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Explore various types of fonts and resources, which you can download and use to make your presentations more elegant and attractive to your audience.


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An Introduction
Font Foundries And Stores
Free Fonts
Font Creation Tutorials
Font Information
Font Embedding
Font Managers
Font Creators And Utilities

An Introduction

Purists scorn at the very word, 'font', because Arial, Bold, 18 pt. is a font. Arial, by itself is a 'typeface'. However, Microsoft and Apple have succeeded in changing the rules within their omnipresent operating systems. So it's 'font', as of now!

Digitization of fonts has caused a revolution of sorts. Anyone with basic design knowledge and access to a font editor can create them. And there are tons of fonts available completely free. You can also create your own fonts free of cost on sites like FontStruct. Old timers will remember that something as omnipresent as CorelDRAW also allows you to create elementary fonts.


Font Foundries And Stores provides several high quality fonts for all occasions and projects.

The Adobe Type Library is a great source for many classic and contemporary typefaces.

MonoType has a huge font library. Their site has details about the history of each font.

The Linotype Library has developed into a great font portal.

Bitstream is a leading source for quality fonts. Online purchases can be made at their subsidiary site, MyFonts, the best font site ever!

Identifont has a font identifier that enables you to identify a font from a sample by answering a series of simple questions.

Microsoft maintains a more exhaustive list of font foundries.


Free Fonts

Font Squirrel is among our favorite resources for high quality free fonts.

Divide By Zero is a collection of high quality free fonts designed by Tom Murphy.

Urban Fonts has a large archive of free fonts and dingbats for both PC and Macintosh.

1001FreeFonts provides over 1001 free fonts to choose – including fonts from television, movies, food and drink, publications, games, automobiles, sports, companies/organizations and more within their Famous Fonts section.

FontFreak is the largest freeware/shareware font archive online - with fonts from over 400 different designers.

Font-a-licious is a well designed repository of interesting fonts.

SimplytheBest Fonts allows you to browse through alphabetical font listings or font categories to view and download free fonts.

Fontfabric has an amazing collection of free fonts including several that can be used for regular body text or even more showy stuff.



DingbatDepot has the largest collection of free dingbat fonts on the Internet.

Altemus is a collection of dingbats available for online sale.


Font Creation Tutorials

FontStruct is an online font creation app that lets you build and share your own fonts for free.


Font Information

Apple has a great knowledgebase of font-related information.

Canva Font Combinations lets you choose and discover the perfect font combo for your projects, including slides. However, very few fonts are available to choose from.


Font Embedding

Microsoft Font Properties Extension lets you view font properties including embedding abilities.

Microsoft Font Properties Editor lets you edit certain font information.

Microsoft WEFT allows embedding of fonts into web pages.


Font Managers

Extensis Suitcase is a cross platform solution to manage fonts.

Typograf is an excellent utility to preview, install and manage fonts.

Printer's Apprentice is another useful font preview and manage application.

MainType is a flexible font manager.


Font Creators And Utilities

To use Type 1 or Adobe PostScript fonts, you will first need to install the basic version of Adobe Type Manager.

Fontographer is the de facto standard in font creation.

FontLab creates a range of font creation tools including FontLab, TypeTool and ScanFont.

Font Creator is a simple, easy way to create your own fonts.

Crossfont allows you to convert fonts between the PC and Mac platforms.


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