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Crop Video in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how crop a video clip in PowerPoint 2010.


Product/Version: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

OS: Microsoft Windows XP and higher

Once you insert a video in your slide, you can crop it in almost the same way you crop a picture. Before you crop though, you must ascertain whether PowerPoint's Crop option will help create a better result for your inserted video. The Crop option allows you to remove non-required areas of a video -- for example, if the subject of your video is a person speaking who is surrounded by a large, distracting background of other people or moving objects, you may want to crop the video so that the cropped video now focuses more on the speaker, and gets rid of all the extra distractions. Note that cropping a video does not trim the timings of the video playback in any way – in fact trimming is a completely different option that will be explored in another tutorial. In the following tutorial, we will explore how you can crop a video clip:

  1. Open your presentation, and navigate to the required slide where you have already inserted a video clip. Just select or double-click the video clip to bring up the two Video Tools tabs in the Ribbon. These two tabs are Format and Playback -- click the Format tab to activate it, as shown in Figure 1 (highlighted in red).

    Video Tools Format tab of the Ribbon
    Figure 1: Video Tools Format tab of the Ribbon
  2. When you insert a video your slide, it may display a black rectangle on the slide (see Figure 1, above). If your video clip does not show a black rectangle, then directly proceed to Step 3.

    If you see the black rectangle in place of the video clip, then you will not see any live preview of the cropping you apply. This is because you see a black rectangle instead of a frame associated with the video clip. To make sure you see this live preview, add a Poster Frame to your video clip so that you see a proper video frame rather than the black rectangle, as shown in Figure 2, below.

    Video clip with a poster frame added
    Figure 2: Video clip with a poster frame added
  3. Now, within the Video Tools Format tab, locate the Size group and click the Crop button (highlighted in red within Figure 3).

    Crop button within Size group
    Figure 3: Crop button within Size group
  4. This brings up dark crop handles on the edges of the video clip (or on the edge of the shape if you have used the Video Shape option), as shown on Figure 4.

    Result of selecting the Crop option on a video clip
    Figure 4: Result of selecting the Crop option on a video clip

    Notice that there are 4 side cropping handles, that look a like a straight line -- and also four corner cropping handles that look like a slightly rotated "v".
  5. You can alter how you crop by pressing the Ctrl key while you drag:

    To crop from one side of the video clip, drag the side cropping handle on that side inwards. For example, dragging the side cropping handle inwards from the left edge will crop out areas on the left part of the video clip.

    To crop from one corner of the video clip, drag the corner cropping handle on that corner inwards. For example, dragging the corner cropping handle inwards from the top-left will crop out areas on both the top and left parts of the video clip. You can alter how you crop by pressing the Ctrl key while you drag:

    • Ctrl+dragging the side cropping handles will resize two opposite sides.
    • Ctrl+dragging the corner cropping handles will resize all four sides.

    In addition, you can achieve different results by pressing the Shift key while you drag:

    • Shift+dragging the side cropping handles will provide no extra benefits.
    • Shift+dragging the corner cropping handles will resize the video clip proportionately, retaining its height:width ratio

    You can also press both the Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time to combine both capabilities.
  6. To reposition the crop, move either the crop area (by dragging the edges of the crop rectangle), or the video itself -- when you hover your cursor over the video in the Crop mode, you will see the cursor change to a four-sided arrow, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 5, below. This will allow you to reposition the actual video, as required. For this video clip, we have isolated the middle part of the video clip.

    Video clip being cropped
    Figure 5: Video clip being cropped
  7. Now, crop the non-required area by pressing the Enter key, or clicking on the Crop button again (see Figure 3, earlier on this page). Alternatively, click on the slide area away from the video to apply the cropping. Figure 6 shows the cropped video clip -- compare with Figure 5, above.

    Video clip cropped
    Figure 6: Video clip cropped
  8. To get more crop options for your video clip, just right-click the video clip to get the contextual menu that you can see in Figure 7. Within this contextual menu, select the Format Video option (see Figure 7 again).

    Format Video option to be selected
    Figure 7: Format Video option to be selected
  9. This brings up the Format Video dialog box as shown in Figure 8. Make sure you select the Crop pane in the sidebar of the dialog box.

    Format Video dialog box
    Figure 8: Format Video dialog box

    Here you crop portions of the video by simply specifying the Crop Position or Picture Position. Play around with other crop parameters like Width, Height, Offset X, Offset Y, Left, and Top. As you change values, you will see the changes reflected on the video behind the dialog box.
  10. Click the Close button once done. Make sure you save your presentation.

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