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January 6th 2007

About Autorun MAX
Download and Installation
Working with Autorun MAX
Pricing and Support


Creating an autorun CD/DVD is the best way to present your work professionally -- for anything from a presentation to an interactive demo, or even a portfolio. If you thought that it was too difficult or technical an endeavor to create CD/DVD interfaces with an autorun feature, then you should check out Autorun MAX, the product that I am reviewing. Also, if you are graphically challenged, you'll want to explore this product.


About Autorun MAX

Autorun MAX is from Indigo Rose Software, a company based in Winnipeg, Canada -- they also create a more featured autorun product called AutoPlay Media Studio 6 that I reviewed a while ago.

Their other products include Setup Factory, Liquid Cabaret, Style Workshop, etc. You can download a trial version of Autorun MAX from their site...

Autorun MAX creates high quality CD menus and easy-to-use interfaces. It is aimed for beginners, and a huge variety of prebuilt templates, which can be edited allow you to quickly create your own autorun CD/DVD.

Autorun MAX has two versions -- Home and Business. The Business version is more advanced than Home version -- in this review we are looking at the features of the Business version of Autorun MAX. For a comparison of both versions, look at the order page for the products here...

My contact at Autorun MAX for this review was Colin Adams - thank you, Colin.


Download and Installation

Download the installer from the link given above, Run the setup routine and follow the instructions. You'll end up with a Autorun MAX program group in your Windows Start menu (see Figure 1 below).

Start Menu Group
Figure 1: Autorun MAX Start menu Group

If you buy a copy of the product, you'll be prompted to enter your unique serial, and thereafter activate the product.


Working with Autorun MAX

Here's how you could work with Autorun MAX:

  1. Whenever you launch Autorun MAX, you are presented with an welcome dialog box (see Figure 2) that allows you to choose from either of these options:

    • Create New Project
    • Open a Project

    Welcome Window
    Figure 2: Working with projects

  2. Select "Create New Project" which opens the Create New Project dialog box (see Figure 3) with an impressive collection of prebuilt templates -- enter the project name and choose a template, you can also opt to start with a blank template. I chose the Documents (Book) template.

    Templates window
    Figure 3: Templates

  3. Based on the template design, you can change the logo, the interface background, background music, change the text, and perform other changes. Most of this involves right-clicking the object that you want to change, and then choosing the Properties option, as shown in Figure 4.

    Figure 4: Making changes and edits

  4. This opens the Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 5. The Properties dialog box has several tabs including a Action tab (see Figure 6), which can be used to apply "events" that can be seen when the project is running, such as opening documents, viewing websites, etc.

    Figure 5: Properties

    Figure 6: Actions

  5. After making the edits, save the project and click the Publish | Build option. This opens the Publish Project dialog box (see Figure 7) that creates any of these outputs:

    • An autorun CD or DVD
    • Hard drive folder
    • Web/E-mail executable
    • An ISO image

    Publish Project
    Figure 7: Publish Project

  6. If you chose to burn a CD, make sure that you have a blank CD in your optical drive.


Pricing and Support

Autorun MAX's Business version costs $159. The Home version costs $79.

Support options include a manual, knowledge base, online FAQ and e-mail.



Autorun MAX is simple to use, and can create uncomplicated designs for CD interfaces in minutes using any of the prebuilt templates. You can also start with a blank page -- either way, the entire technical details of creating autorun enabled CDs or DVD's is shielded from you. The product is also priced competitively, and the support is great.


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