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Snagit 2018: Conversation with Chris Larson

Chris Larson

Chris Larson is the Technical Product Manager of TechSmith Snagit. He works with the amazing development team dedicated to Snagit in TechSmith’s Okemos, Michigan headquarters. Chris is a graduate of Michigan State University and has been with TechSmith for 11 years. He started his career in User Experience Design and now brings that background to this product leadership role. He relaxes outside of work with audiobooks, bbq, gym time, LEGO, astronomy, video games, just being outside, and hanging out with his family. In this conversation, Chris talks about the new Snagit 2018.

Read the conversation here.

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Gears, Yet Again for PowerPoint! (Series 03)

Gears, Yet Again for PowerPoint! (Series 03)

Have you ever wanted to use animated or non animated gear graphics in your PowerPoint slides? We have just what you need. These ready-to-use awesome gears will save you tons of time. In fact, if you need to spend an hour or two to animate them, then you will be happy to know that we have included animated variants of all gears.

Download and use now.

How to Disagree Constructively: by Ally Yates

How to Disagree Constructively: by Ally Yates

Disagreement is nothing to be fearful of – it’s an inevitable part of working within a business team. However, it’s essential it is done constructively. When teams are working together effectively they use disagreeing and supporting verbal behaviors in equal amounts. Here, disagreeing is defined as “making a clear statement of disagreement with someone else’s statement, idea or approach, or raising objections.”

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New Stories

Adding Commands to Custom Groups in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

December 11, 2017

Adding Commands to Custom Groups in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

If you want to really benefit from customizing your Ribbon in PowerPoint 2016, then you’ll certainly want to add some commands that are not placed by default within any of the Ribbon tabs. Or maybe you want a particular command available on the Home tab of the Ribbon. Whatever your intent may be, you cannot place any commands within the existing groups that are built within PowerPoint. You first need to add a custom group within any of the tabs available in the Ribbon. Thereafter, you need to populate them with commands.

Learn how to add commands to custom groups in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

December 8, 2017

Working with Custom Groups in Ribbon Tabs in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

All Ribbon tabs in PowerPoint 2016 may have any number of buttons that represent commands but they are not scattered all over the tab area. In fact, they are all neatly arranged together in Groups. Each of these Groups has a name that describes what the commands within that Group do. For example, the Slide Show tab in the Ribbon has a group named Set Up, which contains all commands that help you set up your slide show, such as changing show settings, hiding slides, rehearsing and recording slide shows, etc.

Explore working with Custom Groups within Ribbon Tabs in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

Views in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

December 7, 2017

Views in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

View your same slides in different PowerPoint views, and you will see them from another angle. This approach makes sense because viewing slides in Slide Show view gives an entirely different perspective than editing them in Normal view. Further, it's easier to reorder and work with multiple slides in Slide Sorter view and make changes to individual slides in Normal view. All put together, PowerPoint 2016 for Mac provides you with nine different views. Seven of these views can be accessed from the View tab of the Ribbon.

Learn about various views that allow you to edit and show slides in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

VBA: Change UPPERCASE To Normal Case

December 6, 2017

VBA: Change UPPERCASE To Normal Case

When you add slides to a presentation based on some of PowerPoint’s built-in Themes, you may find that all titles (headings and/or subheads) scream out in UPPERCASE letters, no matter what you do! In some cases, this behavior may happen because the chosen font contains only uppercase letters. Alternatively, and more likely, the presentation’s Theme has placeholders set to produce all uppercase (aka capital) letters. The Circuit and Integral themes that come with some versions of PowerPoint are examples of such Themes.

Learn more with Steve Rindsberg.

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