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Product/Version: PowerPoint

Winning Entries

As an English professor here in Korea, PowerPoint stimulates my creative energy to produce classy presentations for optimal learning. We remember more through the eyes than the ears! Creativity relaxes me. So the prize will give me more power to point the way to more creativity.
- Gary Macy, Ph.D, Seoul, South Korea

Reducing PowerPoint size would be great - I compile presentations that are done by the nurses at our hospital and put them in our LMS as training courses - they invariably use several digital camera images at High-Res in these presentations, some that will be over 40-50 megs for a 30 slide presentation!!! -I then have to go in and re-image for the web before I can save it to the LMS - I am hoping this would help.
- Devin Kane, St. Petersburg, USA

This site is great. This program sounds incredible. I am an MBA student and we do tons of PowerPoint projects and a lot of time is spent trying to get the final file size small enough to easily transport and open on the classroom computer. Something like PPTminimizer would be a definite time saver for me and my group mates.
- Mike Johnson, Elgin, USA

This new program would greatly enhance our Sunday morning Worship Services. I love your site, and check it each week for new inovative products, and pp backgrounds. I've had rave reviews on my work shown every week during our worship services. Thanks for your help!"
- Ken Gazley, St. Catharines, Canada

Helping doctors do presentations with lots of medical pictures inserted, could use a program to easily shrink size.
- Catherine Plunkett, Memphis, USA

I am a PowerPoint aficionado, and i like to learn more about it. Since I am a suscriptor of your ezine, my experience with the program had enhaced, and now all my colleages are always waiting for my next presentation. Thanks to you all !!!
- Abdiel Rodriguez, Changuinola, Panama

The Microsoft Outlook plug-in that scans if an e-mail has a PowerPoint attachment, and if there is one, it asks you if you want to optimize before sending is fantastic idea - great way to "catch" those unoptimized files before you hit the 'send' button!
- Ian Moore, Toronto, Canada

PowerPoint Templates files from faculty, staff, AND students here have traditionally been excessively large in spite of training and consultation on techniques for construction presentations. I would like to try using this software to determine suitability for general campus use.
- Ralph H. Houghton, Albion, USA

I have to give PowerPoint reports for my consulting business, and leave (or e-mail) the report with my client. It would be great to have a program that allows me to do this more efficiently and safely. Thanks for this opportunity to use your software.
- Kevin Lockwood, Richmond, USA

Can't believe that after all these years of doing presentations (even back before PowerPoint existed) that someone wised-up and created something extremely useful like PPTminimizer. Finally, great things do come in small packages! :-)"
- David Scammell, Lake Mary, USA

Thank you so much for making available the wealth of resources at this site! I refer my fellow colleagues and students here to get ideas, tips and download items from this site. Awesome!
- Kim Caise, San Antonio, USA

All topics from your web page has being brought to my attention as I teach a technical course in medicine and believe this will be of much help for my classes and my students. It seems very interesting and believe will enrich our knowledge.
- Maria Elena Alvarez Guzman, Guatemala city, Guatemala

I would use the prize to enhance the presentations I do for church and my youth group.
- Sheila Whorton, London, USA

Your software would be a big help in the presentations I prepare weekly to loop on an in-house TV channel for a local retirement home.
- Barbara Schladitz, Bedford, USA

This is how I plan to offer training in multiple languages to caregivers all over the world. We're all going to get old: let's help our elders now and plan for our future -- with good information, presented effectively
- Boyd Davis, Charlotte, USA

This is a fantastic site with fantastic sponsors! I enjoy the informative Indezine newsletters and always look forward to the next issue!
- Tom Estrada, Marietta, USA

I am a relatively new learner to Powerpoint and am using it to teach nursing and pharmacology to nursing students. I absolutely love the Indezine website and the free PowerPoint templates-my students rave about them.
- Kristen Barbee, Concord, USA

Love the site!!! Wait impatiently for your email every day. Will use this product to distribute PowerPoint presentation to a wider audience.
- Dotty Weiner, Hartford, USA

I hope to win. PowerPoint is one of my principal arms for my university clases. Crisp, clear and easy to see.
- Manuel Echegaray, Lima Peru

I use PowerPoint presentations in both my business and personal presentations. PPTMinimizer will help me "carry" files to each presentation I give. I love Indezine, it's given me great tips and products to make my presentations more fun and professional. Thanks and keep up the good work.
- Mary Des, Plaines, USA

Thanks for the contest
- M. O'Leary, Santa Monica, USA

This prize for jme will be useful, I have to do PowerPoint presentations every week.
- Liz Sanchez, Monclova, Mexico

I like to do other PowerPoint designs.
- Hugo Calderon, San Salvador, El Salvador

Never win prizes. If I win, I will use the prize to ensure I never give a dull presentation on a boring blue background again (even if that's the standard- especially if that's the standard!)
- Susan Horsman, Edmonton, Canada

This looks like a very useful utility.
- Kathy Reeder, New York, USA

It is great to get your e-mail which keeps me up-to-date with what is new for PowerPoint-thank
- Ronald W Mong, Oil City, USA

I always look forward to seeing what kind of great new designs you have come up with. They inspire me tremendously !
- Karen Lawson, Gloucester, USA

I love this website. I try to win every entry that allows me to apply. I hope I win!!
- Lisa Gowdy-Turner, Jacksonville, USA

This would be wonderful! You can not imagine what I have to go through to e-mail or post ppt's. It is usually the pictures, which I can compress but it would be so wonderful to have a way to do this in one step.
- Kris Daugherty, San Leandro, USA

I probably do about 1 powerpoint presentation per day. I need variety. I also want to learn as much as possible about them to complete different presentations. I work for Education................need I say more.
- Debra Srayko, Edmonton, Canada

The ability to stand out from the crowd and maximize the use of powerpoint (without looking like you are depending on it) is key in any sales organization
- Bill Donahue, burlington, USA

Wonderful site, easy to navigate and filled with fantastic products!
- Allan, Toronto, Canada

I just found this website while I was looking for powerpoint templates. I love this website. It's very easy to use.
- Rivka Shoulson, Queens, USA

Let's see how it works and if we're (NilBa) we'll introduce PPTminimizer 3.0 in the Turkish market
- Bas L.M. Jansen, Istanbul, Turkey

I don't use any ppt tool to improve my ppt presentations. This is an unique chance to have a new experience and winning this giveaway will give me an extarordinaire support to improve my bussiness presentations.
- Luis Cordero, Guayaquil, Ecuador

I am desperate for your product. As a grant funded educator, I really really need this to prepare really adult powerpoints. Please consider this poor education stepchild!
- Vickie Kelly, Topeka, USA

Winning PPTminimizer 3 would be awesome, as I becoming more & more enmeshed in PowerPoint engineering for local nonprofits and file size is paramount. A tool like this would be a real lifesaver! Thanks!
- Lawrence Bordeaux, Altamont, USA

This site is amazing. We have been in need of some good PowerPoint backgrounds to run for our church services. Your site has been a huge help to us!
- Erin, Sellersville, USA

U rock!
- Rea Tugas, Baguio City, Philippines

I am in charge of the safety program at our plant and I use the PowerPoint presentations for my safety training. I love trying new backgrounds and clipart - it adds interest to the presentations. I love this site because I get to try them for free.
- Bobbie Holly, Old Fort, USA

I think it is a great idea to be able to shrink the size of my PowerPoints for when I am on the go and do not have enough space on my flash drive.
- Bonnie Blackwell, Indianapolis, USA

The software would allow my students to do so much more with PowerPoint.
- Terry Morrison, Bridgeport, USA

I am an elementary school teacher and anything I can do to enhance my classroom lessons to benefit my students would be amazing. I want to provide them with all the education possibilities available to give them the opportunity to do their best.
- Rebecca Howes, Peterborough, Canada

Powering up your PowerPoint presentations to build pointed and powerful companies.
- Andrew Chew, London, UK

In the technology based world of today, PowerPoint continues to grab even the most reluctant student's attention and enable them to use the knowledge they acquire to reach for the stars!
- Nancy Blake, San Antonio, USA

I appreciate the contests! It would be helpful to see some examples of the kinds of comments that result in winning entries! Thanks!
- Jeanne Bowen, Goshen, USA

I usually tech about several themes in my company, cartography, geodesy, geomatics, GPS, and others.I'd like to improve my presentations and do it more useful.
- Juan Ramirez Lavin, Durango, Mexico

This winter I'm going to do several presentation and I need to save them on a little usb pendrive. This software is what i need. Thanks.
- Gianni Prest, Imperia, Italy

- Mike Taylor, Columbus, USA

As a school teacher, I plan on using the program to develop lesson plans with PowerPoint. I also sponsor the fifth grade safety patrol and create a PowerPoint every year that we go to Washington DC. I then provide each student with a copy of the PowerPoint. It looks like a terrific program which can expand my current PowerPoint on XP.
- Martha Brown, Hernando, USA

Please enter me in the give-away of the PPTminimizer3.0. Thanks.
- Terri Hebert, North Little Rock ,USA

Fantastic piece of software! I've tried it several times and it worked fine. Hope that I'm lucky enough to win one!
- Vicente de Vicq, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Love the chance to get free stuff!!! I use a lot of the free PowerPoint backgrounds from your website in my work at my church. I prepare the slides for our worship services, and have no budget whatsoever, so I really appreciate having the opportunity to win free things!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

Would love to optimize and manage my PowerPoint files better!
- David Edelman, San Diego, USA

This will be very helpful in developing talks to teach medical students about genetics.
- Kelly Jackson, Louisville, USA

I look forward to a chance to use this program.
- Lawrence Burke, Bellerose, USA

To minimize the distance between those who know and those who don't.
- Gláucio Soares, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This site is very interesting for my job. thanks
- Fran García Pozuelo, Alcalá de Henares, Spain

N/A PPTminimizer 3
- Cliff McPherson, Tomball, USA

I still enjoy your site and the good suggestions.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, USA

Minimizing a PowerPoint should certainly help us much; especially if we could try it on our PDAs and Pocket PCs. Thanks to the person thinking about it
- Selmin, Istanbul, Turkey

Standard PowerPoint presentations to undergraduate students and at professional academic meetings tend to bore audiences to death... throughout last semester, since joining indezine, my students commented on the templates and on the way the form of my content represented such a great improvement over that of most other professors... here's to moving the whole thing forward ad your on going help with it.
- Alan Rudy, East Lansing, USA

To be able to take to the podium (using an optimizer) in this current age of Multimedia Presentations is a dream come true....! Being a Microsoft Certified PowerPoint Specialist and an Orthopaedic Surgeon, I conduct Instructional Courses for Doctors in various countries and I am quite convinced of the need of such a software.... Congratulations for cooking what people like to eat...!"
- Suhail Chughtai, Basildon, UK

Your site has been a tremendous help to me with the PowerPoint presentations I do weekly for announcements & our worship service.It's easy to find what is needed and I've received so many compliments the last couple weeks.
- Shirley Wardman, Shell Knob, USA

Some people just want a great product like this...I will actually use it!
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Thank you
- Rwagasana, Butare, Rwanda

I want to win.
- Travis Campbell, Covington, USA

I really look forward to adding this software to my collection. I am a college professor and am always looking at ways to improve my lectures for my students. Thanks for this opportunity.
- David Moss, Corona, USA

PPTminimizer is a wonderful tool
- Sajid Khan, New Delhi, India

Cannot to see what this can do. Look forward to it.
- Anne Michaels, Austin, USA

I am new to the world of PowerPoint and finding that I need to use it more everyday in my job. Indezine has been so helpful to me the tips and templates are excellent! Everything I receive goes into my PowerPoint info. file for future use. Thanks so much!!!
- Carlene Wesley, Chandler, USA

As a teacher of English, I always depend on these templlete of the PowerPoint, when I will more training and workshop for my coleagues and my students."
- Magdi Abdel Wahab, Mansoura, Egypt

Indezine provides an endless supply of creative ideas to help make my job easier and more interesting. I can already envision myself using PPTMinimizer to spice up my creations for our plasma screen on prominent display at the entrance to our facility. Once I have mastered your product, I will be your best advertising by sharing my success with other users and declaring that the key to my success is using PPTminimizer3!
- Bonnie Whitehurst, Cedar Springs, USA

There are plenty of tools out there that will transform a PowerPoint presentation into something else for web purposes. I'm glad somebody developed a tool to make PPT files more web friendly without the hassle of re-formating the original file. I'll be using this tool for corporate training.
- Ferdinand Avila-Medin, Holt, USA

I love being a member of Indezine! Your PowerPoint backgrounds keep me polished and professional---all with just a click.Thank you so much for your wonderful site!
- Kristine Taylor, Savannah, USA

I would use the PPTMinimizer in sermon projection with PowerPoint.
- Matthew Kratz, Paris, Canada

Would love to win this to be able to optimize PowerPoints we use for educating staff at our 3 acute care hospitals and 4 long term care facilities. I have utilized numerous of your PowerPoint background and our audiences just love them.
- Janice Walls, Springfield, USA

Great site for learning advanced PowerPoint!
- Dr Jani, Pune, India

This product will give me the power ' no pun intended with PowerPoint to separate me from my competition. adding audio visual content like pictures, video clips, sounds looks easy with this product. I cant wait to get it. And of course I want to win. I will win more business with enhanced PowerPoint presentations. If I do not win this, my company will not purchase it.
- Stephen Benes, New Castle, USA

PPT is a great way to introduce a new unit of work in my classrooms and has challenged me to improve my teaching.
- Pamela Wilson, Yamba, Australia

I am a political science student at Georgia State University and this program would help me in a number of ways. My classes require creative presentations toward the end of the semester and that's why I use Indezine templates to style my presentations. With the help of the PPTminimizer 3.0 I can easily email, transfer, and store my PPT without it taking up so much space and uploading/downloading time especially with dial-up at my residence.
- Adam Martin, Lithonia, USA

Use PowerPoint Templates 3.0 a powerfull tool for showing the best.
- Jan de Ruiter, Zwolle, Netherlands

Hi!! excuse me for my very poor English, I hope to be one of the winners because until now I never gained nothing and desire to continue learning about Power Point...
- Silvia Valdano, Rio Cuarto, Argentina

I enjoy receiving your PowerPoint emails. I have used many of the designs, and am the envy of many in my office. Keep up the good job....
- Linda Troyer, Mogadore, USA

I love Indezine. I do all the PowerPoint presentations for my church, and the slides have been a huge help. If I won I would use the program to help with the PowerPoint presentation at church.
- Troy Bishop, Owensboro, USA

Wow! Would love to make my presentations look so much more appealing!
- Nancy, Scottsdale, USA

No comments sole! I just want to participate in this giveaway and win because I never win any thing, Please.
- Sitoga Valaau, Apia, Samoa

I thought, sought, even foughtto find a rhyme for PPTminimizer 3.0. This verse I purportit comes to nought. Perhaps I should have gone out and bought....... it!
- Kit Heald, Warrington, United Kingdom

I am in charge of putting together the PowerPoint for our church services. I am also an instructor for emergency service personnel and teach many classes with PowerPoint presentations. This will assist me in updating all of my presentations.
- Doug Cummins, McMinnville, USA

Just what I am looking for
- Chris Eaton, Cooroy, Australia

As a physically disabled academic user, I find the Indezine templates and newsletter a great help in preparing my presentations
- Jay Hayes-Light, Warrington, UK

What a great way to enhance your slides
- Cecelia Haas, Kyle, USA

Indezine has made a great difference to my presentations, providing bright, topical, lively backgrounds and pictures. PPTminimizer 3.0 will help me keep even more smart presentations on my hard drive! I love it!
- Alther Jonas, Southampton, UK

Program is an asset
- Humberto Hernandez, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

This product does what Microsoft should do!
- Robert Dickinson, Leavenworth, USA

When I needed slide background for some important presentation, Indezine made its' products available without charging an arm and leg. There products are quality and pertinent to my needs.
- Reg Maycumber, Jacksonville, USA

Just cool
- Shelly Burdiez, San Cristobal, Republica Dominicana

I'm a college instrustor who is always looking for ways to keep my adult students attention. This usually includes keeping the visual presentations up-to-date and engaging!
- Lauren Thompson, Zanesville, USA

In keeping with the concept of minimizing let's say it 's the best. Better than the rest.
- Otto Santos, Naples USA

This product is of special interest to me as a School Technology Contact. We will be combining 3 schools into one and everyone wants to save all the powerpoints that we have worked many years to develop and use with our students. This will enable me to save the files, with minimal space and then burn them to a cd and install them on our new server at our new school. I love this product idea!
- Monica L. Marcum, Oak Hill, USA

Really I've learned a lot with your tips in PowerPoint. By now Í'm using those tips & hints in my churc and everyone had asking where I learned those tricks. So I gave your website as a new beginning in PowerPoint. Thanks again, Cordially,
- Luis Escudero, Bayamon, U.S.A.

I am an electro-technology teacher and am designing PowerPoint presentations for our students. This package will help us greatly
- Joe Quinnell, Shepparton, Australia

Because of PowerPoint, I have so graced and blessed to enhance my skills in such a way as to create flash videos, that I just simply share with others for free, not just of my own work but also that of others, for in doing so and giving, I am rewarded more than I can ever say. Thank you PowerPoint for the gift you have graced me with. May you all be blessed.
- Steve Politte, Cadet, USA

Although, books can be written to elaborate certain thoughts but i would say Humans do not have known limits of their thoughts and ideas and they can never be content with what they have have, so I will continue to see more of indezine to explore far reaching Horizons. Thanx.
- Zeshan Ali, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Love PowerPoint! I can't seem to get enough of it. I play with it like a game.
- Anne Lees, Orange City, USA

I am one member of a small team of people that create PowerPoint presentations for our Sunday worship services. By using Balesio PPTminimizer 3, we would be able to compress these presentations, thereby saving some of them, portions of which may be used again at another service.
- Katherine Schmiel, Queensbury, USA

I really love all the work you have done with this site. Really usefull. And all the templates are great.
- Diego Carrasco, Quilpué, Chile

I manage learning and development across a very large geographical area and across a large number of users and am always trying to find better and more effective ways to develop and distribute PowerPoint. This would be fabulous!!!!
- Marilyn Haynes, Brisbane, Australia

As a retired military member, single parent, working full-time and going to school full-time. I feel that I need any help I can get that will help me succeed in school and work.
- Sherry Mecham, Evansville, USA

I love your power point templates. I'm working on my MBA at Crummer/Rollins and would love to have even more impressive presentations!!
- Candace Alcorn,Oviedo, USA

Quality presentations are ket to quality communications
- Lenny Turk, Dunfermline, UK

I love all the cool templates for PowerPoint that I can get on the site. Being able to make smaller presentations with PPTminimizer would be great.
- Dan Kuntz, St Joseph, USA

Before subscribing to Indezine, presenting reports using PowerPoint for me is hard. I have to search the internet for new ideas and techniques to make a presentation beautiful. But since I became member of Indezine, presenting is not that hard. Techniques had been discussed. New background had been given away for free. With this PPTminimizer 3.0, I know that reporting using PowerPoint would be much easier. May presentation would be more beautiful and eye catching.
- Edeser P. Cauyan, Pasig City, Philippines

I use your templates for my medical presentations, I've had good comments about it!! Thank you for your help to captivate audience...
- Anne-Marie Carreau, Sherbrooke, Canada

Will introduce the software as a tool in our Faculty & Staff Training Development Program
- Delores J. Reaves, Baltimore, USA

What can I say? Balesio would surely make my life easier, but more to the point I think my budding young Doctors would also appreciate smaller presentations for their USB drives
- Fleur Malcolm, Blackmans Bay, Australia

A wonderful opportunity to obtain an application that will make emailing powerpoint files a cinch! what a great partner to a website that greatly improves the way i communicate through words and images.
- Pastor V. Isaac III, Paranaque City, Philippines

I am looking forward to use the PPTminimiser and enhance the ways in which presentations make impact
- GBS, Mumbai, India

This software will be very useful for me and my job since I need to create presentations very often. This will make my slides more attractive and will create the good impression from my clients. Furthermore, I'm also very intersted in creating beautiful posters (for my company's activities), this software will be of great use. Thanks for reading and thanks for the letter
- Guyen Quynh Loan, Singapore, Singapore

It would be great to win
- Timothy Kuehn, Hillsboro, USA

I will use the program for safety training at our OSHA VPP Star site.
- Kevin Caldwell, Horn Lake, USA

Here I only want to say thanks to INDEZINE. You know, if I will win the prise or not, I do not care. Actually, it's up to you! Huh^0^ But with the free PowerPoint Templates, I did a good job and let some others said ""WOW!"" That's nice. It makes me feel gorgeous! Thanks again. Nice work!
- Liang Yuan, Wuhan, China

This is the most helpful site for a professional like me, a friend in need
- Narendra Bhatta, Dharan, Nepal

A good way to share good software and to promote your brandmark
- Hisbello, "Rio de Janeiro, Braazil

In developing training materials to give away in a non-profit setting, the electronic exchange of PowerPoint files is a steady practice. Smaller files would enable the successful sending of the files for review among the development team.
- David Terry, Alpharetta, USA

I would love to have this...I'm doing PP for Fire Fighters through out california I use INDEINE back grounds in all my pp and love it. Anything new I can learn or use from you will help us teach these great guys more.Thank you
- Pat Reynolds, Dewey, USA

As a professional presentation designer, i don't need this kind of software coz i can minimize ptt myself but if u wanna give me this 1000 thanks because it will safe my time than if i must minimize myself"
- Nur Islami Javad, Bandung, Indonesia

You sure are a very big help in my presentations in school reports. thanks so much!
- Aprylle, Makati, Philippines

- Vicki Dominguez, Holly Ridge, USA

I often send presentations to clients who sometimes have slower internet connections.
- David Raymond, Minneapolis, USA

This product much help me in my job as IT
- Herman Sukendar, Jakarta, Indonesia

Want to win because I know that everything I want I get
- Pedro Ricart, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

In this world of large Corporations with offices across the USA, management wants it yesterday... They did not get it because the file was to big to send via e-mail or to post to the undersized FTP Servers... Well, I see real advantages and potential to PPTminimizer and look forward to testing its applicaiton in my world... Thank You, from the Corporate Other Duties As Assigned Guy...
- John D Rendell, Seattle, USA

I plan to use it in my church as worship tool. We are a non-profit organization
- Samuel Morales, Ponce, Puerto Rico

I need a powerpoint minimizer. Would like to give yr software a good try.
- Nicholas, Singapore, Singapore

I have tried this product before and it is really great. Space is always a factor, I use PowerPoint to produce church services. Great product, love it.
- David Thomas, Seville Grove, Australia

Indezine u are doing tremendous work for people like us who have to give presentations regularly . Our job is made lot easier by indezine. PPT minimizer would help us further to add to our overall great experience with Indezine
- Vinay Navi, Mumbai India

A very informative site Always points out a chance for improvement in presentations
- Savathri, Nizwa, Oman

Indezine is an extremely useful site, providing the needs and means to give your powerpoint the boost it needs making you stand out amongst your colleagues. i have gained numerous essentials from this site, passing on information that I have gained onto my colleagues that do not have internet connection. As for those that do have internet connection, I have forwarded this site address so that they could also benefit from Indezine
- Niresh Sewraj, Durban, South Africa

Well I hope am one of the winners of the PPTminimizer 3.0. I love using powerpoint, i make alot of presentations and animations aswell. This add-in will help me alot with my presentations. Please consider me as one of the 10 winners. Thanx
- Jesus Medina, Santa Paula, USA

Presentation Optimization pays off, Now, NO more big PPT's, No more missing ones
- Wael Al-Khateeb, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Since your recommendations are always for the good staff i believe this one is too.
- Shoshana Ben-Yaakov, Efrat, Israel

I am a pastor of a small congregation and use Power Point 2007 and Vista all the time in my Sunday School presntations, as well as Bible Studies. Also, I am our Districts congregations Facilitator and would be of benefit to my ministry. Thank you for your consideration
- Paul Dietz, Wiley Ford, USA

If you want to do something real good, you have to have a PPT minimizer 3.0...thank you so much..."
- Armend, Struga, Macedonia

We would love new, innovative ways of presenting data, charts and info. Our company does a lot of presentations, and they have grown stale, repetitive and don't hook the viewer. thank you
- Ursula, Oranjemund, Namibia

I will use it to take my powerpoint presentations to the next level and capture the attention of our congregation. I love this site so much freebies which is much appreciated
- Marelize Bott, Durban, South Africa

- Alexander Malyshau, Vienna, Austria

I have been looking for this type of solution for our partners abroad .Im glad I found this, I hope I win one copy
- Peter, Muntinlupa, Philippines

I'm curious that Powerpoint'll still be the best presentation apparatus but nevertheless I still count on it!
- Nico Sinaga, Bogor, Indonesia

I want a Balesio minimiser,... i wnat one i want one....
- Piero Dametto, Buderim, Australia

I never win anything, but you've gotta be in it to at least have a chance."
- Kaylene Horne, Boronia, Australia

De achtergrond is de kracht van je presentatie!
- Omaatje Donk, Maldegem, Belgium

I saw PPTminimizer in action during a congress and it's brilliant. I love this tool and would be most glad to win a free copy. Thank you in advance.
- Oliver Rosenkranz, Berlin, Germany

PowerPoint has become a mainstay of my presentations (I professionally train 500-600 leaders in eastern and western Europe each year) PPTminimizer 3.0 sounds like a great addition to my PowerPoint to lbox.
- Bruce Clewett, Guntramsdorf, Austria

Life is a mystery. You solve your own life.
- Jessie Jiang, Singapore, Singapore

I can use all the help I canget from great products like this.
- Peter Sanders, Carine, Australia

I usually use Powerpoint weekly with my classes. I would love to have this program to save me disk and CD space.
- Michele Bouchard, Boca Raton, US

I am sure this should be important part to maximize presentation with PowerPoint more over as a lecturer at Univ. of Indonesia I always use PowerPoint to facilitate delivering the subjects to my classes.
- Rudy Prasetyo, Jakarta, Indonesia

Please sign me up for contest. I use Powerpoint every day for the hospitals and LTC facilities.
- Kim Fahy, Edison, USA

Thank you!
- EMur, North Brunswick, USA

Yessssssssssssss..I want one
- Klauss Gauthier, La Tuque, Canada

I make 2 powerpoint presentations a week. I appreciate all the help I can get to make it easier. I am a preacher and quality presentations are a must. So if I win, it will be a blessing to me and those who listen
- Mike Bentley, Lawton, USA

I love this site. I am going to college to become a teacher. Many of my assignment have been completed using PPT from this site. It is just wonderful.
- Chris Taylor, Clarksville, USA

- Srinivasan, Erode, India

Great give away!
- James Osler, Durham, USA

Powerpoints are an efficient method of communicating - I think so : Do You? Shall I make a ppt and send it to you to clich the deal?
- Anthony David, Hyderabad, India

This site is always chock full of great info
- Kevin Salley, Burnsville, USA

I'm working as a benevolent for non profit christian associations and intend to improve what I'm doing
- Dessagne Roger, Noiseau, France

look forward to using this to help prepare sermon presentations for my congregation. Thanks!!
- Kevin Breeden, Gahanna, USA

We will use PPTminimizer 3.0 to promote a business opportunity. We will present how to earn a lifetime income and achieving your dreams.
- Tod Anderson, Irving, United States

Like many people who have to use Microsoft software, I get annoyed constantly by some of Powerpoint's peculiar ways! This site and its regular e-mail therapy helps to keep me sane and is teaching me to love Powerpoint despite myself!"
- John Allan, Exeter, UK

I do a lot of Powerpoints with photographs. This would be just great to keep the file size small.
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, N Ireland

How I wish I will win... its gonna make powerpointing much easier...
- Maria Cyrina C. Pascual, Cebu City, Philippines

Well in todays fast world the first step to success is the art af presenting, rather we should say portraying, your concept your thing and as far as i see indezine is helping individuals in all aspects. Keep it up
- Shoaib Naseem, Multan, Pakistan

Hi!Geetesh, Powerpoint 2007 is awesome.I hope to have it in my classroom this fall. Best Regards,
- Don Sublett, Roanoke, USA

This is the type of site I always dreamed about
- Peter, Male Maldives

Indezine is great! Thanks to indezine I am known is the office as the powerpoint expert. having PPT minimizer will help to solidify this perception
- Sharnakae Stewart, Kingston, Jamaica

'M a Child Psychiatrist, university teacher and lecturer and I always use PP for my presentations. I would love to make them better.
- Natalia, Montevideo, Uruguay

I love Indezine. There is no other place on the web that you can get such great templates. I am a full time college student so I am constantly having to do presentations for classes and because of Indezine I am able to do so with less hassle. Thanks for everything!!!!
- Lisa Woody, Columbia, USA

Thank you for this opportunity. I will keep my students' attention and spread knowledge with this tool.
- Angela McCallum, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Imagination can take you places and make your powerpoint designs boundless!
- Yolanda, Manila, philippines

If I win I will use the prize to work with the PowerPoint files I do for my church. We don't have a big budget for our Presentation Media and this would help minimize the space I use up on the church computer.
- Belinda Medley, Cincinnati, USA

I volunteer my time at our church to get the slides ready for the Sunday services. Indezine has been helpful to in bringing variety to our service without a lot of cost. Would like to use this to help.
- Laura, Urbandale, USA

188 this website is great in providing free power point template and i have utilise the power point template in my university presentation and i think i sure will be using it fot my future career.
- Raymond ngu huong liong, Sibu Sarawak, Malaysia

The site is innovative and attractive. Templates are creatve and worthy for the presentation.Good appreciation for the templates from the audience after the presentation.
- Nirmal Kumar, Mysore, India.

I think that it is very usefull for users of ppt, not to lose disk space or idéas"
- Zoubeir Rabah, Tunis, Tunisia

PPTminimizer is handy for carrying PPT's with images on a handy cell phone or flash drive
- Ratnakumar, Hyderabad, India.

I hope this program that optimizes PowerPoint files can be useful for me in serving in Church.
- Shuyuanng, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Entry for Indezine giveaway. At the Corrections Training Academy we use a lot of PowerPoints as we instruct over 10,000 people on a yearly basis.
- Don DeWitt, Orient, USA

Loving you website and the free powerpoint templates. Very professional site. Best templates found on the eb.Thanks
- Sherry Dubish, Munster, USA

I love this site! I create a monthly newsletter using ppt, and email it to a fair sized group. I get lots of comments on how great the ""backgrounds"" are. Thanks for such great designs!
- Tammie Dillon, Colorado Springs, USA

Powerpoint = indezine
- Dusteen Timbang, Mabalacat, Philippines

WOW. I'm starting my career next week, and i'll be doing alot of presentations. I think pptminimizer will come in handy !
- Maitha, Dubai, UAE

This has been one of the most inpiring websites! I get great ideas and have been blown away with the help it provides.
- Dale Davidson Houston, United States

Hi, I don't write that well English but well here i go... i'd just like to say that having the ppt minimizer will help me a lot in my studies... i'm a next chemical engineer... thanks
- Karla, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Indezine is perfect!
- Efren Morados, Davao City, Philippines

Excellent templates
- Anibal M Marin, Bayamon, USA

I want to teach a new class called ""Presentations with Pizzazz"" and this software would be very useful. :o)
- Joy Fischl Tustin, USA

Hope I win!
- Kris, Spokane USA

With more and more PPTs using more and more images and less text, PPT files can be huge. I recently had to FTPed a 23 MB PPT file to a client and this can lead to quite some levels of frustation for my clients. PPTminimizer 3.0 will surely cut down that frustation.
- James Syngai, Shillong, India

I really appreciate all the material your site has available. It's definitely the best one online!
- Tanya, Nackawic, Canada

Would like to learn and use the Balesio PPTminimizer 3
- Duleep Kumar Samuel, Bangalore, India

Its a great offer.
- Mujahid Haider, Lahore, Pakistan

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