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Date Created: May 16, 2005

Bess GallanisBess Gallanis

The Best Story Wins - Part 1 of 2

The Best Story Wins - Part 2 of 2

Betsy WeberBetsy Weber

PowerPoint to DVD with TechSmith Camtasia


Carmine GalloCarmine Gallo

Create a Presentation the Steve Jobs Way


Cliff AtkinsonCliff Atkinson

Do you control your PowerPoint culture, or does PowerPoint control you? Learn more.

Broken Culture looks at transforming PowerPoint to make it a reflection of an organization's positive attributes.

coly devittColby Devitt

The Benefits of Converting PowerPoint to Flash


Danny Rocks Danny Rocks

Five Tips for Displaying Numbers on PowerPoint Slides


Dave ParadiDave Paradi

Choose Colors for your Presentation Slides

Learn more about using copyrighted content in presentations

Survey Shows How to Stop Annoying Audiences
With Bad PowerPoint

Devesh KhanalDevesh Khanal

Forget Color Theory

Dian ChapmanDian Chapman

Learn how to create Break Time Presentations with PowerPoint


Ellen FinkelsteinEllen Finkelstein

PowerPoint Backgrounds without Photoshop


Geetesh BajajGeetesh Bajaj

Should You Create Widescreen Slides

Checklist for Delivering Presentations


Checklist for Creating Presentations

Analog Storyboards

PowerPoint Microphones: The Favorites

Can I Get a Better Green?

PowerPoint is not Word or Excel

Compressing Pictures in PowerPoint

PowerPoint's Research Pane

Revealing PowerPoint 12

Cross Platform PowerPoint - Moving your presentation between PCs and Macs

11 Steps To Presentations - Part 1
11 Steps To Presentations - Part 2
11 Steps To Presentations - Part 3
11 Steps To Presentations - Part 4

This 11 Step series provides simple ideas to implement your presentation strategy.

Bitmaps and Vector Graphics - more about the differences between these types of graphics.

Color Combinations - Which color combinations work? And some color psychology.

Creating PowerPoint Presentations from Word Outlines

Creativity UnBlock - Creativity blocks can hinder the flow of ideas - how to overcome them.

Presentation Storyboarding - your presentation is like a story,it even has a beginning and an end.

Using Photographs in Presentations

PDAs, PowerPoint and Projectors

PowerPoint Live

Take a look at the Online Rich Media Marketplace.

Glenna ShawGlenna Shaw

The Incredible, Accessible Presentation

Craft Your Content with a KISS

Herb RubinsteinHerb Rubinstein

PowerPoint in the Courtroom

Presenting Video in PowerPoint Presentations

Jamie Garroch Jamie Garroch

PowerPoint on iPad

Building an Interactive Public Transport Map Application in PowerPoint

Jan OzerJan Ozer

Encoding Video for PowerPoint


Jennifer RotondoJennifer Rotondo

Using Visuals in Presentation

File Formats for PowerPoint

Jim EndicottJim Endicott

Leverage Technology to Enhance Your Message

Design for the Close: Interactive Sales Presentations

Joel HarbandJoel Harband

Voice Effect Marshalling


John BickertonJohn Bickerton

Royalty Free Music


John BillingtonJohn Billington

One Picture May Be Worth A Thousand Headaches


John MackenzieJohn Mackenzie

Using Sales Meetings for Career Acceleration: 15 Black-Belt Meeting Master Moves


Jörg HahnJörg Hahn

Enriching Online Marketing with PowerPoint Presentations


Julie TerbergJulie Terberg

Can I Get a Better Green?

Consistent Color Palettes in PowerPoint

Motion Paths

Kathy JacobsKathy Jacobs

Overcoming Creativity Blocks


Mike ParkinsonMike Parkinson

The Powerful Presentation Graphics Guarantee - Part 1 of 2

The Powerful Presentation Graphics Guarantee - Part 2 of 2

Patrice-Anne RutledgePatrice-Anne Rutledge

Flash movies within PowerPoint


QSX Software Group

Color Theory Basics discusses classic color schemes and their use.

Ray BlakeRay Blake

Slides From Hell

New Grammar of PowerPoint

rick altmanRick Altman

The Golden Triangle


Robert LaneRobert Lane

The Power of Hiding Slides

Combining Colors in PowerPoint

Relational Presentations : The Alternative to Traditional PowerPoint

Visual Effects: Relational Presentation Part II

Dump that Text! Transform Your PowerPoint Slides into a Visual Feast (with Dr. Stephen Kosslyn)

Show Me! What Brain Research Says About Visuals in PowerPoint (with Dr. Stephen Kosslyn)

PowerPoint Rebellion (with Dr. C. June Maker)

Speaking Visually: Eight Roles Pictures Play in Presentation (with Andre Vlcek)

Selling with PowerPoint: Taking Control of That Critical First Meeting (with Andre Vlcek)

Sandra SchriftSandra Schrift

Eliminating Speaker Jitters

Ten Fun Ways to Liven up Any Presentation

Coaching Tips for Professional Presentations

Scott SchwertlyScott Schwertly

The Brown Bag: A Lesson about Presentation Delivery and Perception

Step Forward

No Points for Second Place

Dr. Stephen WilbersDr. Stephen Wilbers

Advice from a writer’s point of view in Making your point more powerful


Taylor CroonquistTaylor Croonquist

Create A Waterfall Chart In PowerPoint 2013


Walter Donavan

Overcoming Creativity Blocks

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