePoint Navigator, a US$149 value as a free gift. The entire suite costs US$499, thus providing you savings of 66% over the combined retail price of individual titles. More info.


Quick News

Sonia Coleman and Steve Hetrick have announced an upgrade of their PowerLink Plus 2.0 product that now uses the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer - more info.

PowerPoint Live, being held at Tucson AZ from October 12 to 15, 2003 is a three-day event that includes seminars, workshops, hands-on technical support and keynote addresses covering virtually every topic of interest to the PowerPoint user community. More info.

Jennifer Rotondo of Creative Minds, Inc. informed me about her new upcoming product - FlashClips. FlashClips allows you to insert Flash animations from an included library or from your own Flash movies into PowerPoint. This PowerPoint add-in enables you to embed, loop and scale them. They also automatically rewind and run properly in PowerPoint without any additional programming. Learn more.


Focus on Agility Presenter 1.1

Anystream announced feature and performance enhancements to its rich media add-in for PowerPoint - Agility Presenter. These enhancements let users capture presentations and events using professional and broadcast quality video devices, and share completed presentations with audiences running any 32 bit version of Windows.

Introduced in April, Agility Presenter is an add-in to Microsoft PowerPoint that lets presenters capture audio and video during any slide show, and instantly create Web-based presentations – with slides and comments synchronized – for others to view from standard Web browsers.

More info.


PowerPoint For Court

PowerPoint is fast becoming the software of choice for the courtroom. With its video handling capabilities along with the ability to link to any slide, program or file on our computer or the www, we now have a complete courtroom presentation system at our fingertips.

Just a few years ago there wouldn't be much to write about. Sure we had the Elmos and slide projectors and of course the tape recorder and the VHS player. Unfortunately, none of these allowed for non-linear presentations.

If we wanted to play a section of an audio tape we had to cue it up in advance and if we wanted another section, well, we just had to fast forward or rewind until we found it. Same thing with the VHS tape.

With the advent of the computer, we can now have any type of document, image, sound clip, video image, animation etc. at our fingertips. With the LCD Projectors, we can now display our computer screen and anything on it in incredible detail for all to see. Editing video clips and sound bites have become an easy chore. How we get these images out of the computer and into a killer presentation is another new area of expertise.

Read more about this fascinating PowerPoint nuance in Herb Rubinstein's guest article for Indezine called PowerPoint For Court


Visio Content in PowerPoint

You cannot insert Visio content into PowerPoint in Visio's native drawing format. Either you'll need to link to an existing or newly-created Visio drawing as an object - or export from Visio to a graphic format and thereafter import it into PowerPoint. Between the two methods, you'll have to choose the latter if you want to transport your presentation to a system without Visio installed. Let's examine the Insert -> Object route:

  1. In PowerPoint, go to Insert -> Object. In the resultant dialog box, choose the Create New option and select Microsoft Visio Drawing. Click OK.
  2. Visio opens with the Choose Drawing Type option. Make your selection and decide if would like to use the color scheme from the PowerPoint presentation - thereafter create your diagram.
  3. Click anywhere outside the Visio area to go back to PowerPoint.

The second method is more straight-forward. Although you cannot edit the original drawing this way, the resultant presentation will be more compact and portable:

  1. Open or create a Visio diagram. Choose File -> Save As.
  2. The resultant Save As dialog box allows you to save the diagram to several graphic formats - both vector and raster. In all you can save to 28 formats - we'll choose WMF (it's the second last option) since that's the best format to transport graphic content between Microsoft applications. WMF can also be natively edited within PowerPoint as a drawing - although not as diagram! It can also be thereafter animated.
  3. In PowerPoint, choose Insert -> Picture -> From File and navigate to and choose the WMF file.

There's also a third method - learn more about that and read other PowerPoint-Visio stuff at:

PowerPoint and Visio


Events & Seminars

Winning Presentations Seminar
September 24 and 25, 2003
Boston, USA
Claudyne Wilder, Wilder Presentations

PowerPoint Live
October 12 to 15, 2003
Tucson, Arizona, USA
Rick Altman, R Altman Digital Consulting
PPT Live



During the preparation of this issue of the PowerPoint Ezine, I received assistance, content or feedback from Darian Germain, Herb Rubinstein, Jennifer Rotondo, Nicole Ha and Sonia Coleman, (all in alphabetical order). I would like to use this platform to thank them for their help.


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