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PowerPoint and Presentation News - Issue 055

Issue 055 of PowerPoint and Presentation Stuff newsletter.

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Product/Version: PowerPoint

This issue comes to you after a long time - but time has certainly not stood still. Lots has been happening in the world in and around PowerPoint.

First let me tell you about the great new stuff...

Winners and Giveaways

You'll find tons of backgrounds that you can download and use in your presentations - take your pick here.

And for the goodies - PresentationPoint is giving away five copies of their MessagePoint Professional Edition product - to take part in this giveaway just fill in this form. Mention "MessagePoint" in the Comments field - the sweepstakes ends on June 8th, 2005.

Here are some new articles and happenings:

SmartDraw Update: SmartDraw has been updated to version 7.2 - existing users can upgrade free - more info here.

NewTek announced the release of TriCaster, a portable live production suite which provides a comprehensive toolset designed to appeal to corporate presenters, educators and media ministry users. The easy-to-use interface of TriCaster is designed without using video jargon, allowing users who aren’t video full-time video professionals to produce quality live presentations, web casts and video. With over 200 transition effects, PowerPoint support, template driven titles, real-time switching, and editing, TriCaster allows the user to bring dynamic live elements to their presentations within minutes of opening the box. In addition to allowing users to produce presentations that have the impact of live television, TriCaster allows simultaneous distribution to Video, Internet and Projectors.

MessagePoint from PresentationPoint

MessagePoint from PresentationPoint is a "PowerPoint Message Channel" and is available in 2 editions. It is actually a Windows screen saver that will run a selected PowerPoint presentation when the system is idle.

Here is a mini interview with Kurt Dupont of PresentationPoint:

Geetesh: What prompted you to create MessagePoint?

Kurt: PresentationPoint is always looking to use PowerPoint presentations in an effective and new way. Typically for our products we add dynamic information to PowerPoint. MessagePoint is a Windows screen saver that will run a selected slide show when a computer is idle. That’s the time when you could show information or images to the owner of the computer or to people walking by. This could be a family photo album or a business communication channel in a company.

There are several tools available to convert a PowerPoint presentation into real screen-savers (SCR) but why not run a presentation directly. The advantage here is that when you want to update the content of a presentation, you can do it directly in PowerPoint and save it to make it available to others. No need to recreate the screen saver file again. MessagePoint will take care of the distribution in a networked environment to display the latest content.

Geetesh: What scenarios do you see for the use of this product?

Kurt: The standard edition will play a local presentation and is typically used in a home environment. The professional edition has several features and possibilities on top of the standard edition. One can maintain the presentation and push it directly to the people that are subscribed to the presentation.

You can use it in a company to run dynamic slide shows where one informs visitors and personnel about company, product and sales information or just announcements. The big advantage here is that you can inform personnel in an effective way. When you send out information by mail, the employees have to make time to read it. The disadvantage of mail messages is that people can get distracted and interrupted when the mail arrives. By using MessagePoint you can inform in a better way. Probably the user is making a telephone call or is chatting with his neighbor. If you now put information on the screen, the user will also see it but this time, the time is more convenient to read it.

Later on we will bring out an Enterprise Edition where you can put database and excel information in the presentation. Actually it will be a MessagePoint version combined with our existing DataPoint program.

Focus on iWand Presenter

Mythix, Inc., an Artesia, California based developer of wireless computing accessories, announced that it has introduced two new presentation remote controls for its iWAND remote control line. Mythix's, iWAND Presenter, which is designed to work with Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote is a USB presentation remote controller. The controller has unique functions such as quick switches and RF Signal Indicators LEDs which are advantageous to the user’s presentation capability. The two new versions come in a stainless steel with black for PC and a stainless steel with white for Mac.

Here's a mini-interview with the Vice President of Mythix, Inc.

Geetesh: How is your product different from other similar products.

VP: Our product line is definitely different from other similar products in that we have incorporated new features and benefits such as Laser Disable and Invert Page Up and Down quick-switches, full function mouse navigation with one press click+hold button, a specifically designed metal travel case, and a ergonomic shape and feel to the remote. In addition, for the first time in presentation remote control history, Mythix added convenient RF Signal Indicator LEDs on the USB receiver which allows the user to have a visual cue of connectivity. Not more guessing if the remote is properly working or not! This function can be turned on or off, which adds convenience to the user. With the iWAND's professional and intuitive button design, the iWAND Presenter is the best companion for all PowerPoint and Apple Keynote users.

Geetesh: Why do you have separate controllers for the Mac and Windows platforms rather than a controller that works on both?

VP: We have decided to create a separate remote for PC and Mac to exhibit Mythix’s style and for pure dedicated functionality. The PR-740 (PC version, aluminum and black) works with the ever-so-popular PowerPoint. The PR-742 (Mac version, aluminum and white) is dedicated specifically for Apple's powerful Keynote presentation software and PowerPoint. Keynote only works with Apple, and to reduce the inconvenience, we have launched the first dedicated Apple version presentation remote. If one plugs a MAC remote into a PC, certain key functions are disabled such as Start and Toggle. If one plugs a PC remote into a Mac, certain key functions are disabled such as Start and Toggle. Basically, due to the software and hardware requirements on Apple and PC, the best solution was to create separate remote controls. The advantage of having two separate remotes is the design element. Mythix strategically offers convenient solutions for both the function-packed PC user and the design-rich Mac user. The iWAND Presenter remote control with laser pointer will be the only tool for all your presentation needs!

Business Presentations Survey Results

If you are making more PowerPoint presentations in your job these days, you're not alone. According to findings of a recent poll1 conducted by Geetesh Bajaj of Indezine and Claudyne Wilder of Wilder Presentations, 61 percent of professionals say they will make between one and thirty presentations this year -- two-thirds of whom expect to deliver 30 presentations or more by year's end. Everyone, it seems, has more presentations to give. Read more.

End Note

More PowerPoint related info on the PowerPoint Blog and PowerPoint Notes. And free PowerPoint templates for all of you.

Until next time - have a nice day. And keep the feedback coming.


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