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The PowerPoint Ezine - 01

By: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created:
Last Updated: March 2nd 2009

Product Showcase

Issue 01

The PowerPoint Ezine - a look at what's new, expected and established in the world of PowerPoint.

This is the introductory ezine, and I'll update it as and when there is a spurt of new interesting information. Nevertheless, there will be at least one new issue every month.


Wishes To Fulfill?

A new version of PowerPoint is under development - to be known as PowerPoint 2001? Each of us would like new features to be incorporated in the release. There's no better time than now to mail to Microsoft's wish list. It's easy - all you need to do is mail to [email protected] with 'PowerPoint' in the subject line - here, I've done that for you too - just click here to mail to Microsoft's Wish List with the subject filled in! You still have to fill in your wishes.

If you would like to see what other people have been wishing about, then you could go to Steve Rindsberg's site - Steve maintains and regularly updates the wishlist. The URL is:

The PowerPoint Wishlist

While you're there, you could read Steve's excellent PowerPoint FAQ.


PowerPoint MVPs

Meanwhile Sonia Coleman told me about a great new page on Steve's site. The URL is:

PowerPoint MVPs


PowerPoint Autorun CDs

I've been observing the questions being posted at the PowerPoint newsgroup maintained on Microsoft's servers and there are a few questions which keep repeating themselves more often than the others - the most frequently asked question is about autorun enabling CDs with PowerPoint presentations.

Fortunately, Sonia Coleman maintains an exhaustive reservoir of information on this subject. The URL is:

Autorun CD Creator

If you follow all instructions, you'll end up with a CD which you can just place in your CD or DVD drive - your PowerPoint presentation will run automatically on autorun enabled systems.

There are further possibilities. For instance, you may prefer an autorun splash with an option to play the presentation. For more autorun splash creation options, you can view reviews of a few such programs at:

Autorun Splash Programs

To learn how to create autorun CDs with splash screen options to run multiple PowerPoint presentations, you may visit:

Autorun Multiple PowerPoint Presentations With AutoPlay Menu Studio


Creativity Un-Block

Creativity blocks are as much a bane for PowerPoint users as they are for those involved in other spheres of design. Two guest columns have been put up to accommodate inspiring writings by:

Walter Donavan, who runs the 7Stages site, has sent his observations - which cover professional creativity blocks ranging from those concerned with writing or graphics - but his words are universal - I'm sure you all will derive benefit from them. Read here...

Kathryn Jacobs is a trainer, girl scout, parent, and whatever else there is time for. She's also a BrainBench MVP for Microsoft PowerPoint. She has graciously penned down an exclusive article for this site - Breaking The Brain Block. Read here...


Until Next Time...

This is for now. If you have any information to share about anything to do with PowerPoint and would like to include it in the next issue of this ezine, mail me here....


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