by Geetesh Bajaj, May 22nd 2012
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Giveaway Time

Geetesh Bajaj
There was no issue of the newsletter last week -- that explains why we have a jumbo issue for you this week, and what can be better than giving you all a chance to win a free product as part of our giveaway!
We also have a great, new tutorial on how you can create an embroidered, running stich border around your PowerPoint slide objects -- you can create this in almost any version of PowerPoint. There are some more silhouettes for you -- this time we have Businesswoman graphics for you. And also do download our first series of PowerPoint text effects -- many of you may not believe that these were created using just PowerPoint and nothing else.
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Create Dashed Line Borders in PowerPoint

Dashed Line Borders in PowerPointHave you seen a running stitch effect around an object -- especially an embroidered one? It's possible to create all sorts of such fancy effects, right inside PowerPoint -- without using any other program. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create this effect step-by-step -- and this should work in almost any version of PowerPoint released in the last 10 years.

PowerPoint Text Effects – 01

PowerPoint Text EffectsThis sample presentation contains 12 different text effects that you can use with any text in PowerPoint 2007, 2010 or higher on Windows (and also PowerPoint 2008, 2011 or higher on Mac). Text effects range all the way from subtle to edgy, and from clean to grunge style. Some text effects may work better with larger text – play around to see which one works for you although none of these effects are suitable for body text. To use these effects, click on any of the sample text containers with the Format Painter button, and then click on the text where you want to copy these effects.

Features, Reviews and Conversations

10 Tips to Create and Present Pecha Kucha

10 Tips to Create and Present Pecha KuchaA few days ago, our PowerPoint and Presenting Stuff LinkedIn group had a great discussion on Pecha Kucha. It started with one of our members asking for some guidance on how to go about preparing for a Pecha Kucha presentation. To those of you who do not know what Pecha Kucha is, it is a presentation format that originated in Japan in the year 2003. In Japanese, Pecha Kucha translates to chit-chat or chatter. Each Pecha Kucha speaker presents with a deck of 20 slides (or images) each. Each of these slides progresses automatically to the next one, after being visible onscreen for 20 seconds. This is the reason why Pecha Kucha is often called 20x20. Getting back to the question about how you can prepare a better Pecha Kucha presentation, the forum responses did bring in some awesome answers. With the permission of those who responded, I've compiled this list of 10 tips that will help you prepare for a better Pecha Kucha presentation. Read how you can create and present a better Pecha Kucha presentation.

David HalpinQuickOffice HD Pro: Conversation with David Halpin

David Halpin is a seasoned executive with over 15 years of core product development experience at manager, senior manager and executive staff levels. He has managed geographically distributed, multi-faceted teams, which delivered world-class software solutions to F1000 customers. Halpin joined Quickoffice in 2006 to help lead and grow Quickoffice's development operations, globally. In this conversation, David discusses the new QuickOffice HD Pro release that adds new features for working with PowerPoint files in the iPad. Read the conversation here.

Slidevana: The Indezine Review
Slidevana: The Indezine ReviewSlidevana is a presentation toolkit which provides over 150 ready to use slide layouts including charts, diagrams, tables, and frameworks. Slidevana slide layouts use a clean, minimal design, and are available in dark and light color schemes which can be edited to meet your specific needs. You can also customize logos, graphics, and color palettes, or even add an entirely new layout. Slidevana is already available for Keynote for Mac, iPad and iPhone. In this tutorial we'll explore Slidevana for PowerPoint, that works on both Windows and Mac versions of the program. Learn about Slidevana, a collection of slide layouts that can be used within PowerPoint.

Businesswoman Silhouettes for PowerPoint - 02

These businesswoman silhouettes are ready to use within your PowerPoint presentation slides – and have been provided in both black and white colors. Both variations are contained within two separate slides in one presentation that you can download. In addition, you can use PowerPoint’s fills, lines, and effects to make these silhouettes appear coordinated with your slides. Copy the silhouettes graphics (clip arts) of your choice from the downloaded presentation, and paste them into your PowerPoint presentation slides. All these silhouette graphics can be used and customized with Shape Styles just like any other PowerPoint shape. You can also paste them into a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or any other program
Businesswoman Silhouettes for PowerPointBusinesswoman Silhouettes for PowerPoint

Learn PowerPoint 2010: Animations

Learn PowerPoint 2011 for Mac: Pictures in PowerPoint

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