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Raptivity 7.3: The Indezine Review

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created: September 28th 2012
Last Updated: September 28th 2012

Excerpt/Capsule: Learn more about Raptivity 7.3, a product that enables you to quickly create learning interactions.

Using Raptivity 7.3
Pricing and Support


Raptivity 7.3 enables you to quickly create learning interactions. You can choose from over 180 learning interactivity templates and add games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds, etc. All these interactions can then be exported to various formats -- most of the newer interactions support HTML5 output that's iPad friendly.

Additionally, you can enhance the repertoire of interactions by adding more packs to your Raptivity installation -- these packs need to be purchased separately -- more info can be found here.

Raptivity is from Harbinger Knowledge Products, a company based in USA and India. You can learn more about the Raptivity and download the trial version of the product from their site. My contact at Raptivity for this review was Seema Chaudhary -- thank you, Seema.

We have already reviewed an earlier version of Raptivity. This new version has new features, as explained below:

  1. The new version of Raptivity now has a library of 183 Flash and 50+ HTML5 interactions, these interaction models support SCORM 1.2, 2004 and JavaScript Tracking for Flash and HTML5.

  2. New Image scaling feature provides a control to either stretch an image or retain its original dimensions while inserting it in an interaction.

  3. The Media Toolbox feature (currently only available in Essential, Zest, HTML 5 Starter Pack, and Standard Pack 4, Raptivity Evolve) allows adding additional media objects such as video, image, text, and buttons.

  4. You can publish your Raptivity interactions for multiple devices, including mobile phones that support Flash - Android, BlackBerry and others. Interactions published with mobile support can be tracked by LMS using SCORM/AICC compliance. Additionally, HTML5 output takes care of iOS devices that do not support Flash.

  5. You can provide external web references using web hyperlinks to your content. Also you can customize Raptivity interactions for languages such as Arabic using the R-L feature.

  6. Question bank feature allows you to import existing library of questions thereby creating your interactions faster. The library can also be exported to .CSV file format.

  7. Raptivity provides an asset library of 120 most commonly used images of various categories such as education, science, computer, office, travel and transportation, shapes, backgrounds, buttons etc. And the inbuilt image editor allows to edit existing images using the crop, rotating, and flipping features.


Using Raptivity 7.3

Raptivity 7.3 is the newest version -- you can learn more about various features of Raptivity 7.1 and a comparison with the previous versions. Once you download the files, you need to install. Once installed you'll end up with a Raptivity program group in your Windows Start menu (see Figure 1).

Raptivity group within Start menu
Figure 1: Raptivity group within Start menu

Follow these steps for a small walkthrough that shows how you can use Raptivity:

  1. Launch Raptivity -- this brings up a dialog box (see Figure 2) that allows you to choose from New Interactivity, or Open existing interactivity, etc. Select the New Interactivity option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2.

    Raptivity opening dialog box
    Figure 2: Raptivity opening dialog box

  2. This opens the Raptivity Media Explorer dialog box, see Figure 3. Here you'll find collection of prebuilt interaction models.

    Raptivity Media Explorer dialog box
    Figure 3: Raptivity Media Explorer dialog box

  3. For this review, we chose the Raptivity Standard Pack | Relationship Diagram option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 4.

    Relationship Diagram selected
    Figure 4: Relationship Diagram selected

  4. Based on the interaction model selected, a wizard opened, as shown in Figure 5. Click the Next button to move to the subsequent screen that allows you to include information about the project -- such as title, time interval, etc.

    Making changes and edits
    Figure 5: Making changes and edits

  5. When done with the screens in the wizard, click the Finish button -- this opens Detailed Customization window (see Figure 6). Here you can make more changes in parameter values such as editing the text, changing the color of the elements, etc.

    Detailed Customization window
    Figure 6: Detailed Customization window

  6. Once you edit the interactivity, make sure to save it clicking the Save button within the Detailed Customization window, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 7.

    Save the Interactivity
    Figure 7: Save the Interactivity

  7. Once you save your interactivity, a window opens as shown in Figure 8. Within this window you can preview and publish the interactivity. Click the Publish button (highlighted in red within Figure 8).

    Publish button
    Figure 8: Publish button

  8. This opens the Interactivity Publisher dialog box (see Figure 9). Within the Output type drop-down list choose Publish as HTML5 Output option (highlighted in red within Figure 9). And then click the Publish button (highlighted in green within Figure 9).

    Interactivity Publisher dialog box
    Figure 9: Interactivity Publisher dialog box

    This will start the publishing process. Soon thereafter, you'll be able to preview the HTML5 output. The HTML5 output can be hosted online -- here is a link to some output that we tested on an iPad. Figure 10 below shows the output on an iPad.

    Raptivity 7.3's HTML5 output, viewed on an iPad
    Figure 10:
    Raptivity 7.3's HTML5 output, viewed on an iPad

  9. The above workflow explained a very simplified sequence -- all through the process, you can customize the interaction model and the output to a very minute level.


Pricing and Support

Raptivity is available with various packs from Raptivity Zest to Raptivity (Standard Version) and the costs vary from $395 to $1749. You can also buy individual packs. Upgrade pricing is cheaper. To learn more about the prices, see the Raptivity Store page.

Support is through e-mail or telephone. Online training options are also available.



Raptivity brings to you various interactions at a very attractive price -- combine that with various output option and Raptivity 7.3 delivers a great price:performance ratio.


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