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Sound Across Slides

Learn how to loop a sound clip across slides in various versions of PowerPoint.


Sound can add character to a presentation -- it's easy to bring a presentation to life with sound of any kind, be it a background score, a narration or an event sound. Like everything else though, sound in PowerPoint can enrich only if used with relevance and moderation.

Let's look at background scores. Upbeat and dynamic background scores can be great accompaniments to presentations that comprise slideshows, photo albums and portfolios - corporate profiles and demos on the other hand require background scores that are more understated and soft.

Adding a background score to a PowerPoint presentation is easy, although the technique is a little different across various versions. On the right of this page, you can choose your version of PowerPoint -- and you'll find instructions on adding sound across slides for your particular version.

We'll also look at transition sounds set to loop. Finally, you'll find links to resources where you can dowload free sounds online.

See Also

Interviews and Conversations

Colin AdamsColin Adams of IndigoRose discusses their Liquid Cabaret collection of music tracks for PowerPoint -- he also speaks about his favorite track selection for use in a corporate presentation scenario.

Vivian MacPartlandVivian MacPartland of Opuzz (Vivian chose that avatar!) discusses Opuzz, their music, and the use of music tracks in PowerPoint presentations. She goes into details about how sound can enrich a PowerPoint presentation -- and what guidelines one should follow when using music within a presentation.

Mike BielenbergMike Bielenberg of Jupitertunes explains which genre of music works best in PowerPoint presentations. And then he says that genre is not everything -- it's more about tempo and emotions.

John BickertonJohn Bickerton of UniqueTracks discusses how important is it to use sound in a presentation. He also says that users who have some type of ability to edit audio on the computer can multiply the power of production music hundred times.

Jeffrey FisherJeffrey P. Fisher provides audio, video, music, writing, training, and media production services. He discusses whether narrations and background scores should be mixed together in PowerPoint presentations. And also, how loud should the volumes for the music and narrations be.

Using Transition Sounds To Loop

You can often use transition sounds to play across slides and loop. This is an option of choice when one needs to incorporate narrations along with a background music score.

Right-click the first slide in Slide Sorter view, choose Transition - and under the Transition Sounds option, choose your WAV file (this trick works only with WAV files, so no MIDI, WMA or MP3 here!) - be sure to select the 'Loop' option. Whenever you need to stop this sound, right-click the respective slide, choose Transition and under Transition Sounds, choose 'Stop Playing Sound'.



Sound Across Slides

Choose your PowerPoint version below:

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Free Sounds

Here is a list of links to free sounds - although all these links provide free sounds for download, some of them do not allow commercial usage. When in doubt, always mail to the concerned contact person mentioned on the site.

Bryan Dongray has an extensive collection of free MIDI files available for download.

Interactive Voices has royalty free music clips and sound effects available for download.

Lockergnome has a nice collection of holiday and Christmas MIDI files.

The Winamp site has some free music.

WAVCentral has tons of sounds in WAV and MP3 format.

My Fave WAVs has a new sound everyday.

Samplenet UK is a treasure trove of free samples.

Download free sound fx from the FlashKit site.

The Daily WAV site has speech sound samples added daily.

WAVSounds has thousands of searchable, funny wavs and sounds.


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