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Presentations - The Magic Unfolds

Reviewed: Geetesh Bajaj

Date Created:
Last Updated: February 21st 2009

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Presentation Links
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Presentation Programs
Presentation Services
Presentation Hardware
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Presentations: from your laptop, the projector or on slides. Wherever it may be from, it's suddenly show time - it's like your answer to the creativity and magic associated with cinema. A presentation contains your identity and your stamp. There's a script to be written, and actors in forms of text, images, sound, video and more...

So, how do you form the story. Which tools help you all the way. What's your hardware and software? And, even if everything else is tuned into concert, what happens when the dreaded 'creativity block' strikes you.

From solutions to oil your rusted imagination, to storyboards and ideas, you'll find them all here. If you are using a particularly fine piece of software and want to learn more about that, you'll learn that too.

But wait, there's more. Presentations are about first impressions - new company, new product, new service, new idea, new strategy, or old wine in new bottles too. There's no way you can allow spoiling the first impression, it sticks like glue in the mind of the viewer. Let's learn how to add glitter to that glue!

This site is not the end or culmination of a project, nor is it a dead end. If you would like to participate, share your knowledge, or just communicate, do get in touch - this is a link to the feedback page.


Presentation Links

The people behind Presentations magazine also run the site called - try the search function there - and you're sure to find whatever you are looking for from its vast repository of archives.

Claudyne Wilder - a renowned presentation expert maintains the excellent Wilder Presentations site - you can also subscribe to her monthly newsletter, packed with essential tips you could use straightaway.

Jim Endicott runs Distinction Services - a commercial presentation creating company - but the site offers a lot more in the form of tips, ideas and downloads.

Julie Terberg runs the striking Terberg Design - here you'll find excerpts and samples from her various writings.

Presentation Pointers is a great presentation industry resource where you will find articles authored by renowned experts.

Jennifer Rotondo's Creative Minds site is all about creating high impact electronic presentations.

Presenter's University from InFocus is chock-a-block of interesting presentation related articles.

Presenters Online from Epson is as they say about themselves - a site devoted to comprehensive presentation knowledge.

Medianet Presentation Skills offers interesting content in the form of tips and seminar handouts.


Indezine Links

Creativity Un-Block: What do you do when the dreaded 'creativity block' strikes? Want some ideas? Read on...

What is a Storyboard? Why does your presentation need a storyboard? Read on...

11 Steps To Presentations - Conceive, create and deliver intelligent presentations.


Presentation Programs

Microsoft PowerPoint leads the presentation party - with others like Lotus Freelance Graphics, Corel Presentations, Astound, Harvard Advanced Presentations, Scala iPlay Studio, Star Impress, etc.

The presentation program definition seems to have suffered the most from the discontinued programs vault as well - these include Adobe Persuasion, Assymetrix Compel, Micrografx Charisma, Macromedia Action, etc.


Presentation Services

PresentationPro is a subscription based service to avail templates, three dimensional clipart, etc. - it also offers other services like custom presentations, delivery options, etc.

Brainshark offers self-service rich-media communication solutions in the form of streaming video presentations.

Presedia is a solution to Flash enable your PowerPoint files into web presentations.

impatica enables you to create compact web and email enabled presentations from your PowerPoint files.


Presentation Hardware

The following lists are representative and not exhaustive. If you want to recommend a link to a product not listed here, contact me through the feedback form.

Projection Systems

Barco, Boxlight, Delta, Eiki, Epson, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NEC Technologies, Optoma, Panasonic, Plus, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, ViewSonic


Panasonic, Polyvision, Smart Roomware

Plasma Displays

Hitachi, NEC Technologies, Pioneer, Polyvision, Sony

Interactive Kiosk

- To be filled in -

Document Cameras

- To be filled in -

LCD Lenses

Buhl Optical

Remote Controllers

Gyration, Interlink Electronics, Wireless Computing, Atek

Projector Mounts

Peerless, Premier Mounts

Presentation Equipment Suppliers

Midwest, Projection Direct


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