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Indezine newsletters are my source for new and exciting PowerPoint templates that I can use to make my presentations truly interesting and informative. I would be interested in getting a copy of Techsmith. So if you could please consider me worthy of getting a copy of the same I would very much appreciate it.
- Viswanath Venkatraman, Mumbai, India

I would love to have a copy of Snagit. I am studying instructional design and technical writing and would love to use Snagit on my projects. I also have a 9 year old that I would love to teach to be tech savvy. He already knows MS Word and PowerPoint. Snagit would take him to the top of his class for his next Science project. I want to give him skills to compete in the digital world.
- Theresa Mayfield, Reseda, USA

Love this website and this giveaway. Thanks!
- Debbie Hardesty, Kansas City, USA

Regular here. I especially like the interviews and the surprising paths various gurus took to get to their present places. They make the most of backgrounds and experiences to imagine new ways of making presentation more like the way we learn naturally.
- John Thompson, Saskatoon, Canada

Always looking for tools and techniques to improve the quality of my Presentations - an invaluable opportunity to help prepare for my Toastmaster assignment.
- Chris McLoon, Sydney, Australia

It would be great to win. I will use it to help create great documents and presentations for my veterans cruise.
- Samantha Daniels, Pflugerville, USA

I will use Snagit 12 for Windows for E Learning courses.
- Elman Figueroa, Santiago, Chile

Say the first thing that springs to mind ... Snagit. Indispensable. Anything you'd like to add? Yes ... it doesn't have enough call-outs designed to make technical writers' lives easier. Really? You think so? Yes. Not 100% of people who use Snagit are technical writers; but 100% of technical writers use Snagit. I don't think the developers of Snagit realise this, otherwise they'd focus more on finding out what this core user constituency needs, and why. Good point. I take it you're a technical writer? What makes you think that?
- Johan van Eeden, Perth, Australia

Happy to receive a free gift.
- Linda Rivera, Taguig City, Philippines

I do contract Internet data collection (web pages) reported on PowerPoint and videos (free) for high school reunions also using PowerPoint. A lot of time is spend collecting images. SnagIt would be very useful. Idea on this site are also very useful.
- Bob Scalf, Blaine, USA

Thanks for making this giveaway available - another bonus for list members.
- Raymond Wright, North Lakes, Australia

At the age of 53 I have taught myself not only to utilize the computer but I have found myself a new hobby. I totally enjoy making PowerPoint's for every occasion and all my family members whether they want them or not. I desire to perfect my new talent and any tools are most valuable. This web site is easy to understand and I have learned so much that I now share my info. With all my friends who wish to do presentation/power point. THANK YOU from someone who thought I was too late, too old.
- Stella Hernandez, Waco, USA

Help Me To Snag It
- John Pease, Perth, Australia

I had found this to be a very useful tool. I had a computer crash and loss the use of it. I hope I can get a new copy to enjoy.
- James Stewart, San Diego, USA

Wonderful product, so I'm told.
- Jon Spain, London, UK

I love SnagIt! SnagIt truly speaks a thousand words with a single image! I even Snag great tips from Indezine so I can refer to them later. I tag them in SnagIt under categories to make them easy to find
- Dawn Bleuel, Rosalia, USA

I have upgraded to SnagIt when TechSmith acquired Jing. The only feature missing is the ability to capture a scrolling window.
- Mitchell Sklar, Chalfont, USA

I recently used the trial version of "Snagit" and found it very helpful. Unfortunately our small Rural church only has a budget of $100 for all multi-media and can not afford to purchase this software.
- Joe Rich, Orleans, USA

I am "forced" to use Snagit 10 at work. If I won a copy of Snagit 12, I would use it on my personal laptop and would be able to give my manager a list of reasons why he needs to authorize a copy of the latest and greatest version for me to use at work. Yes v10 works but I know I could do more/better work with v12!
- JoAnn Paules, York, USA

Would love to Snag this prize!
- Rae Drysdale, Carrickfergus, UK

Love Snagit!
- Ron Theunissen, Whitby, Canada

Very nice publication. Thoughtful & concise useable information
- Fred Schneider, Winnipeg, Canada

I used to use Snagit with PC in office work - loved it - and think it would be fabulous to have on home office computer to continue with in my retirement work
- Ester Mae Cox, Peru, USA

I want to improve the care of my patients with education and that tool can help me to create a nice presentation to capture the interest of my colleagues.
- Cheryls J. Gonzalez, Miami, USA

- Dianne L. Cherry, Takoma Park, USA

As a college professor and instructional designer I am always interested in new tools and new ways to demonstrate ideas to students. PowerPoint and Presenting is one of my favorite tools.
- Karen Messina, Newburgh, USA

Great site! Hope to win the copy of Snagit to be used to produce courseware for people to learn Office products. Including PowerPoint presentation skills.
- Greg Taillon, Plaistow, USA

I have played around with Snagit and love it. I could sure use it for church things. I run all of the AV for our church services and could use this to help with media and web page.
- Donna Anderson, Lufkin, USA

Have used SnagIt in the past for work and loved it but now need it for my personal PC. Best tool there is for screen shots to develop educational materials.
- Wilma Andrews, Richmond, USA

As a professor, I'm constantly creating new PowerPoint lectures and trying to avoid being too boring! These tools area of great help.
- Alyssa Needleman, Fort Lauderdale, USA

TechSmith makes great products. No I'm not just saying that. I use SnagIt every day to help me communicate with clients. I use Camtasia exclusively as a video editor. I have used other
- Michael Cannon, South Jordan, USA

Great giveaway. I love Snagit and could definitely use the latest version. I enjoy your newsletter and quite often learn something new! Thank you.
- Lori Bartlett, Bradenton, USA

I've heard Snagit has been extremely helpful to some of my colleagues. I personally have never used it. I manage my firm's Microsoft templates and would like to use it to create a Snagit style guide for our Snagit users to reference (I've been meaning to do this but haven't gotten around to purchasing it; some people don't have a design eye and how they are using it isn't pretty). This information will be put on our firm's template intranet site. I would imagine you would gain additional business from this advertising! Thanks for your consideration!
- Kinsey Fore, Washington, USA

TechSmith Snagit is great !!! I hope I win and can show it off.
- Ernest, West Palm Beach, USA

I work in an environment that uses PowerPoint a great deal but uses it badly pretty well all of the time. Most presentations if I can call them that are text documents using big print in landscape format. Seeing slides with 125 words is depressingly common. I have carved out an interesting and rewarding "other duties as assigned" niche doing PowerPoint triage with the help of the good folk at Indezine News. My scope and daresay reputation would soar with Snagit. I drool at the prospect but in the nicest possible way if that can happen. I have given myself shivers just thinking about this.
- Greg Turko, Toronto, Canada

On almost every project I start people tell me "You did that in PowerPoint". I came to Indezine to solve a problem. I continue to come back for inspiration.
- Teresa Osieczonek, Jackson, USA

This would be an interesting product to review for my small company.
- Bob Slesinski, Champaign, USA

When you use a lot of screenshots in your work you need several screenshots tools at your disposal — each one will be needed at some time.
- Kurt Schmucker, Bellevue, USA

You site has been extremely helpful in providing me with PowerPoint tips and products. A great one stop source of information. Keep up the good work!
- Patricia Martinez, Miami, USA

Being one of your foremost advocates I yak up Snagit to just about everyone I work with. I first encountered Snagit at the Presentations Summit probably 10 or more years ago. Ever since then I've never been without it. SnagIt makes collaboration reviewing and proofing easier faster and virtually fool-proof. The editor makes it so easy to communicate exactly what you're referring to. I probably use Snagit at least once every hour of the workday if not more.
- Dick Wilson, Orlando, USA

I would love to have a copy of Snagit to help provide our local church parishes and non-profits with instructional videos / screen captures to help members use church websites and find information on the web or create great documents for their ministries. I know that Snagit is a great tool for screen casts and learning. I would so promote the heck out of your product.
- Sven Markert, Tallahassee, USA

During a recent visit my sister-in-law raved about Snagit when I asked what she used for her photo programs - I can't wait to use it myself! For family photo enhancement. For my crochet/knit crafts. Hopefully to help create my online shop . . .
- Kathleen M Merrill, DeLand, USA

This appears to be a very useful product!
- Marilyn Noll, Middletown, USA

What a great giveaway. I have been a regular user of Snagit since v2. Although there are free tools that are similar none come close to the utility of Snagit :). Geetesh I love your regular emails and I get something out of every one.
- Graham Jones, Surrey, Canada

I love Snagit for getting just the right screen caps AND being able to manipulate the captures. This is the perfect complement to the skills we learn from Geetesh here at Indezine. Thank you for the valuable contributions you (Geetesh and Snagit) make to the PowerPoint design community!! Keep up the great work. :)
- M. W. Bailey, College Station, USA

Heavens to Betsy! Thanks to her indeed. It is an old exclamation of surprise that seems to have no sure origin. This is the first time I think I ever wrote it in a comment. The cartoon character "Snagglepuss" used to say "Heavens to Mergatroid" often but never mentioned Betsy. It seemed so appropriate here because Betsy Weber and crew are being so kind to give software away.
- Ron Nelson, Langley, Canada

We have Camtasia and other TechSmith products here at the college but I don't get much keyboard time with them.
- Ralph H. Houghton, Albion, USA

Great resources for the novice and expert PowerPoint users!
- Christopher Lui, Edmonton, Canada

Have used Snagit in the past - it's great!
- Lynne Woods, Huntsville, USA

I love usinng Snagit for my school work as a teacher.
- Najlaa, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Snagit is a wonderful tool I've used for several years. I want to share this tool with my colleagues!
- Ava Mathis, Sugar Land, USA

Ooh! Quick! SnagIt!
- Andrew Webster, San Jose, USA

Who can do without SnagIt? On a shoestring trying to run my own business
- Frieda, Sydney, Australia

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