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Changing Chart Types in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows

Learn to change the chart type from one to another in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows. Doing so allows you to change the chart type wihout altering the underlying data.

Although charts in PowerPoint 2007 look so much better than charts in previous versions, the chart type offerings are almost similar. PowerPoint 2007 provides all the basic chart types such as column, bar, line, pie, etc. (see Figure 1), and also some advanced charts like radar, surface, bubble, doughnut, etc. (see Figure 2). Together, all these chart types cater for almost every kind of graphical data representation.

Figure 1: Bar, Column, and Pie Chart Types

Figure 2: Bubble, Surface, and Radar Chart Types

To change a chart type from one to another, you first need to have a chart in your presentation. Learn how to insert a chart in PowerPoint 2007.

Now, follow these steps to change the chart type in PowerPoint 2007 for Windows:

  1. Select the chart to activate the Chart Tools tabs in the Ribbon area, as shown in Figure 3, below. All put together, there are three Chart Tools tabs.

  2. Figure 3: Chart Tools
  3. Note: The Chart Tools Design and Format tabs are contextual tabs. These tabs are special tabs in the Ribbon that are not visible all the time. They only make an appearance when you are working with a particular slide object which can be edited using special options.

  4. Select the Chart Tools Design tab of the Ribbon (see Figure 4).

  5. Figure 4: Chart Tools Design tab
  6. Click the Change Chart Type button. This is normally the first button from the left (refer to Figure 4, above).
  7. Doing so summons the Change Chart Type dialog box, as shown in Figure 5, below.

  8. Figure 5: Change Chart Type dialog box
  9. As you can see in Figure 5, the left pane of this dialog box displays a list of chart types to choose from, and on the right pane, you will see sub-types based on the chart type chosen in the left pane. Select the type and the sub-type you want.
  10. Now click OK to get back to the slide with the changed chart type, as shown in Figure 6, below.

  11. Figure 6:Changed chart type
  12. Save your presentation.

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