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This Learn PowerPoint series contains step-by-step PowerPoint tutorials and lessons that start from the basics, and extend to the advanced level. These PowerPoint tutorials have many screen shots that show you exactly what you see in your computer! This entire series has been created to help you create better PowerPoint presentations, quickly!


Product/Version: Microsoft PowerPoint
OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Office Online, and iOS

PowerPoint 2013 Tutorials

PowerPoint Tutorials by Topic

Interface & Basics - Learn about the basics of working with PowerPoint slides, and get acquainted with PowerPoint's program interface, views, and version specific new features.

Customize PowerPoint - Learn how you can cutsomize PowerPoint interface elements and slides.

PowerPoint Cool Stuff - Learn how to create stuff that looks cool, and is useful to your audience. Explore puzzle pictures, countdown timer slides, etc. using PowerPoint.

Colors - Learn a few guidelines about making awesome color decisions.

Text and Fonts - Learn techniques on working with text, and formatting fonts in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Shapes - Learn how you can create and manipulate shapes in PowerPoint -- knowledge of working with shapes is significant because they are the building blocks of creativity in PowerPoint.

Flowcharts - Learn about creating, editing, and working with flowcharts in Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Themes, Templates, Masters, and Layouts - Learn about how you can use, create, and share Themes that work in PowerPoint, Word and Excel. We also explore Masters, Slide Layouts, and Templates for PowerPoint.

Fills, Lines, and Effects - Learn about the fascinating fills, lines, and effects that PowerPoint lets you apply to shapes and most other slide objects.

Pictures and Visuals - Learn how you can source, insert, and enhance different types of pictures and visuals in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Charts and Graphs - Learn how to insert and format charts in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint – also explore various chart types, and formatting individual chart elements such as axes, legends, chart templates, etc.

Animations and Transitions - Step by step tutorials on using animations and transitions effectively in PowerPoint.

Multimedia - Learn how you can add sound (audio) and movie (video) clips to your slides in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Interactivity and Linking - Learn about linking to slides, presentations, and other documents.

Programming - Learn about programming in PowerPoint using VBA and other techniques.

SmartArt Graphics (Diagrams) - Learn how to use Microsoft SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 for Windows, and in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac.

PowerPoint Tables - Learn how you can work with tables within different versions of PowerPoint.

Troubleshooting - Learn how to troubleshoot some of the PowerPoint’s caveats and issues.

Working with Other Programs - Learn how to use PowerPoint with other programs such as Excel, Word, or online content from Google.

Share and Prepare - Learn how you can share your presentations with others, and how you should prepare them before sharing.

Accessibility - Create PowerPoint slide content for audiences that have disabilities -- to make all content more accessible to them.

PowerPoint Help - Learn about PowerPoint's help options.

PowerPoint Tutorials by Version

PowerPoint 2016 for Mac - This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

PowerPoint 2016 for Windows - This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 2016.

PowerPoint for iPad - Here are the detailed tutorials on using PowerPoint for iPad.

PowerPoint 2013 for Windows - This page contains a listing of all the content we have created for PowerPoint 2013.

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac - We have listed all the content we created for PowerPoint 2011 on this page.

PowerPoint 2010 for Windows - You will find detailed pages we created on various features in PowerPoint 2010.

PowerPoint 2007 for Windows - Explore new features added and available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007.

PowerPoint (and Microsoft Office) on Touch Devices - Learn how to work with touch specific options while using Microsoft Office 2013 on a device such as Microsoft Surface.

PowerPoint Mobile - Learn techniques about working with Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows Mobile and iOS platforms.

PowerPoint Online - Learn how to work with PowerPoint Online.

PowerPoint Product Reviews

Dynamic TIME: The Indezine Review

Let's imagine that you want to show a clock on your slides -- or, do you want to show a countdown or even counters of seconds, minutes, hours, or even days? Or if your countdown gets to zero, you may want something to happen after that, such as moving to another slide? Of course, this is possible to achieve in PowerPoint. All you need is a thorough knowledge of programming, and even better -- a programmer sitting next to you all the time so that you don't have to worry about setting it all up! We found a better solution, and it does not need a full time programmer -- it only needs a one-time investment of a few dollars. And it's an add-in called Dynamic TIME that plugs right within PowerPoint.

Explore how you can add a live clock, countdown or even counters on your slides using Dynamic TIME, an add-in for PowerPoint.


Arrow CirclesOrganic Shapes -- with Brush Edges

Organic Shapes -- with Brush Edges

Have you tried to draw a line or a circle with just holding a pencil or marker in your hand? You’ll end up with a shape that may fail you in a geometry test but it still looks human, personal, and different -- just like these organic shapes.

Download and use now.

Hyperlinks for Action Buttons

Hyperlinks for Action Buttons in PowerPoint 2013

Just inserting Action Buttons on your slide is not sufficient -- you need to apply hyperlinks to them so that they have some function.

Explore options to add and edit hyperlinks for Action Buttons in PowerPoint 2013.




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