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Andrew's Plug-ins Series 07

Reviewed: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created: July 24th 2006
Last Updated: February 26th 2009

Product Showcase

This is a preview of Series 07 of Andrew's Plug-ins from Graphicxtras -- for more previews, explore the links from the Andrew's Plugins index page.

Series 07 is Gradientworld, a set contains gradient, patterns and utility stretch effects with 100's of variation to choose from.

This page of preview images shows you the default effects as they are without any tweaking of the sliders. Also, I'm keeping the text narrative to a minimum -- let the pictures speak for themselves.

This original image was sourced from Indezine Photos.

Original Picture
Original Picture

Gradient - GradientCombo7
Figure 1: Gradient - GradientCombo7 -- generates gradient with a wide selection of variant combinations and styles. Use blending modes and extra layers to get some great effects.

Pattern - PatternMagic
Figure 2: Pattern - PatternMagic generates a stunning array of patterns with color effects, again combine with blending mode for nice effects.

Utility - VerticalStretch
Figure 3: Utility - VerticalStretch -- stretches the image vertically with lots of variations to choose from.

As you can see, most of these effects work best when combined over separate layers with blending modes although you could also use one of these all in itself as well.

To download a free demo, or to buy the product ($9), visit the Graphicxtras site...



Photoshop Versions:



Windows only




US$9 and above

Trial Version:

Demo plug-ins available


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