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PowerPoint to EXE (Part 2) in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Explore Part 2 of 4 about creating an EXE from PowerPoint 2007.


Product/Version: PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

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Part II: Get Started with IExpress

  1. In Windows XP, go to your Start menu and choose Run.
  2. Windows Vista users can just go to their Start menu, and start typing as I show you next.
  3. In the resultant dialog box, type 'iexpress' without the quotes as shown in Figure 4. This will open the IExpress Wizard, one of Window's undocumented secrets. Since IExpress is a series of wizard driven screens, each step below includes an actual screenshot.
  4. Launching Iexpress
    Figure 4: Launching IExpress
  5. Select the Create new Self Extraction Directive file in IExpress, as shown in Figure 5. Click Next.
  6. New self extraction directive file
    Figure 5: New self extraction directive file
  7. IExpress wants to know how you would like to package your files (see Figure 6). Choose the first option that says Extract files and run an installation command. Click Next.
  8. Extract files and run an installation command
    Figure 6: Extract files and run an installation command
  9. Give your intended package a name, as shown in Figure 7, this could be anything descriptive you choose. Then, click Next.
  10. Package title
    Figure 7: Package title
  11. In this screen, IExpress needs to know if we require a confirmation prompt when the end-user activates the finished package, since we want the finished standalone EXE to function as transparently as possible, we'll choose the No Prompt option, as shown in Figure 8. Click Next.
  12. Confirmation prompt
    Figure 8: Confirmation prompt
  13. You can choose to display a license agreement, for this tutorial, I have opted Do not to display a license (see Figure 9). Click Next.
  14. License agreement
    Figure 9: License agreement
  15. This screen (see Figure 10) is probably the most important within the entire IExpress Wizard sequence. Click the Add button and navigate to the folder created by PowerPoint 2007's Package to CD option, refer to point 3. Add all the files within that folder and click Next.
  16. Package files
    Figure 10: Package files

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