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Interviews of people who enrich the world of presentations and communications.


Tad SimonsPresentations Editor-in-chief Tad Simons is an award-winning editor, journalist and media analyst with more than 20 years on the communications industry. During his tenure as editor of Presentations magazine -- a business-trade magazine dedicated to people who create and deliver professional presentations -- the publication has won numerous regional and national awards for feature writing, design and commentary.

He frequently writes about the effects of technological change on communication, work and life, and reports on all aspects of multimedia, projection and display, digital imaging and collaboration technology.

In this interview, Tad discusses Presentations magazine, PowerPoint, presentation hardware and more.

Tom Bunzel Tom Bunzel specializes in knowing what other presenters need. He has appeared on Tech TV's Call for Help as "Professor PowerPoint" and spoken at the PowerPoint LIVE conference in Tucson, Arizona. Bunzel is also a "technology coach" for the Neuroscience Education Institute giving one-on-one instruction to physicians.

A prolific writer, Tom Bunzel just completed "Teach Yourself PowerPoint 2003 in 24 Hours" for QUE.

In this interview, Tom discusses PowerPoint, multimedia, video and more.

Richard E Mayer Many people have opinions about PowerPoint, but few can speak on the topic with the authority of Richard E. Mayer, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Named the most prolific researcher in the field of educational psychology, Rich is the author of 18 books and more than 250 articles and chapters. His 12 years of research in multimedia learning and problem solving have important implications for PowerPoint users.

In this interview, Richard talks about PowerPoint and its impact.

Jim Reisteter Jim Reisteter is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Interlink Electronics. He is responsible for sales, marketing and product development for the Business Communications and Home Entertainment groups at the company.

Jim joined Interlink Electronics from Kodak, where he most recently held the position of Vice President of Channel Sales and Marketing in the Kodak Professional unit.

In this interview, Jim discusses Interlink, the presentation hardware industry, wireless technologies and PowerPoint. Read here.

Sonia Coleman Sonia Coleman is the owner of, an amazing site that's got tons of PowerPoint content. Sonia is among the most active PowerPoint MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) - you can often find her in the PowerPoint newsgroups answering questions and resolving problems.

Sonia also creates PowerPoint add-ins that simplify the task of creating autorun CDs. In addition, she is an artist who does photography, sewing and needlearts, collage and stamping, a bit of painting, etc. She also works on freelance projects for clients.

In this interview, Sonia discusses her add-ins, her site and lots of other PowerPoint stuff.

Colin Adams Colin Adams is the president and founder of Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation.

Privately held, Indigo Rose develops innovative software products and multimedia authoring tools that are used by thousands of corporate, government and ISV customers around the world.

In this interview, Colin discusses Indigo Rose and their new PowerPoint related products. He also speaks about their support infrastructure and how he uses PowerPoint. Read more.

Kurt Dupont Kurt Dupont is based in Belgium - after his Computer Science studies, he started with Andersen Consulting (Accenture nowadays) in Brussels. After 3 years he moved to the Brussels Airport Terminal Company that runs the Brussels airport - this last placement inspired the start-up of Take-off in 1998. Take-off creates the DataPoint add-in for PowerPoint that allows presentations to interface with databases of all sorts including those in text and Excel files.

In this interview, Kurt discusses DataPoint, case studies, support infrastructure and the importance of using databases with PowerPoint. Read more.

Jonathan Blank Jonathan Blank is currently the founder and CEO of Wildform, a video, animation and presentation software company. Wildform's products include the Flix Flash video encoders, the Wild FX video titlers and text animators and the Linx Flash editor.

Jonathan is also an award-winning filmmaker. Among his films are: "Sex, Drugs & Democracy" ("A seductive argument" --Roger Ebert), "Anarchy TV" ("A wild, crazy and twisted comedy" --Jan Wahl, KRON-TV), and "Collecting America" ("Fascinating.3 ½ stars" --Joe Gelmis, NY Newsday).

In this interview, Jonathan discusses PowerPoint, Flash and Wildform's own products. He also discusses the significance of video in a presentation. Read more.

Cliff Atkinson As an independent management consultant and president of Sociable Media, Cliff Atkinson advises the senior leadership of some of the world's largest companies on how they can engage the organizational phenomenon called PowerPoint.

These companies are beginning to understand PowerPoint as more than just a presentation tool, and are seeking answers to deeper questions about its organizational use.

In this interview, Cliff discusses his work, the advantages of PowerPoint and why both PowerPoint and Toastmasters make a great team. Read more.

Julie Terberg As owner and principle designer at Terberg Design, Julie Terberg develops custom presentation solutions — unique for every client and purpose.

She is a contributing editor to Presentations magazine, and has recently co-authored a book on crafting medical presentations. Perfect Medical Presentations, co-authored by Terry Irwin, will be available later this year.

In this interview, Julie discusses the 'art' in PowerPoint; design, color and typography; inspiration, stock and digital photography and so much more.

Paul Ludden Paul Ludden is the founder and sales director of Omnivox Systems, a company dedicated to the sales and marketing of specialist audio equipment utilising the FeONIC 'smart' material technology.

From its base in the UK, Omnivox Systems is developing global distribution for its brand of desktop audio presentation products.

In this interview, Paul discusses FeONIC technology, Omnivox products and support infrastructure and the importance of sound in a presentation.

Read more.

Jim Burns Jim Burns is the CEO of Avitage! Communication Systems, a Wellesley, MA based entity that creates the Avitage! product.

Avitage! (pronounced ah-vi-tazh, derived from the phrase audio-video montage) is a marketing and sales communication system. By combining message management with real-time sales coaching, and all forms of electronic communications delivery, Avitage! turns the daily tactical communications of sales and marketing professionals into coordinated parts of a strategic communication initiative.

In this interview, Jim discusses how Avitage! evolves, ROI, PowerPoint and much more.

Patrice-Anne Rutledge Patrice-Anne Rutledge is the best-selling author of more than 20 non-fiction books, primarily on communications and web design. She has also contributed to numerous international publications, founded several newsletters and websites, and has created marketing communications materials, technical documentation, and web content for leading international organizations. Patrice's most recent book is Special Edition Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 (Que).

In this interview, Patrice discusses PowerPoint versions, "death by PowerPoint", Producer 2003 and non-conventional PowerPoint. Read more.

Steve Rindsberg Steve Rindsberg is the founder and President of RDP, based in Cincinnati, OH (USA).

Steve's been associated with PowerPoint since the product originated - his site is a treasure trove of PowerPoint information in the form of the celebrated PowerPoint FAQ. When he's not updating his site, he's creating new add-ins that expand possibilities. Steve's also into a lot of print technology related stuff.

In this interview Steve discusses PowerPoint, the MVP program, his celebrated FAQ and so much more.

Tom Atkins Tom Atkins was educated as a chemical engineer, obtained his bachelor's degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Master of Science degree from the University of California at Berkeley.

Tom heads Right Seat Software, creators of the amazing Vox Proxy add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that brings talking Agent characters to PowerPoint.

In this interview, Tom talks about Vox Proxy, Microsoft Agent, Microsoft and the current criticism of PowerPoint blaming it for everything from the space shuttle disaster to failed board meetings. Read here.

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