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The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People: Conversation with Dr. Sue Mitchell

Dr. Sue Mitchell

Dr. Sue Mitchell works with organizations, leaders, managers, business owners and private clients to inspire them to achieve results, make a difference and change their world for the better. Clients come from organizations of all types and size from start-ups, sole practitioners, and SMEs to multinational corporates, the public sector, and third sector. In this conversation, Sue discusses her book, The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People.

Read the conversation here.

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Gear Graphics for PowerPoint

Gear Graphics for PowerPoint

Have you ever wanted to use animated or non animated gear graphics in your PowerPoint slides? We have just what you need -- these ready-to-use awesome gears will save you tons of time. In fact, if you need to spend an hour or two to animate them, then you will be happy to know that we have included animated variants of all gears.

Download and use now.

PowerPoint's Mouseover Malware Trojan Horse

PowerPoint's Mouseover Malware Trojan Horse

Trend Micro released a comprehensive blog post that talks about a trojan horse malware triggered by PowerPoint's Mouse-Over action setting. This action setting can run a PowerPoint macro. OK, this is not as bad as it may sound. Why? I can think of three good reasons.

Learn more here.




New Stories

Properties of a Presentation in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

June 23, 2017

Properties of a Presentation in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

Presentation properties are the details about a presentation such as title, author name, subject, and keywords that identify the document's topic or contents etc. It's important to specify relevant values for the presentation's Property attributes, because they help to identify the presentation. Populating the fields for various Properties also helps you search for particular slides more efficiently later.

Learn how to view and edit current presentation properties in PowerPoint 2016.

Check Compatibility in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

June 22, 2017

Check Compatibility in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

You might have experienced this scenario: you have created a presentation within PowerPoint 2016, but you are not sure whether your client, boss, friend, or colleague, who has an earlier version of PowerPoint will be able to view and edit this presentation using the same options that you have used? And, if you save this presentation as a file compatible with an earlier version of PowerPoint, there are chances that you could lose some attributes of the presentation that are not available in previous versions. Or worse, your editable content could just change to flat, non-editable pictures!

Learn to check compatibility with other PowerPoint versions in PowerPoint 2016.

Explore Fonts: Bauhaus 93

June 21, 2017

Explore Fonts: Bauhaus 93

Bauhaus 93 is a typeface originally owned by font foundry, URW, which stood for Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber, representing the names of the foundry’s founders. It is now owned by URW++, the successor of the original company. Although there are many other versions of Bauhaus available, we are exploring Bauhaus 93 since this is the version included in many versions of Microsoft Office.

Learn about Bauhaus 93, a decorative font included with some versions of Microsoft Office.

Check Accessibility in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

June 21, 2017

Check Accessibility in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

An understanding has grown over the years to make all kinds of computer-generated content available to people with disabilities. PowerPoint is no stranger to this accessibility concept and has many options up its sleeve that help your slides be more relevant to those with accessibility impairments. PowerPoint's built-in Accessibility Checker works similar to the spell checker. It highlights potential accessibility issues in your presentation so that you can fix these potential problems and make your content accessible to everyone.

Check accessibility options in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

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