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Winning Entries

To convert my school lecture notes PDF to PPT for editing, since there are errors here and there often. I also like the fact that AnyBizSoft PDF to PPT converter supports encrypted PDF files conversion!
- Koey Huixin, Singapore

We create lesson notes as PDFs for our high school Maths students and by using the PowerPoint converter software we could convert them to PowerPoints to demonstrate them during our lessons. They might even enjoy Maths lessons more!
- Paul Thurlow, Marden, South Australia

I receive numerous PDF files and when I need to use the matter, I have to rework the whole thing. The converter and its add on features will save a lot of time, in turn making me more productive and achieving better results ! Thus Q-T-C = Quality improves, Time is saved and its Cost effective too - as I am getting it free!!
- Mohana Kotian, Mumbai, India

I will convert my lecture material from PDF format to PPT format. Then I could prepare my presentation more easily. I like the feature which could let me pick the needed pages from PDF. No need to convert the whole file and select any more.
- Raneeq, Minneapolis, USA

Great Giveaway!! Thank you so much, Geetesh, and AnyBizSoft as well. As a college teacher, I always need to find numerous material for making my own PPT slides, but lots of them are in PDF files and even encrypted. AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter do a awesome job in converting PDF to PPT and I can easily edit them further. And the support encrypted PDF conversion and batch conversion of upto 200 files once are both the nifty features. I hope I can be one of the winners. Cheers.
- Stephen Murphy, Dallas, Armenia

I receive many business presentations (mostly financial issues) in PDF-format and want to use single pages in my lectures and talks I give on the subject of visualization of business contents. If I had a real PPT-slide (and not just the "dead" PDF page), I could modify elements showing how to improve the communication power of a given slide.
- Emil Hierhold, Vienna, Austria

The software's neat capability of preserving original text, tables, images, hyperlinks and layouts after conversion makes it an invaluable tool for anyone who needs to prepare material for presentations, reports and teaching material. This Pretty Darn Fine product will make life easier for my clients by saving them time gathering together reference material for presentations. All they have to do is send a PDF of their printed promotional material and I can extract all the images, tabular matter and illustrations required with the minimum of fuss and effort. What's more, it saves further time and effort in production terms by rapid conversion of material into workable PowerPoint slides that can be processed to a finished state far quicker than conventional methods might allow.
- Mike Cowburn, Leyland, UK

I regularly convert teaching materials in PDF format into PowerPoint presentations to teach our 1st year Law Students at the University of Dundee in Scotland. This will save me huge amounts of time in doing this. I especially like the batch mode where I can select multiple PDF files and have them converted into presentations. At a time where teaching pressures are at their worst due to research time overheads, I will be able to spend more time with students and less time in the preparation of materials! A win-win situation!
- Mark Cargill, Dundee, UK

AnyBizSoft is software that really helped me as a teacher for various presentations. With this software I can meyiapkan presentation file quickly and accurately. I can also modify my favorite ebook into an attractive presentation files. I really liked the additional facility to convert multiple files PDF files at the same time. Anyone who used to do a presentation, he'll need this software
- Abiisyarfaq, Purwakarta, Indonesia

No matter how many times I use PowerPoint, I regularly go back to your Cutting Edge Book for tips and how-to advice. As I upgrade PP, I purchase your book for that version. Cutting Edge for 2007 sits on my desk right next to my favorite grammar and style manuals. It's not just a nice book to have, it's a must-have book. Always gives me the edge over "run of the mill" presentations! Just yesterday I was converting a PDF and oh, how I wish I'd had the PDF to PowerPoint program you're offering, because the program I was using converted only to Word, which meant I had to convert to Word, then cut and paste to get it all into PowerPoint to be able to use it. Thanks for all you do for us; you help us in many, many ways.
- Diana Orlemann, Westerville, Ohio, USA

Without question it's the ability to deal with encrypted files
- Juergen Oschadleus, Sydney, Australia

As a Professor at a major local university, I go through hundreds of PDF documents and Power Point presentations each semester. AnyBizSoft PDF ability to batch convert and to do so without having Adobe installed is an incredibly time savor that helps me bring content to my students quickly.
- Joseph Walker, Arlington, USA

I plan to use this program to help students learn how to convert PDF's to PPT's. Also, this program will allow other teachers to quickly make instructional PDF's into PPT's without having to redesign / format their information. The ease of the conversion!
- John Fallon, Walhalla, USA

I receive lots of PDF's and would like to incorporate them into power point slides. This should make that process far easier than going back to acquire source materials.
- Barry Coffey, Riner, USA

As a teacher, I can see multiple uses of this. I'm always trying to incorporate real examples and documents into my presentations and this would work perfectly! Save me SEVERAL steps and improve my efficiency! I teach 4 different classes with only one hour to prepare for each, so anything that can save me time is a truly valuable resource!! (Not to mention the cost savings since our school, like so many others, have limited resources these days)
- Pam Foutch, Springfield, USA

Converting PDF to PowerPoint.
- Kathy Easter, Centreville, USA

Conversion of a large PDF Executive Summary into a Power Point Presentation for a project I've been working on. I can see where a program like this would be a tremendous benefit and time saving feature for someone in need of this type of conversion. Consolidating the workload to be more effective and more efficient ... your firm is definitely ON THE RIGHT TRACK. Best regards and continued great success with this conversion product.
- Jack Bennings, Weston, USA

I create elearning programs and this program can make the converting of my PDF documents into easy to use PowerPoint. I really love the simplicity of the program and the usability
- Larry Northye, Grants Pass, USA

This would be a great tool to use for my PDF's. I currently have to convert twice to make a PowerPoint.
- Thomas Hemmer, Zanesville, USA

I plan to use the software to convert and update presentations created and saved to PDF into PowerPoint presentations for future use. I will save me hours in recreating the original presentations!
- Gary Tiffany, Loves Park, USA

To convert PDF to PPT for educational purpose
- Ritendra Nath Talapatra, Kolkata, India

To be able to convert encrypted files; and maintain the original layout of graphics text, etc., sounds fantastic. So I will probably enjoy that feature the most!
- Tom Cmikiewicz, Parksville, Canada

Editing PDFs when the source file is not available/no longer available. Converting a PDF to an editable PowerPoint file would be awesome, and a great time-savings tool.
- Mikki Westerfield, Kimberly, USA

I plan to use the PDF to PowerPoint converter as I put together each week's PowerPoint for my church's Sunday services. We don't have the money to spend on worship software so I scour the internet for free backgrounds, slide shows, etc. Some things that I find that I would like to use are in PDF format and if I had had this converter, it would allow me to have more options from which to choose. It would sure allow more flexibility as I cope with a zero budget. Thanks.
- Steve Thompson, Irving, USA

I love the being able to take a read only file into a fully editable PPT presentation. That means I can take an old copy of my slides from a file and make them usable again….I love it! I have so many times lost my PPT files and wanted to grab a file on a hard drive for a class or presentation I was going to make and suddenly had to start over from scratch. This would be a life saver :)
- Lisa Salazar, Pocatello, USA

I can make some research data's to PowerPoint for better presentation in teaching and instruction. Also useful in converting past PDF to PowerPoint slides for better visualization rather than using lot of words and not seeing any pictures. helpful for me especially i'm not well verse in the art of making graphs and charts.
- Chen Jen Sheng, Chang Hua City, Taiwan / Roc

Its an amazing feature...i'm a doctor by profession. so, i'll probably download PDF files from d internet... an try using your product to convert them to PPT presentations, which will be helpful in my surprise presentation tests...!!!
- Gokul Krishnan, Chennai, India

Batch conversion PDF to PPT
- E Chan, Apleichau, Hong Kong

I like the PDF to PowerPoint converter, for quickly preparing presentations and not wasting much time. However, I would like to check the trial if the PPT backgrounds and formats are varied for different purposes one might wish to present.
- Sanjaya Dixit, Nanjing, China

With AnyBizSoft's PDF to PowerPoint Converter, I can WOW new investors to my company by putting graphics in my PowerPoint presentation that were just to complicated to add any other way. I could spend hours of my valuable time trying to make it work, pay a graphic designer big bucks, or just use PDF to PowerPoint. The choice is simple. I can't believe someone finally solved this issue! I'm so excited!
- Kyle Tresner, Provo, USA

Doing wonderful lessons in my classes.
- Walid Tantawi, Madinah, Saudi Arabia

It's ease in converting PDF files to PPT and the reliability of this software.
- Anupam Rai, New Delhi, India

To convert a PDF file which then can be filled
- Vojin Varnai, Belgrade, Serbia

It retained preservation in PPT output.
- Alfred Yap, Singapore, Singapore

Quick conversion of project PDF documents for slide show viewing in front of partners.
- Steve, Sydney, Australia

PDF to PowerPoint Converter
- Pranab Chakraborty, Kolkata, India

Hoping to animate client press kits into presentations - it's easy to put a bunch of scanned documents into a PDF, but the control over the presentation just isn't there. If this does what I hope it will, I can really animate, notes and effectively narrate presentations quickly!
- M. O'Leary, Santa Monica, USA

I want to use the software for converting the many PDF files i receive in my work. I like the easy transition the best--it saves a lot of time.
- Devendra Chowdary, Bangalore, India

Ability to edit individual objects from PDF in order to adapt them to the message that my power point presentation is trying to send.
- Iordan, Adelaide, Australia

I want to see and experience
- Manoj, Mumbai, India

For teaching purposes. Technology is becoming a great tool to assist visual learners and being able to convert PDF PowerPoint should facilitate the creativity process.
- Eduardo Rodriguez , Perris, USA

All of it.
- Chuck, Parker, USA

I want to convert the PDF files to PPT format. I am an MBA and I require to make presentations at a regular basis. Hence I am planning to use this as a tool. I like the convertibility feature the most. It is a new and very innovative concept.
- Kumar Saurabh, Ghaziabad, India

Ease and friendly in conversion....
- Rohit Agarwal, Kharagpur, India

I have yet to use the AnyBizSoft PDF, but it will be useful in my work to have this king of program.
- Lemuel Divinagracia, Quezon City, Philippines

I'd love a quick and easy way of converting old pieces of our corporate collateral to something I can refresh and reuse.
- Jane Pfeifer, Melbourne, Australia

To project my reports during meetings, seminars etc. Preserving table formats and making the slides fully editable.
- Peter Abdilla, Mqabba, Malta

I am involve in preparing training modules for the communities here in the Philippines. AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a great help in preparing slides presentation for these communities. Time to make it all easy and accessible even to the small communities..go AnyBizSoft...
- Englebert E. Soliven, Quezon City, Philippines

My main focus in my company is creating very exiting and informative presentations for instructive purpose. I gather information for many sources and one issue I deal with is utilizing PDF information in PP Presentations. This will allow smoother transformation of data and information into my PPTs which will then be converted to Flash.
- Rowdy Guidry, Doha, Qatar

For educational presentation purposes.
- Dharmaraj Soobarah, Ilford, UK

I want it for preparing our presentation on my MS thesis in the university.
- Soodeh, Tehran, Iran

I plan to use it for teaching using PowerPoints and notes for students to 'fill in the blanks' from the PowerPoint. It will save me hours and hours and hours of work! I can then use the PDF content to make worksheets and starters. Starters are great for a quick revision of a previous lesson, quiet students down in preparation for a lesson and get them thinking about the lesson they are now in rather than the class before. Imagine how you could decrease the stress of a teacher by letting her win the AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter software! She might then have some time to relax in a weekend! Wouldn't you be lovely people for doing that!
- Genevieve Walker, Kaikohe, New Zealand

An PPT content is the most important thing. Many times we receive the data that we want to include in our different presentations, but being in PDF it has to be typed again or in case of pictures / graphs to be pasted as pictures and brings down the quality. Hope with this software we can save time and efforts and more data sources can be used effectively.
- Abhishek Madan, New Delhi, India

As I am in the profession of imparting knowledge i want to use this product to improve my teaching in the class and so as to give my students a benefit from the same. It is such a wonderful tool to convert my documents into easy teaching tools in classroom. Thank you for coming out with this.
- Sheetal Thomas, Baroda, India

AH..with this my PDF files to power conversion is easy...I can make my PPT presentation with my original text and images still preserved .....great for my stream....with no need of installing Adobe....!!!!!!!
- Himani Yadav, Lucknow, India

I use a lot of medical scientific data in my presentation. I believe this will be of immense use .
- Sharda Crishna, Mumbai, India

Use AnyBizsoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter to convert the PDF's I receive to make beautiful PPT's for my Class.
- Louella Fonseca, Mumbai, India

To convert some teaching resources for children and adapt them to local conditions/data. The partial conversion feature where one can do selected pages is real neat and saves space! Plus the compatibility with all PowerPoint versions!!
- Rajiv, Bangalore, India

WIll be using for official & personal purpose..
- P N Vydianathan, Mumbai, India

I would use the AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint converter if I had a PDF file I wanted to put into a presentation. I can't say which feature I like the most because I have not used the product...but I would like to have one to use if I needed to. Thank you
- Sharon , Melbourne, Australia

To enrich future presentations. It will be a faster more accurate procedure rather then to convert a PDF file to JPG, TIF or BMP and then to insert into my future Power Point Presentations.
- Nahum Goldenberg, Kuryat Ono, Israel

I plan to use this software to convert diagrams in PDF documents into PowerPoint slides for presentations that I make. The feature to convert PDF into editable PowerPoint slides is useful as many articles and information from the internet can be converted quickly and easily without having to re-type. This will be a big boost to productivity.
- Azri Ahmad, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I would use it for school to embed PDFs into my PowerPoint and to covert PDF versions of PowerPoints into PowerPoint form.
- Jack Frey, Westfield, USA

I plan to use the AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter to enhance my work presentations. I particularly like capability of this software that enables me to maintain the quality and clarity of my graphic images.
- Roger, Ngunnawal, Australia

I plan to use the AnyBiz Soft PDF to PowerPoint Converter to convert PDF file to PowerPoint presentation for my Herbalife Team
- Marla Harrison, Grand Prairie, USA

Its main feature to convert the PDF documents to power point slides will be greatly helpful for me. I might be flying because of it. As a trainer, I would feel strengthened because of the addition of this unique utility to my resources bag.
- Salis Usman, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

To convert my PDF files into PowerPoint presentations to make them more interesting and powerful during company meetings
- Leontaridis, Athens, Greece

I will mostly use it to put PDF files in PowerPoint for church presentations on projection screen
- Ladonna Williams, Florence, United States

Presentation preparation.
- Lokash Viranna, Durban, South Africa

Education It's easy to use
- Nieves, Cordoba, Spain

I need to do many presentations at work, hence I need the software to help me with quick conversion of PDF files to PowerPoint.
- Shriyanka Nayak, Singapore, Singapore

I am currently using Nitro PDF converter and am not 100% happy with and would be willing to consider a switch as well as promote this to my friends and colleagues here in Asia.
- John Fenton, Jakarta, Indonesia

I plan to use the converter for study purposes and to convert my college PPT presentations which are in PDF format and even post various academic PPT and i think the 3 conversion modes provided is a feature which a student like me could use.
- Shishir Yadav, Mumbai, India

Convenient to transfer dos from PDF to PowerPoint, and it is latest, since we have the word and excel, PDF converter is very vital for person like me who always prepare PPT for our organization with difference design and latest technology.
- Shakila Perumal, Banglaore, India

As a native English speaker teaching English in Korea I often find things that are in a PDF format that would be great for class. In order to use the information in Power Point I have to make my own slides by retyping all the information into a Power Point presentation. Being able to convert the PDF right into editable Power Point would save a huge amount of time as well students prefer seeing what you're talking about on the screen such as in Power Point.
- Jonathan Ogden, Yeonggwang, South Korea

To convert old presentations where only the PDF is available back to PowerPoint for reuse.
- Alessandra Cimatti, Arese (Mi), Italy

To collect interesting PDF files from the internet and convert them into PowerPoint to enhance my processes
- Alex Lechleuthner, Koeln, Germany

Since I'm a professional Presentation producer, I will use the programe for fast creation of business presentations. I like the Right click conversion since it saves time! In general, the prograne looks VERY time saving.
- Eli Cohen, Kefar Yonah, Israel

I am excited about exploring all the features.
- Dr. Ramesh Shah, Vadodara, India

Recover previous documents (lectures)
- Roubaty, Elancourt, France

In our office the file send in PDF format. I must make from the beginning if any change of document.
- Muhammad Rifan, Jakarta, Indonesia

This is a powerful tool that will save time and money.
- Keith Barnhart, Bowling Green, USA

I am an Educator and aim to use the software for my teaching and planning. I love the idea of being able to transfer PDF into PowerPoint. Life would be much easier :-)
- Atif Hussain, Cairo, Egypt

I will take my notes more easily during the lectures when I can write directly into their handouts - yeahhhh ...PDF to Word... would rock my world :)
- Rutz Sadhana, Basel, Switzerland

As the PDF is the universal file type for easy transfer of documents to any machine. If u have a converter then it makes it easier to edit the PPT on another machine later. I like the feature of being able to convert just the pages requiring editing.
- Jinu Maria Varughese, Mumbai, India

It will be great to be able to move around and animate items within a PDF file so they present at the time I need them rather than all as one page. A brilliant resource - I should have had it years ago and saved years off my life cropping, partial deleting, and covering sections with blank boxes.
- Trevor Lineham, Foxton Beach, New Zealand

Convert docs for my non-profit - want to generate some cool presentations on healing for folks who are struggling with diseases - I want to try and encourage people with docs I have collected on healing.
- Susan Bell, Fruitland Park Florida, USA

I want to convert PDF documents into power point format. I have not used this software till now but i am really looking forward to use it.
- Prashant Agrawal, Pune, India

I would use it for class presentations to my high school students.
- Ernesto Quiroz, Goleta, USA

I need this converter for structuring presentations on upliftment & capacity building for development projects in rural communities. The editing potential is an excellent feature to ensure understanding at local level of complex information!
- Nico Veldtman, East London, South Africa

I am a pastor at a small church...this program would help me be more effective teaching and training others to make a difference in the lives of the children and community groups we serve
- David Ebel, Escondido, USA

The conversion of files from / to PDF or word. Some of the materials i have are already in that format which greatly takes time to transfer one line at a time. To some extent, the presentation will be converted back to PDF which will come in very useful in packaging the presentation.
- Alvin Del Rosario, Manila, Philippines

To convert larger graphic based PDF's to power point presentation without altering it's structure. Also, I like the features like 3 methods of batch processing, text,graphic conversion tool etc
- S.Rajagopalan, Kolkata, India

In my office, we receive quite a number of PowerPoint presentations as PDF files. I would like to convert them to PowerPoint for presentations. I would be most grateful to receive a copy of PDF to PowerPoint software. Thank you and best regards.
- Hiro Kobayashi, Tokyo, Japan

To my presentation in PDF to PowerPoint. I like the preservation of hyperlinks.
- Mohamad Jais, Alor Setar, Malaysia

I am a part-time teacher without a full-time job. I need all the help I can get since I get no departmental support for curricular development.
- Karen Baker, Nacogdoches, USA

Its quality
- Tejpal Singh, Amritsar, India

Easy way convert presentation from illustrator to PowerPoint
- Igor K, Kiev, Ukraine

I've acquired many PDF sources of info to use in training and most needs to be retyped into PowerPoint. I'm not a typist - i'm a trainer and waste too much time administering
- Kevin Reid, Newcastle, UK

For corporate presentations I may use it
- Manas, Bangalore, India

I use PowerPoint for everything. One problem with the software is that you are unable to lock down the presentations for changes. With AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter this is possible
- Mark Gilston, Wallsend, UK

I'm a research nurse and as such I deal with lots of PSF files such as researches, images and graphs. If I could convert this data into PPT it could open to me various presentation options
- Yulia Nigel, Tel Aviv, Israel

In preparation of presentations for medical conventions, I frequently need to show excerpts from the professional literature, and copying an image from the published PDF comes out unclear. I also need to be able to edit in order to emphasize a particular phrase. Preserving the original layout is essential to showing that the original published manuscript is being used.
- Judith Shidlowsky, Jerusalem, Israel

My the courseware my teachers sent me is in PDF, but I wanna quote some of the slides for my own presentations. The feature I like most about this application is that it supports batch conversion which saves me lots of trouble to wait for the task ahead to finish and start a new one.
- Ardisw, Hobe Sound, USA

Creating presentations and graphs. We create editable PPT presentation.
- Bielik Roman, Bratislava, Slovakia

I am involved in environmental training for elected officials. I have training programs that I converted to PDF files and I'd like to edit to update the training programs. I don't have the original files, they were lost when my computer got a virus and my hard drive was reformatted. The ability to convert these PDF files back into a document that I can manipulate would be heaven sent for me. I put so much work into them and I realize how much time it would take for me to start over and re-create the presentation. The time and labor that this would save is phenomenal.
- Susan Eddington, New York, USA

Amazing opportunity to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation without re-inventing the wheel again! AND still have the security of passwords. Love the technology and extra freed up time!
- Charmaine Connolly, Cape Town, South Africa

For teaching purposes many researches and text books are available in PDF format which is not suitable for presentations this software will make life easier
- Ghada, Alexandria, Egypt

Finally a 5-in-1 PDF utility. No more mix ups with different app's! And I'm a fan of Indezine!
- Frans Nieman, Ede, The Netherlands

Well to convert PDF files into PPT its a different ball game, the ability of the software to convert without effort into PPT is a great feature which i like the most
- Rao, Hyderabad, India

It's very useful to convert PDF files to PPT files
- Gnanasagar T.J., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

For now,in college projects presentation.
- Ramona, Iassy, Romania

I work in an organization of volunteers this converter will make their work faster & easier!
- Dina Ben Tora, Moshav Beit Meir, Israel

As a public speaker, it would save alot of precious time to type and prepare PowerPoint presentations. If this software is capable of saving time in the conversion, it will be awesome.
- Joe Chua, Singapore, Singapore

The feature i love is to convert PDFs to PPT - simple clean business like and no hassles
- Abhishek Banerjee, Kolkata, India

I am a student who does lot of presentations in the college. I have to do a lot of unique presentations for which this will be of a great help to me feature: guys common, the whole idea is exciting
- Ashwin, Chennai, India

Plan to convert many of my original files to PowerPoint version and distribute! The best part is I can make my presentations dynamic by being able to add flash or gif content to the PPT's.
- Mahek Shah, Hyderabad, India

To take a pleasure to look in PowrPoint Show.
- Aleksandar Sredojevic, Beograd, Serbia

I will use the program to convert PDF files of our society's newsletter into PowerPoint Presentations.
- James Monk, Florence, USA

The ability to convert PDF files to PowerPoint in just a click :)
- Belle Legaspi, Mandaluyong, Philippines

The ability to convert PDF to PowerPoint so can use on interactive white board
- A Lawton, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire

I am a Scout Leader and train many new Leaders annually. Utilizing new technology will enable me to train these volunteers better and they in turn will be better equipped to train youth members to become better citizens. Your new technology will promote new citizenship skills.
- John Glover, Ringwood North, Australia

Convert read-only PDF files to full-editable PowerPoint® presentations
- Sarath, Kollam, India

To make PowerPoint presentations for students and staff members. I like the easy ness with which PDFs can be converted into PPT
- Ron Verheijen, Arnhem, Netherlands

I would love to be able to convert and use PDFs as PowerPoint in the lectures I give to Women's Institutes, Rotary Clubs and charity and church groups. The fact that it is reliable and trustworthy is its best feature.
- Ian Stubbs, Middlesbrough, England

To convert PDF files into PowerPoint
- Andrea Cross, Christchurch, New Zealand

I would use AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter to take advantage of using the content of some documents in some presentations that I have previously been unable to utilise. Thank you , Jim Welsh
- Jim Welsh, Glasgow, Scotland

To convert my PDF documents to PowerPoint. The feature I like most is the ability to right click and convert a PDF to PowerPoint - it's so simple and useful.
- Nicholas, Singapore, Singapore

I do a lot of leadership training seminars for young leaders from Austria and Eastern Europe. I like to include articles, quotes, and statistics in my presentations from time to time. This tool looks to be ideal for building these items right into my presentations.
- Bruce Clewett, Guntramsdorf, Austria

To trasform PDF presentations you find on the web and easily transform them and re adapt.a clever way to easy my work and save time!
- Giuseppe Barone, London, UK

I will use it for presentations related to tourism. I use a lot of data in tables and graphs.
- Amela, Dubrovnik, Croatia

I have made many presentations in past and they are with me in PDF format. There is no good software currently available with me which can help me convert those PDFs into editable PPTs, so that I can continue my previous work. The feature that I like the most is that it produces editable and dynamic PPT presentations with several clicks not just PPT presentations with each slide as a picture.
- Rahul Sinha, Kolkata, India

I want to use the software for developing Power Point Presentations for charity! We want to help the unfortunate humans in the cordilleras to become a better life and medical supply
- Arthur, Baguio City, Philippines

As a trainee educator, there are numerous resources, individuals have placed freely on internet for teaching purposes, that are currnetly not accessable in PowerPoint form. The Any biz Soft PDF to PowerPoint converter, will avail these resources for the learning benefit of students. Any copyright or references to reproduced material is always acknowledged.
- Ian Bridgeman, Redcliffe, Australia

I plan to use it for converting PDF files into PPT files for study and personal use. In my line of study and work I have often need to use PDF content in a more accessible and friendly manner in order to convey to my students the meaning, the message. Copying line by line the content and then making it an attractive and clear PPT is not always an easy task. Thus, this software will make my work much easier and for my students much more attractive. I hope to win one of these 30 copies and I am convinced that I will put it to a good use. Thank you.
- Florin Georgescu, Tilburg, The Netherlands

I work in the area of education, and plan to use PDF to PowerPoint to convert - from one version to another and viceversa and convert policy documents into training presentations without having retype text/input images etc The ability to convert Hyperlinks and images, is the feature i see as most benifical
- Kam Ram, Birmingham, England

I am thrilled that finally I can convert PDF documents to PowerPoint slides seamlessly and quickly. So in presentation situations I can introduce documents, excerpts etc into the presentation where in the past it was difficult and time consuming to get PDF information onto PowerPoint slides.
- Gavin Mardon, Johannesburg, South Africa

I change many PDFs to PowerPoints for my lessons and those are always filled with diagrams and graphs so maintaining the original layout is very important
- Diana, Singapore, Singapore

I am Assistant Programmer in PAU Ludhiana. I m doing Programming side by side Teaching to MCA and PGDCA Students in PAU Ludhiana. So i ll use this Any Biz soft PDF to Power Point Converter to convert the slides through which i am teaching to the students and send them for their prepration of the exams. So i think i need the most of this software.
- Sumit Saluja, Ludhiana, India

Converting the Pdf file to PPT
- Tinu Sebastian, Ernakulam, India

PDF convertor to PPT
- Haydeh Moien, Shiraz, Iran

I am working in education , using a new interactiv method : developed by Fun Science Spain. Durin the activities with gimnasiums we use diferent presentations also and the most useful and with the biggest impact are the PPT formats. So, if y win the free package y will use it in that purpose
- Angela Ionescu, Timisoara, Romania

I will us it to convert the PDF's i recieve to create presentations to my team, for my friends and to share the files with others. The most annoying thing i find is when i am send a PDF and cannot do anythign with it, screen printing just does not cut the mustard.
- Rob Herkes, Newport Pagnell, England

This will help me present a mountain of information I already have stored as PDF!
- Jamie Dempsey, Cumbernauld, Scotland

I have lot of presentation activities. The PDF from the net can be used in the power point using the tool.
- Lijo, Chennai, India

Becasue this is wonderful product and save time in convertion.
- Rizwan, Islamabad, Pakistan

I got to see this first.. I am damn excited about this new thing. it will definitely help me out in my presentations and other college work.
- Sameer Jain, Chandigarh, India

Converting documents into slides to then adapt my slides mainly for health and safety i.e. gravediggers to classroom assistants etc
- George Partridge, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

The easiness will enhance the quality of my education. It's juicy and easy to use.
- Jan Florin, Falun, Sweden

Transforms all my documents to presentations - the best way to save time and patience.
- Anna Brusquini, Stockholm, Sweden

Excellent, economical and easy to use software which will save lot of time in making presentation using PDF information.
- Khem P Joshi, Melbourne, Australia

It will be for personal use since I always download PDF files that are in the form of PowerPoint presentations. I don't need to copy and paste the content of PDF files to PowerPoints if I'll have this program. I can also save the slide designs that are already in the PDF file.
- Arlene Bacalla, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Philippines

I think the software is awesome and will help me to do my daily task...
- Deden Wahyudiyanto, Jakarta, Indonesia

I was looking this kind of software
- Stefenes, Jakarta, Indonesia

Fast conversion without "copy&paste" within the PDF-document.
- Bargel, Karlsruhe, Germany

To convert my PDF files to PPTx files
- Can Aydinlik, Istanbul, Turkey

We wish to publish many of our PDF documents as presentations over the web
- Shashikant Gupta, Mumbai, India

Since so much is in PDF nowdays, any shortcut method of transferring to and ediiting in power point is brillent. Perhaps one feature over another will appeal to different people yet I just love the whole lot. Having the product endorsed by Indezine who knows all there is about power point is the deal breaker over any other product out there - and gawd knows there are a few.
- Terry Everitt, Sydney, Australia

In my office - which is an educational resource centre
- Geetha, Bangalore, India

Another tool in the arsenal, PowerPoint on it's own is clunky and bloaty but adding lot's of plug in's makes it a real treat and give you the wherewithall for stunning and creative PowerPoints. we have many clients who use PDF's a great feature for us to be able to covert them into PowerPoint
- Victor, Inverness, Inverness Shire

I will use for my presentations in college where sometimes i need info from a certain a PDF but of course when i print screen to put it in my PowerPoint the resolution sucks!! :D
- Waleed Sadek, Cairo, Egypt

Being a student, I will use it to to convert many of the PDF lectures to PPT Format, which I can then edit as per my own needs and requirements. The Feature that I Like the most in AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is that its interface is user friendly, and a beginner can readily and easily accomplish the jobs that he wants to be done, unlike the case with other solutions available in the market today.
- Mayank Shrivastava, New Delhi, India

I am a student of BSSe and many time I have to present some topic infront of my class. Nowadays topics are easy availabe over the net but the problem is I am not able to convert those PDF files into the PPT. So, I will use this product to help me in this manner espcially.
- Rehan Rehmat Tamimi, Karachi, Pakistan

Anybizsoft PDF to Power Point Converter is a good software
- Vinayak, Udupi, India

My pastor sometimes sends me PDF files that he wants to include in his PPT. I like the ability to do just one page of the file. AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is pure gold.
- Terry Cooley, Caledonia, USA

I prepare PowerPoints for use in worship services. We receive ads / promotions / encouragements from many sources eg for mission ideas, to support various charities, to support various children & youth ministries. These are often PDFs, so need "editing" to be able to be presented in church.
- Viv Valentine, Brisbane, Australia

I intend to use this software to prepare materials for my chemistry classes.
- Jorge, Porto, Portugal

I need some tools for the "Perfect" presentation and it's very important for my career. Better ideas requires better instruments... like PDF to PowerPoint
- Assya Athanassova, Targovishte, Bulgaria

For my office work as i am working in ministry.
- Pramod Nag, Kolkata, India

Image conversion is my fav. I would use to impress my peers on my presentations
- Chandrasekar R, Bangalore, India

I need some tools for the "Perfect" presentation and it's very important for my career. Better ideas requires better instruments... like PDF to PowerPoint
- Assya Athanassova, Targovishte, Bulgaria

To explore more on electronic presentation the effect and its unique presentation
- Palarion, Jeaneth S., Cebu City, Philippines

Convert PDF for Power Point presentations to school children in the 2nd through 9th grade. Subjects range from the history of the English Language, to Fast Food restaurants in the USA.
- David Parsley, Perry Hall, USA

I simply like being able to convert PDF files to editable PowerPoint files. As a teacher, we have many PDF files that we use in instruction, but I have no way to work with them in PowerPoint, which I use all day in the classroom, other than to display them as a graphic. This software will prove invaluable in allowing me to not only show the PDF files, but also to work with them in PowerPoint. Thanks for creating PDF to PowerPoint. I look forward to using it soon.
- Scott Holder, Monroe, USA

For producing presentations for my MSC
- Adam Thompson, London, UK

To convert PDF files into presentations
- Berkay Ako, Izmir, Turkey

I have too many PDF format articles that needs to be converted into PowerPoint, it will be of great help for me to have it than to retype it all over again and will make my work a lot more easier.
- Irma Caya, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Training Development
- Thurston Horton, Fllorence, USA

I volinteer on history commmittee at my church and we do a lot of presentinations with PowerPoint and Adobe also, this would be a great tool to have because we can convert a lot of documents to PowerPoint, we are doing it the old fashion way of copy and paste methoid.
- Fredrick West, Gainesville, USA

It can help me to convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations which allow me to easily do presentations with a last minute PDF file that is given to me. It also allow me to select any pages from a PDF file to convert. Really very convenient.
- Andy Huang, Singapore, Singapore

I am a University professor so I plan to use it in my teaching
- Neamat, Khartoum, Sudan

Want to try it, I use a lot of PowerPoint presentations. And share those PPT's with friends. They share their PPT's with others, and on-and-on it goes. Let me be the one to get this free deal, you never know, my friends might just purchase your products? May your day be a blessing.
- Milton Mathers, Elizabethton, USA

As a college instructor at a public institution, I feel the economic pinch every day. There is pressure to increase class size without sacrificing the quality of education. A tool allowing me to transform PDFs of high quality journal articles into slides to support my class lectures would make new resources available to my students -- a true investment in our future!
- James Fatzinger, Advance, USA

I am a math teacher and PDF Converter will assist me in making more interesting PowerPoints using tables, graphs and charts. I teach 6th grade so I am always looking at ways to encourage my kids to stay focused. I also believe it will make my PPT implementation of numbers and figures alot easier to be created in a slideshow. It is something I could definitely use daily in my classroom. I also think I will be able to make more interactive PowerPoints to be use in my classroom.
- Karen Fancher, Nacogdoches, USA

This will help me convert my professor's slides to use in my own powepoints. Right now it is too hard to copy the material he provides since all his PDF slides are copy protected. Save me from this extra typing..
- Rutvik Rana, Revere, USA

It is simple to use and yet effective converter.
- Roopali, Delhi, India

I plan on using at work. Im a Business Process analyst and time and time again i came across projects/presentations where being able to convert PDF to PP would be extremely helpful.
- Sam Chehab, Natick, USA

For my professional presentations
- Doppenberg, Nijkerk, Netherlands

Right-clicking conversion will be a quick and easy way to get my PDFs into PP. Thanks!
- Mitch Duncan, Charlotte, Mecklenburg

Church related presentations - the from PDF to PowerPoint
- Ed Boggess, Estill Springs, USA

Make my presentation more interested
- Ami Fadhila, Padang, Indonesia

I am a nursing instructor who uses PowerPoint and PDF files on a daily basis. The ease of converting 1 document into the other would greatly help my development of lessons and lesson plans. Much of the data I find from professional journals is in a read-only PDF format, so software that would help diminish this would help me provide quality nursing instruction to the future nurses I teach. AnyBizSoft is user friendly and highly recommended by my peers.
- Melinda Kaszuk, West Palm Beach, USA

Plan to use it to convert PDFs to PowerPoint for presentations. I like the fact that the software retains the formatting and layout found in the original PDF.
- George Smith, Reading, USA

Anyone who does any research on-line knows that there's a TON of date out there, most of it gets published as PDF. Try to get that data for use in a presentation or meeting displays and you're in for a challenge. I tried the trial version of AnyBizSoft and am completely hooked! Very easy to use and maintains resolution and detail of all PDF's I've tried (which is a big problem trying to get PDF data through other means)....I'd buy my copy right now, but instead figure I'd try to win one first through Indezine! Thanks!
- Daniel Sharpe, Port Washington, USA

To do exactly what the software was made for.
- Tariq Bucheeri, Manama, Bahrain

My plan for AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is to use it in advancing my presentations during my trainning sections as a consultant, thereby reducing preparation time & at long run increase my output.
- Prince Uche, Karu Site - Abuja, Nigeria

Use when my teachers send PDFs of slides and can't take notes on my computer easily like on PPTs! That would be so helpful!
- Valerie, Montreal, Canada

Exporting key presentations from PDF to PPT at work.
- Ed Boggess, Minnetonka, USA

I have lecture notes and modules (in PDF) that I have prepared for my students. With my busy schedule, I cannot prepare PowerPoint presentations in time for my lecture. With this software, it will be of great help with less time and effort.
- Nancy M. Felipe, Quezon City, Philippines

I get PDF files via e-mail all the time with information that needs to be added to PowerPoint presentations. Having an AnyBizSoft PDF convert would save me hours and hours for time by eliminating the "redo's", especially charts and graphs. The convert would allow me the flexibility to up-date any information and eliminate information not needed for the PowerPoint presentation. In today's busy office environment, one doesn't have the extra time to learn new software, so having a product that is easy to use and even easier to learn is critical. The flexibility to convert only the pages needed for the presentation at hand is an awesome option. This is a great time-saver and allows me access to only the information I need without all the extras often included in a PDF file. Where has this product been all my life?
- Roxie Freeman, Omaha Ne , USA

I'm a high school teacher and I think this software will be amazing for me in terms of time-saving to having to make a PPT from a PDF easily and readily before a lesson. Especially when I want to preserve texts and images exactly the way I want to on the PPT slides and the PDF notes which I will give to my students.
- Paul Lau, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I'm a blogger and like to re-purpose my content as articles and PDFs and videos. I plan to convert my PDFs to PowerPoint and then turn them in to videos and publish on Tubemogul. I love the fact that the images, graphics and tables will be preserved.
- Debbie Lattuga, Sarasota, USA

I am a high school technology teacher and this piece of software would be a huge addition to my coursework. Much of my paperwork that I demonstrate to my students could be placed in a PowerPoint and enhanced to make it more interesting.
- Kathy Russell, Wheelersburg, USA

I am an instructor at a local seminary. I plan to use the PP Converter in eaching Presentations at Seminary. It sounds like it will be a big help in using Old Testament Charts and Tables in class. Thanks.
- Michael Rice, Arp, USA

I will be using Anybizsoft PDF to PowerPoint converter mainly to convert my PDF books for the purpose of didactic teaching.I was looking for such software and only a few days back one of my colleagues suggested this particular software and by luck today I am entering for a giveaway contest...I just pray that I get it..Amen!
- Sam, Singapore, Singapore

This would be great for web based training for which the original PowerPoint version was lost.
- Jill Searcy, Leesburg, USA

I will use it for PowerPoint presentations in my family history classes. I call PDF, "Pretty, darn, fine" copies. I like taking clean, crisp, "pretty, darn, fine" copies into my presentations. It might seem silly, but PDF copies are easier for many of my students to read as they are in their sixties, seventies, and eighties.
- Kerry Watson, Fillmore, USA

Presentations for work
- Irene Woods, Greenville, USA

as a teacher it gives me a lot of flexibility to save and distribute my teachings in differing formats according to student resources available to them
- Philip Socash, New Castle, USA

To be able to change PDFs that I receive to working copies of PowerPoint. This is perhaps very seamless and easier to use than other programs including Adobe.
- Jan Yoder, Goshen, USA

I am an English teacher. Many useful classroom resources come in PDF format but need some degree of adaptation for the classroom or to maximize their usefulness to the students.
- Douglas Reese, Somerset, USA

I've been teeching, researching, and writing for a long time now and but have never founda really good way to convert files. This will be a great tool to use in my personal work. Thanks for making it possible!
- Greg Hamlin, Manchester, USA

I have to create .PDF files often, but many times I need the data also in a presentation for teachers. This tool would be about the greatest program I could get, especially if I won it! :) PDF2PPT ahs SO many good things that I cannot pick any one of them other than just the fact that it will do the exact thing I need most: convert a .PDF to PowerPoint....AND it will work with PPT 2010! What a great idea and a sound program that carries the job to completioin perfectly!
- David Cox, Alexandria, USA

Use in Power Point presentations. Anytime you don't have to recreate a document/table/graph it saves me time, and allows me to spend that time making sure the presentation is the best it can be.
- Chris Barkis, Dallas, USA

To make PowerPoint shows for school projets:)
- Ragnar Hermannsson, Horsens, Denmark

I am a school nurse and plan to use the PowerPoint Converter to assist me in health teaching at the middle-high school level. I'm know the students appreciate visual presentations of information as a way of helping them understand content as opposed to lectures. PowerPoint presentations improve student and adult cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills. Presentations enhance learning and can and should be used in combination with other teaching methods to increase the student's interest, participation in the learning process, and to meet the learning objectives.
- Marcia Jones, St. Louis, USA

I download PDFs many types of documents as part of my job as a curriculum manager, and the ability convert them into editable PowerPoint presentations will be extremely useful.
- Lou Prosperi, Wakefield, USA

I work a lot with PDF files and presentations. Since I convert all of my web based files to PDF for delivery this product might be what I am looking for to convert my deliverable products to a presentation form for different applications. I currently use screenshots to capture PDF data for presentations but they are large and cumbersome.
- Barton Cole, Sanford, USA

We are a HealthCare Organization that uses blended learning techniques to train our employees. PowerPoint is our preferred Software of choice however we must spend countless hours re-creating documents. Using AnyBizSoft saves us both time and money. AnyBizSoft's ability to capture images, graphes, embedded objects is amazing and to covert it right into PowerPoint, well we can't keep from smiling. We figure it has saved us thousands of dollars not to mention our headaches have gone away. There is no other software like it on the planet. Thanks AnyBizSoft.
- Gary Glosser, Mooresville, USA

I use PowerPoint a lot during our worship at church, and it would be nice to be able to include some PDF files!
- Kay Fisher, Bradley, USA

I am planning to use AnyBizSoft for my job. I am a teacher in a Bible School so it would be helpful to prepare my lectures and a precious tool for my sermon in PPT.
- Stefano Cannioto, Palermo, Italy

I would like to use it for preparing my presentations and this will save lot of time.
- Roma, Nepalgunj, Nepal

PowerPoint sermon preparation. Editable type input.
- Ronald Soulsman, Ocean City, USA

To create PPT for use in the classroom setting.
- Candace Gioia, St. Petersburg, USA

I work with PDF files for our Christian school. I am learning more and more about power point and being able to edit and use forms would be nice.
- Peggy Lowery, Hartselle, USA

I would just like the to have the ability to quickly convert PDF files to full-editable PowerPoint presentations.
- Peter Jankowski, Lake View, USA

I plan to use AnyBizSoft PDF to create business presentations; I'm looking forward to being able to take existing PDF and convert directly to PowerPoint instead of trying to re-create from scratch.
- Rita Mest, Allentown, USA

I do online meditations on Sundays and need good picture translations
- Toni, Sarasota, USA

I'm a teacher and i feel this would benefit greatly for me! I like the fact you can create a PowerPoint from a PDF in just a few clicks
- Natalie Hagan, St Helens, Merseyside

I have never used it, but would like to use ot for its ability to convert PDF to PowerPoint. I use PowerPoint a lot and think this could be a useful tool.
- Marie Tipton, Little Rock, USA

I periodically get PDF files of PowerPoint presentaitons from clients who want me to convert it back to PowerPoint. I tell them I need to re-create if from scratch and they just freak out. So this option of converting back to PowrPoint is a time-saving feature for me and my clients.
- Richard Iacovelli, Franklin, USA

To convert files from Government website- Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to make PowerPoint presentations that are taylored to the needs of staff in the Northeast centers of Genesis Health Care Corporation.
- Sharon Nichols, Andover, USA

I plan to use this product to convert many of our PDF files to a PowerPoint for presentation of HR items. This is s fabulous product unlike any other I know. It will make the job of preparing presentations much easier and faster. Having AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter will definitely make business life much easier. I hope I am selected to receive one of these free copies.
- Mark Rosenthal, Atlanta, USA

I am a Paramedic Educator and prepare education sessions every 60 days for hundreds of Paramedics to keep up with the latest changes and updates in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. Often these changes are published in PDF format and converting them into a clear PowerPoint can be a challenge. Having this program would make this process easier and also enhance their learning which benifits tens of thousands of patients that we care for every year.
- Barry Tracey, Petit De Grat, Canada

I intend to use the AnyBizSoftware in my PowerPoint presentations to be able to give better presentations with more Flair and Punch! To WOW the audience and make my Points stand out!
- Ben Bowers, Wichita, USA

I plan to use AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter to make PDFs of PowerPoint files. These will be used for many things like professional presentations, reports, documentation to presentation and more. I like the feature that allows it to convert to and from many formats from PowerPoint 2003 up to 2007, and from PDF 1 to 1.7.
- Mark Christian D. Lopez, Pasay City, Philipppines

Use it at our church to enhance the worship experience.
- Jim Elledge, Mesquite, USA

Convert PDFs to PowerPoint to update/modify information on read only PDFs
- Shawn Jefferds, League City, USA

In my searches for good education related PowerPoint presentations, I sometimes find great material that is in a form my teachers can't manipulate. This would make more and sometimes better material available to our students. Learning in this digital age is so different than the past and new methods have to be employed by teachers entrenched in the old ways. Conversion to new teaching and learning styles is difficult for many older teachers and I'd like to remove as many impediments as possible.
- Greg Burden, Birmingham, USA

Still I have not seen the software. But it looks very valueable.
- Imran, Lahore, Pakistan

Work with lectures and presentations for my students in high school
- Lydia P-Bryant, Madison, USA

Help my work to be easy.
- Ghisline Chagnon, Saint-Lambert, Canada

To convert presentations shared via PDF format
- Conrado Morlan, Plano, USA

There are many times that I receive PDF files that I would like to convert to full-editable Power Point resentations. This would make life much easier.
- J. Lew, Calgary, Alberta

If this works it is a God-send. So many time I have to recreat slides that were sent in PDF format because the sender does not have the originals or in a couple of case did not keep the original files. This program could give me back some unreplaceable hours.
- Arlene Corkhill, Brea, USA

I will transform stodgy PDF files into highly interactive PPT files which draw the user in. My favorite feature is the versatility.
- Michael Michalk, Mound, USA

As a pastor of a church I use power points every week. This would be an awesome help for me.
- Jack Ruble, Warren, USA

My plan is to take PDF files which are forms we use in Vocational Rehabilitation and create power point presentations explaining the forms graphically and easily so as to achieve greater compliance by our Counselors and Provider employment specialists. We help persons with disabilities become employed.
- David Culver, Fort Myers, USA

For training design purposes.
- Lenora Porzillo, Washington, USA

It would be very helpful to have an easy way to convert information to PowerPoint to use in teaching classes at the church. It is so time consuming to convert text to presentations.
- Connie Taylor, Bartlesville, USA

Education and training
- Tran Doan Anh Quan, Hochiminh, Vietnam

I like me use simplicity and I plan to use it like a teacher tools with my students
- Hugo Calderon, San Salvador, El Salvador

We receive many brochures from our clients that we could turn around and use as a sales presentation when we're planning on the account renewal. The multiple conversion modes are a real time saver - and being able to convert just partial PDFs, easily make it a time saver.
- Beth Birchall, Lancaster, USA

Sometimes people will bring a PDF as part of a lesson. Hopefully this product would allow me to customize or even incorporate the content from the PDF into the entire presentation. The fact that links and animations would be preserved is a time saving.
- Mark Mercil, Red Wing, USA

I'm a professional PowerPoint designer and I love anything that can same me time. PDF to PowerPoint is just what I need to create ACTUAL PowerPoint files from PDF's.
- Tony Tyner, North Aurora, USA

I work with educators and this would be a great resources to assist them with their presentations in the classroom. Also, it would be nice to have resources to share with others that would make what they do on a daily basis easier! Thanks for the opportunity!
- Conni Mulligan, Asheville, USA

I will use the software to improve the presentations in my classroom, adding information like tables and graphics that are part of my reference documents in PDF.
- Juan Carlos Corchado-Cuevas, Carolina, Puerto Rico

I'm planing to use for study. It will make easier for me, I could make notes if I had it.
- Marina, Brasília, Brazil

After 25 years in the graphic design biz, I have a ton of large PDF files that are dying to become PowerPoint presentations. My clients will love the fact that they can have a static file for download and print, and one with pizzazz to show off to everyone who will watch! The password protection is a great plus.
- Scott Ross, Lethbridge, Canada

The AnyBizSoft PDF will allow me to convert material that is created for investor communications to slides that can be used when presenting at investor conferences -- without re-creating anything. The ability to convert tables and charts is especially useful and is the feature I like the most because it will save me time and money.
- Kristine Pavletich, Neenah, USA

This program would make a GREAT addition to our church's media ministry. The time it would save volunteers who currently have to retype or recreate so many things for our media presentations would be incredible! Thanks for the consideration.
- James Barrett, Concord, USA

Our Pastor does all his work in PDF files. I then have to retype or copy/paste and then adjust font, etc for any PowerPoint Presentation. This would be an immense help to me. We're a small church (under 100) and my budget is tiny.
- First Christian Church, Shell Knob, USA

- Lisa Smith, Valley, USA

PDF files are good, but cumbersome when you need to make changes to a presentation. With the ability to convert from PDF to PowerPoint will help trememdously. The feature I like the most is do partial conversions to PowerPoint.
- Lisa Williams, Lithonia, USA

I have projects developing presentations that require conversion, this would be an awesome time saver considering I am on a shoestring budget. AnyBizSoft your rock!
- Bob Slesinski, Urbana, USA

This software would save so much time! In the past, I have had to recreate PowerPoint presentations because we only had a .PDF version. Please let me win! :)
- Jennifer Davis, Pittsburgh Pa, USA

Modification of PowerPoint presentations already saved in a PDF format. Prefered feature: All elements such as text, tables, images and hyperlinks are preserved individually in generated PowerPoint files as the original layouts, which let me easily improve the PowerPoint slides.
- Francois Deschamps, Sherbrooke, Canada

I work for a church and we do PowerPoint presentations on Sunday. Normally if I have a PDF file I am working from, I have to bruing it in to Photoshop, sut & paste as an image, or retype everything. This would really help! Thank you, Cyndy Beardsley
- Cyndy Beardsley, Wheat Ridge, USA

Is usefull for me in the university, for create presentations for my class
- Juan Antonio Benitez Contreras, San Salvador, El Salvador

I develop telecommunications presentations for management and attorneys. I gather a lot of information off the web in PDF that I can use in my presentations instead of handing out separate information plus the presentation.
- Yolanda Taylor-Weems, Washington, USA

As a lecturer, I will use this software to enhance my presentation in a creative way. The feature I like the most is the software ability to generated individual objects.
- Gery Raphael Lusanjaya, Bandung, Indonesia

I have used presentations of various types in my teaching for many years. A number of them where in programs other than PowerPoint, and were also saved as PDF's - I would love to easily covert them to real PowerPoint, currently I just paste in pages as jpg's, but that is tedious and makes the PowerPoint uneditable.
- Mark, Philadelphia, USA

For church PowerPoints
- Deborah Wallen, Park Hills, USA

I prepare a lot of PowerPoint training material for our fellow co-workers. A lot of time have to use PDF files, sometimes information from internet which are PDF. I had used the PDF to Word Converter and find it very fast, user-friendly and most importantly very accurate and editable.
- Tom Tam, Huntington, USA

I plan to your it in teaching my secondary students. It will save me lots of time converting existing PDF material into PowerPoints so that I can teach more effectively to my students.
- David Rostoker, Maple, Canada

Creating training template for new agent training.
- Robert Wainwright, Orlando, USA

I'll use it to easily use data from articles for presentations. I'll probably use it the most for tables/figures that i want in my presentations.
- Jorn Vos, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I intend to use the PPT converter to download PDF files specially that I am in the academe, my work demands quick and frequent preparation of PPT presentations for my lectures that are effective. I like the user-friendly style of converting PDF files to PPT that retains orig tables, formats, etc, and when converted will still have room for flexibility, more animations, and therefore will make my presentations more credible and effective.
- Imelda Pena, Manila, Philippines

To convert PDFs to PowerPoint
- Diana Branch, Fayetteville, USA

PowerPoint presentations for college work
- Luz Ortiz, Patillas, Puerto Rico

I do a lot of instructing and use a lot of PowerPoints. The ability to easily integrate PDF's from different sources into my PowerPoints will save me significant amounts of time in my preparation for my classes. Anything to make the job easier will be a benefit.
- Fred J. Thompson, Henderson, USA

I would like to explore all features. I'll be using it to convert presentations sent in PDF. I can also request overseas students to send in their PPT in PDF file as it'll save storage when converted to PDF. This may be a great solution for training providers!
- Pebble Teo, Singapore, Singapore

I would love to experiment - currently when creating PowerPoint presentations it is a long and tedious project when it should be so simple. To be able to integrate with out having to recreate would be a great benefit.
- Lois Mclain, Oceanside, USA

Being able to convert PDFs to PowerPoints on the fly would save huge amounts of time. I work in assistive technology in the public schools, and for kids with severe physical disabilities clicking through slides is easier than than going through pages of PDFs.
- Marian Birdsall, Jacksonville, USA

I don't know, I would like to try it I think it could be a very useful tool thanks for the opportunity
- Kevin Salley, Burnsville, USA

I plan to use it as a teaching tool
- Rivka Shoulson, New York, USA

Publish my classes for students
- Patricio Torres, Valdivia, Chile

I teach at a major university and would use this software to enhance teaching and learning skills. PowerPoint is a very convienient teaching tool but adding enhancements such as PDF documents would be very helpful to point students to documents that will assist their learning of difficult and complex tasks.
- Jesse C. Vivian, Plymouth, USA

I work for the Product Strategy deparment-Marketing and have to build tons of decks at work and do a lot of research, this software will save me a huge amount of time when transcribing PDF articles as part of my research or PPT building.
- Eduardo Zarate, Flower Mound, USA

I like the ability to do this PDF conversion and this will help enormously with my PowerPoint presentations for my class--thanks!
- Charles Marko, Las Vegas, USA

Using PowerPoint has added another dimension to learning at the schools I work with. I have guided teachers in developing multimedia lessons that are fun-filled and powerful learning experiences. Many of them are ready for the next level and easily using tables, images, and hyperlinks with the PDF Converter will knock their socks off. The enthusiasm and creativity is infectuous for children who don't have a wealth of technology at their fingertips.
- Dorothy Lindsey, Canton, USA

I like the conversion feature simply to save everyone time. I usually have to go back to the individual who sent the PDF file to me and ask them for a version I can edit. I am a presentation designer so this would save me a tremendous amount of time.
- Chanel Edrington, Maryland, USA

I am considered the PowerPoint guru within my company Unfortunately, as such I am expected to work "miracles" on a regular basis under very tight deadlines. Conversion FROM PDF to PPT is one of the most difficult jobs I must endure. I DO have tools that allow me to do it, but it remains a multi-step, laborious task. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to the opportunity to show off my abilities if I am lucky enough to win. Please consider me for your giveaway contest.
- Stephen Barta, Rowlett, USA

I plan on using anybizsoft PDF to PowerPoint converter to utilize many sources of info that i have created and transition them into PowerPoint presentations that i can use for different workshops, etc thanks in advance for your generosity
- Nick, Orlando, USA

Convert PDF files from Internet to PowerPoint presentation for classroom; like the right click feature to convert files
- Karen Razer, Corning, USA

I love the idea of being able to convert PDF files into editable PowerPoint presentations! Lots of times my customers have PDF pages that they want to change, and unless I have the original document (before it was PDF'd), I basically have to recreate in order to give the customer a similar document. Being able to use an existing PDF would save a ton of time (and frustration)!
- Catherine Vigna, Provost, Canada

I just assumed responsibility of a non-profit organization and the person who had the job before just took off with all the orignal documents used for our flyers etc. I would have to painstakingly recreate everything jsut to change a date. This tool would be perfect to get us back on our feet again quickly.
- Robin Gunther, San Ysidro, USA

Teaching / training PowerPoint / presentation media design in college and consulting settings - time saving + increased accuracy (reducing re-typing) features sound the best to me
- Fred Estabrook, Ithaca, USA

I am the Director of a Women's Counselling Centre and I also teach University courses. I frequently use PowerPoint when I teach classes or doing presentations. It has been a frustration of mine that PDF files are not easily convertable into PowerPoint or other office applications requiring retyping the material to include in a presentation. This software would be very helpful to me in both work presentations and also in teaching classes.
- Catherine Skillin, Mississauga, Canada

I make lots of presentations for my students and this sounds like it would be a helpful tool.
- Brenda Collins, Victorville, USA

Developing training progams for professional organization meetings. Most regulatory documents are in PDF and it would be great time saver.
- Lee Ann Shablesky, North Brunswick, USA

I want to make more presentations through this software
- Elby Paul, Bhopal, India

Work for training presentations.
- Geri Miller, Austin, USA

We download alot of PDF files and this will be easier to convert to PowerPoint. Alot of the files are owner's manuals for new software and this way everyone can be trained and questions answered at once.
- Westwood Baptist Church, Asheville, USA

Quite often I am asked if I can convert PDF files to a regular Power Point file only because I am one of few in the Company that can create PDF files. This would help me save not only having in the time it would take to type documents but give me the techology to due this with ease. Thank you for your consideratin!
- Jacalyn Hopkin, Regina, Canada

I came to this school as the administrator two years ago. I have found a good number of PDF files that need to be converted so I am able to make the necessary changes. It can be very frustrating to not be able to make these changes.
- Daryl Van Norman, Meadville, USA

I plan to use it for all my work. As it is so easy and user-friendly, I want it for keeps! Just having it as my super helper will be a dream come true. Love the thought of just one click to get the job one. I love Right-click conversion feature ---Right click on a PDF file and convert it into a PowerPoint presentation . It will remove my "headache" of having to retype and redo all the charts and graphs from PDF to PowerPoint.
- Laura Lim, Singapore, Singapore

This feature would definately come in handy when developing training presentations for compliance issues, taking PDF policy and procedure guideline files and converting to editable PPT would save time and energy and start you off quickly with a base for module development to implement wide-scale training online. The PPT could then be posted or published as flash video and made accessible to all employees.
- Pamela Krohn, Tallahassee, USA

I am a preacher and Bible class teacher. the ability to take heavy documents - outlines, class notes, etc. that I distribute to my classes and congregation and easily make them into a PPT where the class can follow along without me having to laboriously retype the material in PPT would be AWESOME and a huge time saver. I am particularly impressed that I can select only certain pages to convert - wow, again that saves big time from running a full conversion and then having to edit the slides.
I use PPT several times a week. anything that gives me the ability to make better slides faster that help more people learn the Bible is a tool I need. thanks for this great product!
- Mark Roberts, Irving, USA

Convert PDF files from my support partners and colleages into PPT presentations. I like the ability to preserve text and tables in a editable PPT format.
- Hal Levitt, Baltimore, USA

Convert PDF to PowerPoint or PDF to Word
- Stacy Mcbride, Los Angeles, USA

I don't know. I have never used it. I am a computer teacher at Bridge City High School. I would like to see if I could use this for my student projects. I would like to introduce them to this if it works well with what I teach.
- Genevieve Garrison, Bridge City , USA

There are many times I am asked to convert a PDF into a Word document, PowerPoint or Excel. With the power and capabilities that AnyBizSoft PDF software will give me, I will no longer spend hours typing and creating the presentations from scratch.
- Kimberly Case, Irving, USA

I plan to personally use it for my Pampered Chef business. There are many features on this program that will allow me to use PDF files that the company offers me to use for advertisements, productivity, newsletters, order forms, etc. At this moment I cannot modify them to include my info and if I try I lose a great deal of the imaging and/or hyperlinks. My husband is also an Activities Director for the Boy Scouts of America and creates presentations consistently. Many of his files begin in PDF and he has to re-create them or a similiar version into Power point for presentations to his committees. This would improve his presentation quality, giving him the edge of a better proffessional.
- Elsa Bear, Ontario, USA

Unbelievable.....Its great.....
- Pradeep Prajapati, Varanasi, India

I plan to use it for training classes and Management Meetings. I like the ability to convert graphs and graphics into my PowerPoint. Wow, I'm so excited! My presentations will look fantastic AND it will save me a ton of time!
- Candice Cordova, Orange, USA

Being in a Junior High School students are always doing PowerPoint presentations for their classes. As the Media Specialist I help students with those presentations. Many times they come with PDF files and they want to use them in their presentations. I can many times help them but it takes a lot of time and work. With PDF to PowerPoint the time spent helping students is reduced and so I can help many more. Thank you for a great product.
- Ray Hunter, Eden, USA

I'm a teacher and have some scanned PDF documents that I've created and would like to have them in a PowerPoint slide to use with my class presentations. My courses are primarily online and much of the time students have so much to read that the ability to cone down on the important elements rather than having them read the entire document or for me to spend hours creating PowerPoint slides is a gargantuan task. I appreciate the Indezine service for making my presentations so much more colorful, powerful, and entertaining but this program would certainly really make a big difference in my teaching.
- Nelda New, Conway, USA

I would be using it at work and home. My Husband is also the Jefferson County Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and we would be using it for Educational meetings. Thank you for your consideration
- Cheryl Ladbey , Madras, USA

I'm hoping to use it to convert files to use in my sermons at our church.
- Gary, Belliingham, USA

Online training
- Karen Herb, Laguna Niguel, USA

Always looking for new tools. Doing live event production leaves me looking for all types of solutions. This looks like one to have on the toolkit.
- Todd Dunn, Cts, San Antonio, USA

To convert PDF to PowerPoint for my church. I like the feature that preserves original text after conversion.
- Morris Woods, Oceanside, USA

I intend to use this program to create presentations to present nursing research to my colleagues and help advance the science and practice of Nursing.
- Theodore Dage, Waldo, USA

I teach in a private school where funds are limited for purchases such as these. I create PowerPoints all day long with all my lessons and this would be a great tool to help me in the process of creating them. I wouldn't have to print out the document, scan it into PowerPoint, then I cut and paste what I need. That is very time consuming. I would truly appreciate a free copy since I purchase these kind of programs for my use out of my own paycheck, not the school's accounts.
- Elizabeth M. Bush, Boca Raton, USA

Converting read-only PDF files to editable documents enables different portions of the entire text to be extracted and adapted for optimum impact in a variety of presentations. The ability to include segments of text and tables is especially helpful. The password feature is a notable addition.
- Bill Wendt, Tinley Park, USA

Often I receive PDF files that have excellent content, but which I am unable to edit for presentation. While much can often be re-typed, the graphics, charts and tables cannot be easily reconstructed. AnyBizSoft's converter software will allow me to use many previously unused files. Although I have been able to take screen shots of these files for use as graphics, this PDF to PowerPoint Converter will allow me to edit all the content so that it is more presentable to a group of people. As a pastor, I plan to use this breakthrough software to enhance my teaching in the church. I'm excited to see the animation options, because we all know that in a media-driven culture, people are not trained to sit and listen without some visual stimulation. I'm looking forward to presenting more than just facts and data. "AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter" will give me the opportunity to include much more than what I've been able to present in the past--with flair! In addition, I can customize it to our needs. Thanks for making this available!
- Mark Buhr, Gibraltar, USA

I was not aware of the software but I can see a possible need. Every so often someone at work has need for this kind of requirement.
- Jim Carelas, San Diego, USA

I plan to use it for making sure the six-figures they pay me here goes to strategy formulation and not formatting self-pleasurement.
- Aleksey Mints, Sunnyvale, USA

I will use this to convert PDF documents into PPT shows that I will use when teaching at my church.
- Kent Cox, Rowlett, USA

I really like the idea of taking a .PDF and turning it into a power point to be used in presentations both in real time and for webinars. It will save time for me and make the presentations easier to present and email out.
- Mary Pinkerton, Douglasville, USA

I have had clients give me a PDF of PPT presentation to convert into slides and I ask, "where's the original PowerPoint fie?" When they can't find it I end up re-keystroking everything and importing png's exported to create the slides quickly...this sounds like a a great program to skip all that work!
- Robert Schroeder, East Stroudsburg, USA

Useful for my presentations in education when given the information as a PDF. The right-click option will save me hours in preparation. Being able to select a page from a long text PDF will be great to get the chart or graph I need in my PowerPoint presentation - better than copy & paste.
- Ian Shere, Bristol, UK

My daughter plans to use this software to convert her Canada wide science fair report/project into a power point presentation. She likes the fact that tables will be converted keeping their structure. This year she had to remake all her tables and other formating when creating a PowerPoint presentation.
- Michelle Fabel, Windsor, Canada

Converting Word docs or PDF files/tables to PP would be great. I often create the language in Word and have to cut and paste into PP...same with PDF files that I reference as examples in my lectures. I'm a nursing instructor and speeding up this task would save me hours of work! Indezine has great PP backgrounds and templates that provide me with dynamic presentations. I've received many compliments on the colorful and powerful presentations with Indezine templates. Thank you so much.
- Jennae Arrias, Los Angeles, USA

Use in my business to make business card size CD's to give away for Promotions.
- James, Baton Rouge, USA

Use to make PowerPoint presentations look better. When making presentations, it's been impossible to make these conversions. This will be a really useful tool to have. Thanks for creating it.
- Liz Lipski, Asheville, USA

I use PowerPoint for my online classes. The system is overall great, and it is easy to learn to use. I cannot think of any feature that I like more than any other. I love all the different designs for templates, and just how much fun putting a presentation together can be.
- Shannon Potter, Pahrump, USA

I plan to use it for my education work and research. I am a teacher and it is important for me to use these tools in order to make learning process more efficient. So I can take the PDF, convert it to power point and customize it to meet student needs. This is a the future i like most. Great program.
- Mark Dumchin, Thornhill, Canada

Opportunities for Council meetings, presentations, etc. as well as worship, if applicable;
Sometimes - image is everything! Even a bad idea can LOOK good with a great presentation! And once again Indezine provides the venue.
- Dan Wehrspann, Portland, USA

Making PowerPoints for use in teaching college students and adults. There is so much great information and charts out there that I would like to incorporate into PowerPoint Presentations for classes. This sounds like a wonderful way to expand my own understanding of the latest technology and promote greater student learning at the same time--everyone wins!!!
- Donald King, Rock Rapids, USA

I like the idea of being able to convert,use and edit all the info in the PDF file. A lot of files are sent via PDF files and you can't do anything with them, so this is the way to go. It will make my job a whole lot easier and make my presentations look better.
- Theresa Lovejoy, Anaheim, USA

I usually make presentations for other people, and most of the times they bring me the information in a PDF format. Sometimes they want a specific chart reproduced in the presentation, and this would really save me a lot of time. Also I like the fact that you can convert only certain pages of a PDF file. I've just downloaded the trial version. Once I know more about it, I'll let you know!
- Laura Gimenez, Esperanza (Santa Fe), Argentina

I will use it the most for school.
- Jacob Wood, Kaysville, USA

I would use it to convert PDF files into presentation format for educational use to benefit students.
- Dr. Hank Janpol, Maui, USA

For study.
- Svetlana, Russia, Moscow

In my work
- Doaa, Alexandria, Egypt

For school projects. I like the idea of being able to present PDF without having to cut and paste multiple times. Does it work on a Mac?
- Paulina Pchelin, San Francisco, USA

I work at a small church with a limited budget. Anything that saves me time is appreciated very much, and it looks like this would not only save time but open new avenues for us.
- Sharon Sorensen, Randolph, USA

Converting SOP files downloaded from the web into PPT files for training purposes. We have specific formatting requirements for these documents and I appreciate the fact that the software will preserve formatting elements.
- Cliff Mcpherson , Houston, USA

love the idea of being able to convert PDF's to PowerPoint...I create sales pieces and colorful sports schedules for local tv station
- Sheri Liguori, Tacoma, USA

Right click conversion is teh best of all...I can't wait to put my sustainability presentations together with such a powerful program!
- Neil Rosen, Manhasset, USA

My favorite part is the simplicity and automation of the whole process. I use it because I have MANY presentations that were originally produced in PDF, but I prefer the options available in PPT. I teach on the college level and get to demonstrate lots of software aids and time-savers to students -- many of whom are themselves involved in communications and presentations. THANKS!
- Terry Chaney, Joplin, USA

Well I plan to convert those pesky PDF files into a convenient and able to modify PowerPoint without having to scan it the old way and try to format the information which ALL the time comes out looking like alien print. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.
- Elizabeth Vargas, Freeport, Brazoria

I would use this to help facilitate worship and meeting presentations.
- Brack Dodd Jr, Lutz, USA

Make school presentations
- Carlos Saavedra, Mcallen, USA

To change or remove elements of PDFs I have been sent. It drives me crazy when someone sends me something and has to be changed. If I have a better picture or need to change out a paragraph this will do it. I have used PDF Pen to add or fill in forms, but this will be much better!
- Darcy Zettler, Portland, USA

Pick me, Pick me....I would immediately convert all my old PDF schmatics, drawings, designs, manuals etc into PPT as the originals no longer exist as editable/printable files. Some of these designs were made long ago, the projects went on hold and now funding is available - the BATCH converter would be a humongeous timesaver benefit for me.
- Carolyn Barbuto, Albany, USA

I teach a Kids club at our Church. I put all my Lessons on PowerPoint and it would make things easier to convert PDF files to PowerPoint.Now it is save and paste ,which takes longer to do and sometimes things are hard to convert and you end up typing thing over again.
- Robert E Bloom, Bellefonte, USA

Can't wait to take PDF documents and put them into PowerPoint. At that point we can not only use them as presentations but also convert them to images easily as well. It is really a versatile option for users or small businesses on a budget. Great job!
- A Harvell, Watertown, USA

I will use information, pictures and illustrations in my preaching, teaching and training.
- Delbert Durfee, Athena, USA

I would like to use this software for my PowerPoint presentations for church announcements. The more options, the better the presentation! How about some help for a needy non-profit organization and an equally needy pastor????
- Tim Nyhuis, Hartford, USA

I plan to use it to help with my business start-up, college classes, and to assist my mother with her business. It is awesome that such a program is around and it would be very helpful in not only my business life but also my personal life as well.
- Kelly Oelmann, Coralville, USA

Being able to share PDF files in a group setting more effectively
- Landon Roeder, Lebanon, USA

To make the most fantastic PowerPoints
- Lai;La Abo Itai, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I will use it to make power points advertising my novel, Amir sSalaam. I can move from the various pages in the PDF file (Contents, cover, comments etc.)and, so doing, catch the attention of my audience who may be passing by my table while strolling through a conference center. Again I may use other versions of the PPT in making a direct appeal for sales.
- Bruce Muirhead, Riverview, Canada

To create presentations and flyers from static PDFs. I also get inspiration from training presentations that are PDF and would like to be able to use certain elements to spice up some of my own.
- Alanna Turco, Thornhill, Canada

I frequently am moving from PDF archived materials thru OCR, for example from Library of Congress and the Patent Office, into Word and then into power point for presentations. Saving a step is a great idea!
- Joel Lefevre, New York City, USA

I plan to use it in the preparation of our PowerPoint presentations for Sunday services. I believe it would save many hours of input. It looks wonderful. I suspect we could even insert music.
- Ann M Smith, Mississauga, Canada

To convert PDF files to PPT files. The feature I like most is the ability to edit the PDF files
- Miltos, Limassol, Cyprus

Make worship slides for music ministry.
- Jacqulyn Nelson, San Jose, Costa Rica

- Youngse Lim, Jeonju, Republic Of Korea

Just converting
- Pavel Navrã¡Til, Brno, The Czech Republic

PDF to power point as i need it for my lectures
- Waelelfaresi, Tripoli, Libya

I plan to use it in teaching. I`m a doctor (obstetrics & gyn)in a public hospital, and very often I delivered conferences to students, who (not surprising) ask for the PowerPoint to study at home. It`s a pain in the ass every time (fortunately, not so often) I see a PPT I made under other name, and never giving a mere thanks to me!!!
- Jorge R Fernandez, La Havana, Cuba

To make marketing documents. The ability to transform work yourself without the long wait time.
- Victoria , Cary, USA

To help create exceptional PPT Presentations for my job and personal busines. This will make it so much easier to convert files and make the perfer PowerPoint!
- Karyn Hart, Goodyear, USA

To use with my student in my web site
- Hector Norero, Santiago, Chile

Ease of use would be very helpful and save huge time and headache from doing manually page by page
- Shane Savana, Los Angeles, USA

To capture charts and graphs from presentations instead of having to spend valuable time re-creating them from scratch! All of the features will be useful, but this will be most useful. It would also be nice to be able to capture a part of a presentation or a graphic and change visual elements (such as color) so they fit better in the presentation I am working on.
A useful product at an amazing price - just what I would expect from Indezine!
- Pam Almandinger, Portland, USA

Plan to convert PDFs to PPT.
- A Sham, Richmond, Canada

To improve my lectures to student in University. This program is need for me
- Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Hochiminhcity, Vietnam

Making presentations with all my Excel and Word Files after converted them to PDF.
- Ricardo, Mexico, Mexico

I would like to use this converter to convert my PDF files for teaching and to convert files send to me in PDF format.
- Ricky Cheng, Singapore, Singapore

I plan to use it to convert my PDF files to PowerPoint so that I can have efficient and professional looking presentations. I like that you do not have to retype anything and you can edit in the PowerPoint format. Great!!!
- Phyllis Harris, Camden, USA

I intend to use to convert part or full PDF technical works presentations to PowerPoint and feature I believe to be more important in this software is the batch conversion files.
- Alfredo Nunes Da Silva, Sã£O Paulo, Brazil

I help teachers integrate technology into their adult basic education classrooms. Anything I can introduce them to that will make their jobs easier is great to have. Thanks
- Patty Ball, Gloucester, USA

Time is something in our days. Whith this facility I understand that we can save time and use it for my own health care.
- Marcos, Camoinas, Brazil

Converting .PDF files into presentations for work
- Adrian Potter, Minnetonka, USA

I teach online courses and find it beneficial to be able to edit PDFs into PPP for the students who want to keep for future use as teachers....that way I can edit them and not give away college propriety info.
- Mike Mcintyre, Ringgold, USA

This is the first time I've heard of it. I am not an IT genius but definitely I use a lot of presentations for office reports and trainings. Obviously, I wanted to know all the techniques in computer technology (with the least effort, of course) for report and presentation enhancements. But since I'm too tied up with my work load, I believe this converter will be of big help
- Erlinda C. Granda, Quezon City, Philippines

Roses are red, violets are blue, PowerPoint is used, presentations to view. People I know, sweet as they be, Make PDF out of their PPT! While each can be used, presentations to share, Projecting PDF, makes me pull out my hair. Converters I wanted, converters have I sought, But "PDF to Word" was all that I caught. So I just gave up, and plodded along, When the AnyBizSoft folks heard my sad song. Then in my distress, when I was most blue, Word of this contest cam filtering though. So I burnt up some phosphor, and tapped on my keys, Wildly hoping my poem, the judges will please.
- Michael Pemberton, Boerne, USA

To convert our church PDF announcements to PowerPoint to use in the slide presentations for the Sunday Worship Services.
- Dawn Johnson, Durand, USA

For Presentation to looks professional.
- Lam Jr, Kuchign, Sarawak, Malaysia

I am teaching in a resource lacking university. This will help me to develop my teaching learning materials to support my students learning process.
I like preserving graphics features.
- Manoj Fernando, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Getting a PDF file to place properly in a slide can be a problem. Resolution often suffers, size does not match, etc.. Your product promises to make this easier, and to make it possible to do it for multiple files or images simultaneously, instead of one at a time.
- Mark F. Harris, Philadelphia, USA

I plan to use this PDF to power point to more easily and graphically prepare power point presentations to my students in Business Research, Independent Research Projects and in a variety of Tourism classes at our university. I believe that this will make for more effective and stimulating lectures for our students.
- John Barnes, Bangkok, Thailand

Any tool that Geetesh Bajaj talks up is A-OK with me. His book, Cutting Edge PowerPoint was the single most illuminating help I ever received for PowerPoint productions. I trust this software to be useful and safe because it came from Indezine!
- Scott Davis, Riverside, United States

Provid the base for good learners to become innovative "annimations to make the presentation effectively"
- Narendra.K, Tirupati, India

Iam interested in 5-in-1 PDF Converter. Because it has rich features like converting PDF files into word or PowerPoint files. This is amazing.
- Mr. Sudheer Merugumalla, Chennai, India

For biz purpose. efficiency and professionalism is of priority for me.
- Emmyyi, Beijing , China

I'm particularly impressed with the fact that PDF to PowerPoint has stayed "ahead of the curve" with PowerPoint 2010 formats, including .PPT and .PPTx. Also impressed that my Mac can simply create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations from read-only files, and still retain "...original text, formatting, images, page layout, table" and very accurately preserve everything else within the original document.
- Craig Thompson, New Whiteland, USA

It is very useful
- Sehrish, Multan, Pakistan

Education and Business
- Francisco Espinoza, Guatemala City, Guatemala

I use downloaded PDF documents from UK government websites in my presentations to transport managers trying to keep up-to-date with European road transport legislation. The AnyBiz converter would stop me having to "re-invent the wheel" every time the legislation changes!
- Toni Watkins-Burton, Norwich, England

Am a business student and always deal with presentations and reading materials and this is one tool that had to be developed and has been finally developed.
- Dawn M Madtha, Perth, Australia

For University use
- Lorna Roxana Campbell Bryan, Guã¤Piles, Costa Rica

I would use the converter program to transfer years of safety training on PDF files to presentation on PowerPoint.this would save reams of paper and be more productive.
- Ian Gray, Walsall West Midlands, UK

I just want them all and i think it would be very benefecial for meespecially in my on going masteral class.
- Marineth A. Cubio, Cavite, Philippines

As I create PowerPoint presentations daily for my clients and company which are transformed as video presentations, the ability to conversions of read-only PDF files to full-editable PowerPoint files would be a great help and save tremendous in production and conversation time.
- Stan Yotka, Jacksonville, USA

As I am a teacher, it would be very helpful to have a programme that converts PDF documents into PowerPoint presentations. This would allow me to have even more interesting classes and more motivated students!
- Sonia Correia, S.Bras Alportel, Portugal

I work with the various communities y on food security and nature education projects and I sometime need to make instant power points while in a village school or or somewhere else based on the need of the occasion there.And this creates great impact on the concept that one is trying to convey and helps to take my work forward in leaps and bounds.Preserving all elements in the generated power point is important and I find that as a very important.
- Sudha Soni, Alleppey, India

To do lectures i use this facility
- Mala Tennakoon, Colombo, Sri Lanka

To convert the PDF documents to PowerPoint without re-typing all the details. The feature I like most is "Add Animations to the PPT presentations to make them dynamic".
- Jessica Teng, Singapore, Singapore

That will be a nice tool ,coz mostly lectures and nots available on net are in form of PDF files now i will be able to convert it into PPT .
- Seher, Pesh, Pakistan

I really love all the features by this. so easy to us and converting is also so easy.
- Rekha Chandran, Chennai, India

I will use to create my school presentation "Against Nuclear Power Stations". I hope will be more ease and persuasive than ever:-)
- Dimitar Georgiev Gyoshev, Sofia, Bulgaria

Convert papers that I usually hand out in class to PPT presentations the we can better discuss as a group
- John Metcalf, Kutztown, USA

It's going to be useful in my music conversion. It's totally easy to use.
- David Eduardo Rossi, Araras - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Convert my PDF, Ilike the most, it is easy to use
- Joe Treiber, Oberrieden, Germany

I will convert my PDF files, it is easy to use
- Josef Treiber, Oberrieden, Gemany

I want to play with PowerPoints in different styles
- Rinu, Coimbatore, India

I am very regular at using PowerPoint as well as well Pdf files. I love PDF files for the fact that they can't be easily edited, and PPT files because I can express myself comletely and can be quite impressive.
- Hritik, Kolkata, India

PDF to power point converter is the one i like most
- Dr.Vaibhav, Chennai, India

I want to convert and use PDF to power point for my presentations. Sometimes i need to convert from PDF to word also.
- Tahir M Akbar, Al Ain, UAE

I am a student/teacher; plus I work at a radio station/church office, and lead worship. So I use PDF and PowerPoint quite a bit. I make worship slides, school presentations, fliers... Being able to convert PDF to PowerPoints will save me a lot of time and heartaches!
- Kathee Yeager, Chambersburg, USA

As I am into engineering (CIVIL) IT MAKES MY WORK EASY. moreover it gives me new ideas to improve every time i work on my is saves my time and let my project look more and more professional.
- Sharmin, Mumbai, India

I Love the convenience. I work with PDFs all the time. Currently, I cut and paste pieces of a PDF (using a PDF edit tool) and place them onto a slide; however, I have no editing ability (as it comes as one graphic). So I might have to do this a few times with one article for example to get what I needed. With this converter, I like that each piece comes in separately (headlines, graphics, text), so I use the images, graphics or headlines I want while deleting what I don't need. Awesome! One that the text comes in a separate pieces (i.e., one article with 15 15 separate text boxes). But the value of having headlines, graphics and photos as separate pieces is worth it!
- Jane Mcdonald, Vancouver, Canada

I would like to use this software for study purpose.I like the feature that this software does not consume much memory. Thank you.
- Suman Mukherjee, Kolkata, India

I plan to use it for presentations I give as the president of a nonprofit organization and safety training I do at work.
- Julie Rogers, Phoenix, USA

To create PDF PowerPoints for freedom to work
- Helen Borg, Marsascala, Malta

I am a teacher at a trade school and often use PowerPoint for to explain theory. I often find usefull PDF documents on Internet that I would like to include in my presentations. This would be a great tool, specially because I would be able to modify the document according to my needs. Thanking you in advance.
- Christian Trepanier, Donnacona, Canada

This software will be used for church services and for creating many education usage for fellow staff members. They have many forms that need to be scanned in and converted to PowerPoint format. This will make writing BCRs, a state mandate, easier to manipulate and record for students. In regards to the church, this convertor will be used to transfer softcopies into a format that can be easily transferred to the website. It also provides assistance with sermon notes and lyrics to songs sung by the praise team. I am responsible for researching these lyrics and compiling them onto PowerPoints as well as displaying sermon notes. This software, from what I read, would make it possible for me to perform my assignment more efficently and effectively. I like the fact that the original formats and being able to select certain pages are included on this package. This saves work in reformatting as well as creating a document of unnecessary pages.
- Rashawnda Daniels, Oxon Hill, USA

I work in a primary school library and often see articles in PDF which would look great as PowerPoint to show the children or for staff to show children in a PowerPoint that would make it more interesting.
- Sharon, Hamilton, New Zealand

I would like to convert many of the presentations I get from PDF to PPT. I have used some of your products in the past and I thought they were great so I would like t try this one too.
- Al Pabon, New Hope, USA

I work for a regional economic development organization serving Central Minnesota. The converter will be used to jazz up our numerous PowerPoint presentations to new business development prospects.
- Henry Fischer, St. Cloud, USA

Education of Hospital staff. Using PDF is great, but when you can convert those files to a PowerPoint, it makes a great educational tool, and a great way to store and protect your files.
- Alma Davis, El Centro, USA

It's the long-awaited remedy to restore the original form of my PDF-converted files accidentally lost due to viruses. It also offers ease to quickly extract many other PDF files encrypted for copy-paste. All features just rock!
- Hafida, Solo, Indonesia

As a nonprofit leader to share and inspire others by using existing materials efficiently and effectively. Our mission is to help others and this would be an extremely helpful tool. Our staff are charged with inspiring, motiviating and helping to improve the lives of Older Americans and it is a huge challenge with limited resources. Any tools to help us with education and inspiration are appreciated and welcome.
- Connie Moench, Bismarck, USA

Mostly to turn professor delivered PFDs into editable PowerPoints. Some professors are too paranoid and think that if they make the PPT files available everybody will steal their hardly acquired stolen images from the internet and other stuff LOL :)
- Ricardo Molina, Mexico City, Mexico

I plan to use it in our office-a local government unit, that doesn't have the capability to procure the software that it needs to boost the organization's efficiency. Of course, its most beautiful feature - converting read-only PDF files to PowerPoint presentations, is the one I like most!
- Miladee N Azur, Legazpi City, Philippines

I do public speaking and believe it will be a useful tool and a great timesaver. You know take from here add from there and just one more tweak and there it is a complete
- Jeannette Williams, Suisun City, USA

I have a MAC computer at work. I plan to use it to convert PDF files when I am presenting to teachers.
- Charlene Slabe, Las Vegas, USA

Simply would like to convert some of my PDF file to PPT for presentation in the class room.
- M. Shamsul Allam, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

The converter will help with class assignments and provide me with nice presentations for work.
- Anthony Briones, Oxnard, USA

The fact that i can covert PDF to PPT helps me save a lot of time spent on research and then making presentation. it hepls me become more efficient
- Rohit, Mumbai, India

PDF to PowerPoint Converter preserves the original layout of text, columns, tables, graphics and even hyperlinks of PDF files to PowerPoint presentations. There's no need to retype or reformat the converted presentations
- Paras Mehta, Baroda, India

This program is a must for any serious PowerPoint user. Its user friendly and very powerful. Great program!
- Manuel B. Sta. Maria Jr., Tacloban, Philippines

I have a lot of PDF files with data and pictures that I need to add to my PP slides. Usually I do it using PrintScreen - as a pictures. Your product will help me to convert it easily and quick, it will save my time and make my presentaion more professional and smart.
- Marina, Moscow, Russia

We have a number of PDF based Maths resources at school. We use whiteboards a lot and struggle to easily move the PDF material onto PowerPoint to use. This resource is just what I've been looking for.
- Brian Bibb, Woking, UK

Converts accurately
- Kat Campo, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I am a nursing unit educator for the neurosurgical intensive care unit. I have many educational PowerPoints, read & signs that I have sent to staff. My laptop recently crashed, and I lost many documents. I am currently looking through all my emails that I have sent out, and would like to keep and be able to update in the original PowerPoint format. Thank you!
- Cynthia Valerio, Detroit, USA

Just convert PDFs or some part of it to PowerPoint and make it useable. The best of AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is the ease of use and simplicity also for non-freaks.
- Peter Ofner, Innsbruck, Austria

I would like to have the software to convert PDF's to PowerPoint presentations. The time it would save in not having to retype or recreate slides from a PDF would be cool! And the various Conversion Modes seem to really give lots of options for creating presentations from PDF's.
- Joey Prince, Holly Springs, USA

I simply like the software the most for the its easy to use functionality.
- Mansur Husain, Kolkata, India

School and work presentations. I love the option of being able to convert PDF's to PPT's so that I can edit any information I need to. It's hard to retain information from a PDF that I've received if it's formatted or written in a way not formed to fit my learning style.
- Merry Williams, Columbus, USA

To convert my boring presentations to an eye popping presentation.
- Serrita Chaney, Manchester, USA

That it cuts out the extra work of doing it myself
- Steve Porter, Temecula, USA

I need it to prepare my PPT slides for lectures to students. I have not used it yet, but I would like to.
- Mends, Enugu, Nigeria

In teaching science and biology for approx 27 lessons a week I prepare PowerPoint slides very often. I need to be informative to arouse students' curiosity or bio can be a very dull subject. It can be cumbersome to copy materials which is in PDF to PowerPoint or word. This converter will help me reduce my workload. Not being a techno-savvy person, I am glad to be aware that such a converter exist!
- Claire Patrin, Seremban, Malaysia

In teaching science and biology for approx 27 lessons a week I prepare PowerPoint slides very often. I need to be informative to arouse students' curiosity or bio can be a very dull subject. It can be cumbersome to copy materials which is in PDF to PowerPoint or word. This converter will help me reduce my workload. Not being a techno-savvy person, I am glad to be aware that such a converter exist!
- Claire Patrin, Seremban, Malaysia

I carry out numerous presentations to multi-lingual groups. The difficulty at times is getting the correct translated material. Much is available on .PDF from various sources. Copying this from a .PDF file means a blurred picture on screen. This would be of great benefit. The ability to convert cleanly would seem to be the greatest benefit to me.
- Wayne Reid, Christchurch, New Zealand

I am a pastor and would love to use chgarts and photographs that are in PDF form to use for teaching and speaking.l This looks like a fantastic program.
- David , Walnut Creek, USA

I plan to use it to convert all my PDF files that I use in my classroom to PowerPoints I can use. This will make my life so much easier.
- Timmie Spangler, Bristow, USA

I do have a realestate company and i could use it for valuation presentations, letterheads, business cards etc.
- Antoinette Hoffman, Elandspark, South Africa

I plan to use Converter PowerPoint to showcase my Medical POINTS..Many features are GOOD to liven up our MOOD
- Shaantanu, Mumbai, India

I am ready use the PDF to Word converter and it works great! I have never thought about converting PDF to PowerPoint. This sounds like it would be a fun and very usefull program.
- Mark Mangrum, Indianapolis, USA

It will help me store my presentations in the more compact PDF format and I can convert them back to PPT/pps when i need them for presentation. This will make my laptop/pc more efficient and will help me utilize my storage better.
- Pravin Manker, Mumbai, India

I will use it in making presentations for orthopedic congresses and to give clases in medical faculty of my city. it would be tremendous help for me, that teach other medical doctors in formation thanks
- Fernando Sandoval Espinosa, Leon, Mexico

To facilitate PowerPoint slides in my presentation.
- Susandalwin, Yangon, Myanmar

For academic perposes
- Sipra71Us, Lahore, Pakistan

To convert online doc into presentable form
- Muhammad Rehan Maqbool, Lahore, Pakistan

Conversion of PDF to PowerPoint
- Abo, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I plan to use AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter for my master study which will make me easier to take the important information and reorganize it to be better.
- Nurul Azwa Binti Ahmad, Selangor, Malaysia

Being a teacher, trainer, researcher, consultant i use to preserve my files in PDF format, but from this software i will be able to convert my PDF files instently in power point mode for presentation purpose.
- Dr. Ramesh Mittal, Jaipur, India

I would like to use it for my thesis and graduation project. Also I will use during my study and my future carrier as account-manager or commercial econom.
- Parwana Azar, Venlo, The Netherlands

I like the possibility of using parts of my PDF files to create PPT presentation without another additional software
- Patrick, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo

As I am a lecturer in one of the universities it will be easier for me present various articles and presentation from all over the globe to my students.
- Saad Babar, Islamabad, Pakistan

I wish to use this tool effectively in my day to day office and academic work and also shall promote it amogst all my colleagues. The feature i like most would be the conversion feature itself
- P N Wickramasekara, Colombo, Srilanka

I am a medical practitioner and have a Master degree in Health Care Administration. I'll use it for my own presentation at work
- Samuel Raymond, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

I think that tou can make any PDF idea into a great presentation such as PowerPoint, such application is the key to show people how creative and succesful you could be anywhere!!
- Martin Bravo, Mexico, Mexico

Utilize it as a tool to develop training presentation to all employees. It will allow for me to utilize company information material / illustrations etc. that are currently in PDF format.
- Glenn Dottavio, Phoenix, USA

I'm student in business college. Many times, i've to do researches & prensentation. This tool will help me to exploit well my documentation,.... and also to modify my own ones if i lose my ptt vesion. Thank you in anticipation :)
- Sarah, Casablanca, Morocco

I create PDF's for displays and teaching, sometimes i lose the original file and it would be very handy to have a converter so i don't have to re-create the original.
- David, Tai'An, Shandong

I currently use the software for my classes in Nursing School. It helps in my studies because I can convert files to my Phone.
- John Mendenhall, Felicity, USA

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